Sunday, 24 April 2011

The cronwell legacy ch.3/gen.1(easter special!)

 Welcome back to chapter 3 of the cronwell legacy(the easter special)
when aries fell asleep terra always gardened because he hardly had time in the day!
 Night deccended on bridgport and xander had not been out at a bar since aries was born.........
 Aries was really learning fast,she was becoming very smart !
xander decided to take terra on a easter holiday to france!
he had nerous look on his face because he called the travel agents but aries was too young to travel!
xander: why can't my daughter come!
agent:because she is too young!
xander: ok fine
agent: the next flight to france is in two hours!
 xander and terra made there way to bridgeport airport and boareded a plane to france........

 two hours later  they arrived at france!
terra: yes this house is all to ourselfs!
no you are sharing it with random strangers!
 this was xander and terra's asigned room.
 terra made her way to the bookstore
why are you going to the bookstore
terra: to buy some recipes
what like frogs legs!
terra: yes!
                                          she asked the clerk for level 3 cooking recipies          
 terra started to talk to locals.
terra: hi
frenchman: bonjour madam
terra: sorry i do not speack french!

 she cheacked for some adventures but none was there!
 terra: hi my name is terra and i am looking for adventures(i hope she speaks similish....)

frenchlady: hi i am jade and i speak similish,what could i do for you?

terra: (YES) yeh is was wondering do know know any adventures i can go on?

frenchlady:yeh i lost my prized persession in this burial ground and i have not got time to get it can you retrieve it for me? i will give you money...

terra: OH YES OK!

 before she went she gussied herself up for some apparent reason.......
 this was the burial ground..............
terra: spokey!
oh grow up!
  after removing rubble she found these secret stairs..........
 terra: awwww my back!
 10 minuets of back acking she cleared finally cleared the path and reveledca secret door...........
 she also found a tile........she stepped on it and it reveled another secret door!
 terra: yayyyyyyyyyy ancient coins!
 terra: look a porthole
terra:should i risk it?
up to you.............
bugs bugs bugs bugs bugs!!!!!!!!!!

 After the shock of the bugs she decied to look agian but this time found a heart keystone!
terra: YES!
 more statues...........
 more stiars.....................
 fianlly she found thr relic of the quest!
 terra: A baseball............seriously jade lost a baseball why don't she just buy a new one!
 when she got back to the base camp terra wanted to return home!
terra: i want to go home i miss my little girl:(
agent: ok ok i will send you a taxi!
terra: well hurry up!!!

 two hours later she got back to bridgeport and ran to aries
terra : i love my little girl
aries: gogo gaga!
when terra was holding aries , it made her want another child so she talked to xander and they agreed....
 A little bit of kissing!
 And then creating there second child!
After conciving there second child xander came down and snuggled his little princess:)
xander : i love you aries


  1. Lol Another Child!!!!! Lol Btw Yersterday I Tried To Login To Make My Post And It Wouldnt Let Me It Said I Was Already Logged In But I Wasnt!!! Do U Y???

  2. Yay a second baby!
    Yay for France!
    That's my fav quest, the prized possession being the baseball.


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