Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Cronwell legacy ch.4/gen.1 (a birth)

 welcome back to chaapter 4 of the cronwell leagcy:)
terra started to teach aries how to talk but sadly she took no notice:(
 because she was taking no notice she stopped and cuddled her
 terra wanted a new look so she choose to leave her hair out but tigh a bit at the back
 suddenly she ran to the toilet and trow up frogs legs which she ate in france!
 terra was bored so she took aries to the libary to read
 menawhile mr cronwell visited his favourite bar!
he rarley visited it because it was across the town in north bridgport( the cronwell's lived in south bridgport,were the celebrities are!)
 when terra got to the libary she put aries down and vomited agian!
she throw up frog legs agian!
terra: i can not help it if i like frogs legs!
 as soon as she finished vomiting she ran back to aries worried that something happened to her but she was just playing with the dolls house:)
 in front of her was a mirror and she looked into it....
terra : hey good looking!
your so vain
terra : i can't help if i am beautiful
i am the reason why your beautiful
terra : i know i know......
 when she got home terra set aries into her crib with her bunny that she got from france for her:)
 and she waited there until she fell asleep...........
so over protective
terra : what do you know!
 then she crawled into bed ,xander was already asleep.
 the next morning terra woke up felling very swetty so she took a bath........
 but she suddenly stopped....................
 she swong into her maternity clothes and felt the little life growing in her belly:)
 she called bianca to anounce the big news!
terra: hi bfff
bianca: hey bff whats up?
tera: i am fine guess what?
terra: i am pregant agian!
bianca :OMG!
terra: i hope it's another girl !
bianca: me too!
 xander cuddled aries when...............
 he looked at his watch and saw he was late for work!
xander: GOT TO GO!
this is going to be the baby's room once they insulate it,paint it,carpet it and remove the boxes!
                                          Terra examined the life growing in her belly!
                                   terra cuddled her first child remenbering giving birth to her!
                                         she soon started to teach aries how to walk..........
 xander finished his police cases
xander: barry got jailed for running over a pigoen!

xander started doing chores!
xander : whats so suprising my wife is preganat and she is not doing it!
you did not do that with aries ?
xander : ..........................................
Terra prepared fish and chips!
more chores!
xander : go away!
Meanwhile terra went to sleep.
xander went to the attic and thought about his exspecting child and his children to come!
terra was now eight and a half months pregnant!
(she is hardly showing for some reason)
terra planted some new plants......
aries was becoming very impiacent and demanded thing as soon as she wanted it!
yayyyyyyyyy dad to the rescue...........

after gardening she reread her baby book just in case!
2 weeks went passed and terra was now 9 months pregant  ang glowing!
she was now exspecting the baby in three days!
xander spyed through aries door and was happy of what he helped create:)
morning grow in bridgport...............
and xander woke uup and fed aries!
aries loved her mlik because it had lots of sugar in it!
aries : yuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm!
xander phone rang and it was bianca........
bianca : i love you......... *HANGS UP*
when bianca hanged up xander was very puzzled of what she says said and he decided to not tell terra............
terra : XANDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xander : i am coming!
Terra : oooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
a big puddle of water dropped out of her middle.........
Considering xander dealt with areis birth xander was still puzzled with bianca and could not think striaght...
terra : oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh
xander : just push honey push!
terra : are you a midwife shut up and drive me too the hospital now!
xander : OK!!!!!!!!!!
they drove to the hospital.....
unfortanetly the hospital was in the north and it took a while to get too and terra thought she was going to give birth in the car!
  she got there just in time..............

for the birth of kendall tyler cronwell !
he is athletic and absent-minded and weighs 4pds 7olz
he was 2 days earlie!

this is the attic transformed into kendall's bedroom!


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