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Generation 8, Chapter 18 : Goodbye, for now.

''Err, hey there, it's been a while hasn't it ...''

''You probably don't remember me that much, I'm Stella Cronwell, daughter of Robin and Gemma Cronwell and the current heir to Generation 8 of The Cronwell Legacy. It's been about ten, eleven years since you last heard about me! Last time you heard from me was when I gave birth to the twins ... Damn things have changed a lot since then, let me catch you up ...''

'' ...But first of all, hey! It's great to see you again!''

About five years or so ago, Oswald and I decided it would be best to get a change of scenery, to try something new that would benefit us, Olivia and the twins, so we conveniently moves to Evansdale County.

It's sort of a combination of both Sunset Valley and Bridgeport, with the bustling city just a few hours South and the calm, countryside where our house resides.

I decided that running multiple businesses in a whole different town would be extremely demanding, which is why I sold off all the properties and the resort I owned and surprisingly the money from them came up to a total about of just under a million pounds. We thought it would be best to put two thirds of that money into savings for the children's university and downsize to a smaller, yet spacious terrace house. It has four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a basement and a conservatory.

In present times, Olivia just turned seventeen and was getting ready to finish her exams, graduate and go ff to University. She spends quite a lot of time writing books and fortunately has published seven of them already!

She almost completely resembles her mother, Launa, and only slightly looks like Oswald. Olivia still visits her mother in Sunset Valley every other month and calls her almost every other day. She plans to move back to Sunset Valley and move in with her mother once she finishes University.

Olivia treats her half brother and sister like they are completely related to her, they all get along so well and always play together!

She had quite a privileged childhood compared to other children, being older than the twins by six years she got a lot of privileges and was incredibly spoiled by her father!


In present times, Remy and Dominique recently turned eleven and although they technically weren't, they were already becoming teenagers! Remy is a clean boy who cares about his appearance and reputation, however Dominique, is a tomboy and doesn't mind getting down and dirty with things and enjoys playing games with her twin brother and just generally having fun.

When they were babies, we couldn't help but devote our attention to them because we believed it was a miracle that we had twins especially since we didn't know we were expecting twins! Both were quiet babies and enjoyed swinging in their baby swings all day long.

Dominique was a much more adventurous toddler than Remy, she would ride in her mini Car all day all around the house, however Remy preferred to just stroll around the house,mostly taking his time.

The only thing they had in common was how demanding they were as toddlers! If Remy didn't want his bottle, Domi had a dirty diaper; If Domi wanted a cuddle, Remy wanted to play with his parents!

As the years went by, their birthday quickly approached us and sooner enough my little twins weren't so little anymore!


In the last year or so, after months and months of deciding, Oswald and I tried again for one more baby and fortunately we were luckily enough to conceive!


Oswald literally can't stop feeling our unborn child kick and press against my stomach, every time I tell him the baby moved he jumped out of his seat and rushed to feel it kicking!

''Just two more months Stella and we get to see our little baby in real life!'' He said, as tears of joy formed in his tear ducts.

''I know honey, I actually can't wait to have him or her, it'll be nice to have another little one in the house again!'' I replied, holding his hands against my stomach.

To be honest, I don't know what's to come in the future for me and my ever - growing family, however I know for sure I'll keep my children and my unborn child safe for as long as a live, they're all that matters to me now.


Well, errr, hey there guys, it's been a while hasn't it ... First of all I'd just like to apologise for my four months absence. I just didn't like the idea of writing every week and the stress of school quickly began to catch up on me, however I didn't just want to leave this generation hanging for years, I wanted to somewhat close this Generation off with a nice, little chapter explaining what happened since I last posted. If I'm honest I don't know when I'll be back with another chapter, I just like to play The Cronwell's now without writing because it's much easier and I have much more control over what to do with the family, their characters, story lines, etc.

From time to time I will post pictures of the Cronwell's on my Sims tumblr ( but other than that I don't think I'll be active anywhere else. I'll occasionally log in to my Sims Facebook (Kurtis Sims) but if you'd really like to reach me you can on my Sims Tumblr by just send me a message.

Oh and eventually I will get back to The Cronwell Legacy Saga, that's on standby ...

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Generation 8, Chapter 17 - Christmas Miracles (Christmas Special)

Eight long months had passed by us once more and a lot had happened. We did decide to put our wedding on hold until the next Autumn/Winter months and by time the colorful cherry trees began to shed their leaves, I was eight months pregnant, literally waddling down the street until we made it to the wedding lot.

I obviously had to exchange my elegant wedding dress for a much more expanding dress which I could actually fit in! I heard that most bride's would never get married while pregnant because they thought they were 'Oversized' but I honestly didn't care, in fact I would prefer getting married while pregnant, it made the event ten times more fun!

It was't long before my parents, brother, sisters, Aunts, Uncles and cousins pulled up in their exclusive cars and rushed us to greet myself, Oswald and little Olivia. Ever since we decided to take Olivia into our care, my mother said how proud she was of me accepting Olivia and effectively bringing her up as my own child.

My dad on the other hand focused more on the baby inside of me!

''God Stella you're huge, are you sure you're not having twins?'' My dad cheekily asked me, grinning at my bulging belly.

''No dad, of course I'm not! We've had two checkups and the sauna gram showed one baby dad, not two!'' I replied.

''Oh okay ... If you say so!'' He then replied as he continued to feel our unborn baby.

We also decided not to find out the gender of our baby, he or she is due on December 24th and we thought it would be an even better surprise for Christmas!

The reality of Oswald and I getting married quickly felt much more real as Olivia skipped like a little princess down the isle, giggling as she never knew exactly what was happening. I went down on one knee to catch her in my arms, but she ended up throwing herself into my arms!

''Oooh god Olivia, I almost dropped!'' I said widening out my eyes as she continued to giggle in my arms.

''Sorry Stella, did I hurt the bebe!?'' She said, still giggling as she tapped my belly lightly.

''No darling, your little brother or sister is perfectly fine, I think he or she wants to come out though!'' I replied, puffing as my baby started to kick frequently.

''When is it going to come out Stella?'' She asked innocently.

''Hopefully, Christmas Eve my dear!''

''But that's the night before Christmas, we have to wait for Santa to come!!'' She instructed.

''Aw, don't worry Olivia, sometimes babies come early, sometimes they come late so he or she might not be born on Christmas Eve!'' I reassured her.

''But if it is born on Christmas Eve!?'' She asked worryingly.

''Well Santa will have to meet us at the hospital, and get an extra present for your little brother or sister!'' I replied.

''You're right Stella, he will! Can you tell him that daddy?'' She asked once more.

''Sure thing princess.'' Oswald replied, giggling like his daughter was before.

The guests took their seats, Ceallach watched Olivia as I sat her down and the ceremony began.

''Friends, we have joined here today to share with Stella and Oswald an important moment in their lives. Their time together, they have seen their love and understanding of each other grow and blossom and now they have decided to live out the rest of their lives as one.'' My father read.

''I, Oswald Kelvin Davis, take you Stella Kimmie Cronwell, to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.''


''Most people would think I'm mad for marrying this girl in front of me, but they don't know Stella. Stella's a hell of a strong woman, just like her mother!'' Oswald said, turning around quickly and winking at my mum as she grinned away. ''Anyway, the fact is, you've been through nearly everything and I'm willing to go through the rest with you. I love you Stella, I really do.'' He continued to say. 

I, Stella Kimmie Cronwell, take you, Oswald Kelvin Davus to be my husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.


''When I met you, I honestly was really attracted to you, but I never expected nothing to happen ... I mean you did have a wife and unborn child! Years later, after coming out of prison I honestly thought you upped and left, but you didn't. You waited for me, and it at that very moment that when I saw you on the beach, I knew we'd be together forever. I love you Oswald, I really do.'' I said

"By the power vested in the State of Sunset Valley, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride, Mr. Cronwell.'' My father then read out, before sitting down next to my mum to watch us kiss.

''I can't believe our first baby girl's married!'' I heard my mother shout out, tearing up as she did.

''I know, two down, three to go!'' My dad joked, causing mum to choke on the thought of my younger sisters getting married!

''Oh god, calm your Robbie, the twins are not even twenty - one yet!'' My mother expressed, returning her concentration onto Oswald and I.

''Damn Oswald!'' I shouted out as the crowd whistled on, while Oswald dip kissed me.

''Cake time!'' Craig called out, causing everyone to break into laughter! We were literally rushed over to the amazingly decorated Cake and together, Oswald and I cut the Cake.

''I hope this baby likes Vanilla icing because I certainly don't! Ugh.'' I said, gulping down the Cake, trying not to throw it back up.

As the evening progressed, some of the guests left which left Oswald and I to have our first dance in private.

''Considering you're heavily pregnant, you're quite light on your feet!'' Oswald cheekily said, leading m elegantly across the cold, wooden dance floor.

''Oi! Cheeky!'' I replied, slapping him playfully as he twirled me around again.

''Stella, daddy, look at the sunset!'' Olivia called out, running frantically to us, dragging my wedding dress over to were the balcony was.

''It's beautiful isn't it!'' Olivia said, pushing through our legs to get another gimps at the sun set.

''It sure is ...'' Oswald, reaching for my hand.

'' ...Just like our new family.'' He added. Olivia grabbed our legs as we giggled the night away. Our wedding was literally perfect and if I was honest, I wouldn't of changed one thing. It was the perfect day.

-- Exactly a month later ... --

Surprisingly, just as Olivia worried, it was Christmas Eve and I was still pregnant. The doctor said it's quite common for some babies to be late and it seemed that ours would bed, if not it might just be born on it's exact due date!

Although I was quite happy being pregnant with our baby, it was becoming a real pain carrying around so much weight ... and not even fitting into my maternity jeans anymore! Oswald said it was just the extra weight of what I ate but I guess I'd find out why I felt so 'heavy' when I finally give birth ...

Olivia, like every other kid in Sunset Valley couldn't wait to open her presents and didn't waste any time trying to get a peak at the huge present at the back for her!

I coughed slightly and she jumped around to see me peaking my head through the arch.

''Opening some presents are you?'' I said to Olivia, as she began to giggle like she was innocent!

''No Stella ... I was just checking to see if you wrapped them extra tight!'' Olivia tried to explain, covering her mouth to disguise her small laughs.

''If you're sure ... I'll give you the benefit of the doubt!'' I replied.

''What's that Stella?'' She asked, intrigued as to what I just said.

''Never you mind darling, I'll explain it to you later in life!'' I said, picking her up and tickling her slightly.

''There are my two favorite ladies in the world!'' Oswald said, setting down his shopping bags in the kitchen and shutting the door with his foot.

''Daddy, you're back!'' Olivia shouted out.

''I am my princess! Daddy just picked up your last Christmas present, no peeking though, it's not wrapped yet!'' Oswald said to Olivia, stroking her perfectly brown hair.

''I wouldn't count on that, I just caught little Miss. Hartcastle taking a sneak peak at the present I brought her!'' I said, tickling her once more as she giggled away at her sneaky act.

''Is that right huh, someone's being a bit sneaky this year aye!'' Oswald indicated to Olivia, giggling just as much as she was.

''I'm sowwy! Stella, I'm hungry!''

''Go get your bottle honey, it's on the coffee table over there.'' I said to Olivia, putting her down gently to get her bottle of milk.

As I turned around for a second, I heard Oswald rustle around behind me which surprisingly was a mistletoe!

''Oh look honey, it's seems someone has mysteriously put up a mistletoe which we coincidentally are standing under right this minuet, you know what that means ...''

''Oh I know exactly what that means!'' I replied flirtatiously.

Just as we were about to kiss, Olivia tapped the ground with her milk bottle.

''Daddy, Stella, kissing is nasty! Stop!'' She said, covering her eyes with her milk bottle and giggled.

''We're sorry darling, we won't do it in front of next time, how's that?'' I asked.

''That's good!'' She said, relieved as Oswald snuck a peck on my cheek.


That same Christmas Eve, we decided to take a quick trip to the Winter Festival and spend some time together as a family.

 Of course, Olivia spotted the spring riders and demanded we let her have a go! We couldn't really say no so Oswald helped her up onto the rider and she literally had the time of her!

Swinging back and forth, I got slightly worried that she'd fly off but Oswald reassured me that is was most probably just my motherly instincts kicking in and that she was perfectly fine on it. 

"Stella, Stella, look at me go! It's like I'm in space!" Olivia said with such enthusiasm inside her.

"Oh can see you darling, be careful though, we want to go to hospital to get your little brother or sister out of me, not to get yu fixed up!" I said, hoping she wouldn't fall off.

"She looks likes she's being pretty careful on -." I said before I was cut off by a sudden sharp pain in my stomach area. 

"Oh god, oh god, oh god!" I shouted out, clutching my belly in pain as my water broke and a small trickle of warm liquid ran down my brand new maternity jeans. 

"Stella are you-. Oh god the babies coming!" Oswald shouted out, looking at my in pain, in pure shock.

"What's wrong with Stella!?" Olivia panicked, crying on the ground as Oswald got me by my shoulders.

"Olivia honey Stella's having the baby now, we have got to get her to the hospital so she can have a safe delivery, just follow us to the car princess and we'll be there in no time." Oswald explained, hoping she would stop crying and get in the car. 

"But we might miss Santa, we can't miss Santa!" She replied worriedly, reluctant to get up.

"Don't worry honey we'll catch him just before he leaves!" Oswald explained.

"We will Olivia, don't you-." I stopped quickly as another huge contraction kicked in.

"Holy shit! Oswald get me to the hospital now!" I said, cringing in pain as I could barely walk to the car.

As we got to the hospital, the pain died down a bit but it was still there, and this baby was sure as hell coming tonight. 

"Anything I can while we wait for the midwife honey, anything!" Oswald kindly asked.

"Just a little back massage would be perfect dear ..." I said, still in some pain.

"Don't worry darling, we're going to get through this perfectly and by the end of the night we're to have a little or girl of our own!" Oswald reassured, as I turned around to smile 


"I can't do this, I can't fucking do this!" I screamed out as both Oswald and the midwifes told me to take deep breaths and push frequently.

"You can do this honey, I know you can!" Oswald assured me, holding my hand tight. 

" I-I can't ...!" I screamed out once more.

All of sudden, things went blurry and the last I heard the midwife mention was the number two to Oswald and as he turned to be with a face full of complete shock, I blacked out.


"6:26 am" The clock beside me read as I was beginning to become aware of my surroundings. I leaned forward in my hospital bed to see my room completely empty, no Oswald, no Olivia ... No baby. 

Instantly, I began to worry.

"Where the hell is everyone ..." I questioned, stumbling out of my bed and trying my best to walk upright to the door.

In the hallway I managed to instantly find Oswald staring into a room full of baby incubators. 

I couldn't quite piece why he was just standing there, staring straight into the glass which was when I decided to say his name.

"O-o-Oswald ...?" I called out to him.

"Stella, you're awake! I'm so glad you woke up from the operation!" He explained, running over to embrace me.

"Operation, what operation, I had an operation!? For what!?" I asked worriedly, not having a clue what happened after I blacked out.

"You blacked out and the doctor was pretty sure you wouldn't be able to deliver the babies naturally so they give you a C-Section."

"D-Did you just say babies, as in more than one ...?" I questioned once more. 

"Ah, shit. I knew I would mess it up. Basically, the doctors said there was a huge news up in the sauna grams ..."

"... All this time your dad was right, we were in fact expecting non- identical twins, a boy and a girl. It was thought that the little girl was literally 'sitting' on the little boy the whole pregnancy, which explains why the little boy is much lower in weight. The fact is .... We have two babies!" He explained, in great detail. 

To be honest, I was still in complete shock that I blacked out, and even in more shock that I deliver two babies instead of one.

"Well ... You know what they say, the - uh - more, the merrier!" I said, hugging him once more before going into the nursery to meet my new babies.

"So, what should we name them?" Oswald asked, kissing the little girl on the cheek. 

"How about we name this little boy Remy, and we name her Dominique, sound good?" I suggested, then asked.

"Remy Atticus Cronwell and Dominique Ami Cronwell, sounds pretty perfect to me!" Oswald replied as he also decided on their middle names as well. 

That same day, we decided to get our first family photo taken. Although Olivia didn't catch Santa Claus, she told me having a little brother and sister was what she wished for, she called it her Christmas miracle.

A Christmas Miracle indeed! 

Author's note ~

Ah, the third Cronwell Legavy Christmas Special was quite different to the last two whuch focoused more on a traditional Christmas, wheras Christmas for Stella this year wasn't her average Christmas! 

Anyway, thank you so much for reading this years Christmas special and in fact, all the chapters this year! I really hope the legacy this year because I really do put so much effort into this blog!

Just a quick question, did you expect Stella to have twins? Leave a little comment answering the question and I'll be sure to reply! 

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