Friday, 22 April 2011

The Cronwell legacy ch.2/gen.1

 hello and welcome back to chapter 2 of the cronwell legacy!:

 terra was now nine months pregnant she was the size of a whale!
terra : shut up!!!!!
 even though she was preggo she always found time to garden:)
 terra got onto her bike and drove to the hospital
terra:the baby kicked!
 she went to get some medical advice on the upciming baby and her last scan!
 after that she went to the pub and brought a orange juice:)
 when she got home she started doing some laundry but:
terra: ooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
terra: my water just broke!
terra:get xander

 xander: help what am isuppoed to do!
take her to the hospital idiot!
xander: ok!!!

 they got to the hospital.....................
 and five hours after terra gave birth to a baby girl called aries cronwell
terra: yayyyyyyyyyy a girl!

she brought a crib and cuddled the baby for a long while...........
 after the birth she got a makeover and started to cook agian

 she went to the park too eat..........
 and she court a butterfly!
 when she got home she walked to aries room and sat next to her crib...
terra: i love you aries
 as soon as she said that xander walked into the room and cuddled aries;)
 he then went downstiars to finish his police cases.......
 the year went exstremily quickly and it was soon time for aries's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                                  sparkles came!
and this is aries cronwell after her makeover of course!



  1. Aw, cute baby!
    Her being pregnant and riding the motorcycle was funny.



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