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welcome back to chapter 11.There will be 1 chapter left of terra's legacy(that chapter will be long):(and then it is time for Aries legacy! fourms on ts3.com is here
Terra and Thomas was so happy of there new born child,especially Thomas because this is his first and probably his last considering there age!Terra was shattered after the labour and just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep for long!Thomas on the other hand spent allot of time with Demetrius,cuddling him,playing with him,feeding him and changing him!

Terra just had enough money to finish decorating Demetrius's room luckily!
 she set him down and went to took a long sleep,she deserved it having to go though that painful labour
kendall's family instincs came flying out to demetruis!he was finally happy to have a brother!
jasmin just stared at demetruis in shock,her mum always told her she wnated five only........... she gently stroked his face and kissed him on the cheack and strolled off to get ready for school!
 while jayla was wiating for jasmin to come out the bath she danced the morning away with some soul music!
everybody was ready for school,jayla was very unconfortable because she smelt her brothers breath it always smelt of hot dogs!jasmin just sat at the back of the bus thinking about demetruis.....
 ahhh candy...........the worst babysitter in all sims! i...........cheated.....um...deleted her.............well don't look at me like that she is a bad babysitter and needs trianing!
 terra discoverd a time machine and traveld to the day areis was born,she never for got that day her first child and her pride and joy
 unfortunetly she had trouble getting out of the time machine.......
 demetrius was the hardest baby to look after,he was always crying for his mummy and daddy and was very dependent!
 his mother came to rescue him,he just wanted a cuddle!
 terra becamr really stressed,looking after six children,doing her job, cleaning the house and cooking so she with a little extra money she hired a maid......which is a women because after i hired this miad in the picture my game crashed so i re-hired a maid and it was a women(just to let you know)
 terra's new abay boy was all over the news,the paparazze were always at her door waiting for any cronwell to walk out of the door and get some news
 terra had to come out of the house to collect some pizza she orderd
pizza man:that will be 25 simelions please.............wait your the famous terra cronwell who had the most children in sunset vally!
terra:yeh i am...............
pizza man: no charge for the pizza it's on me....
tera: thanks pizza man!
areis muched the pizza away,she loved when the sticky cheese sticked to her lips with her lipgloss!

 terra was'nt hungry,so she left the kids downstairs to eat and she took a well deserved nap
 in the attic,one story above,thomas began to grow a passion for sculpying and created a clay masterpiece!
teraa brought a small cheap crib for demetruis and placed it in her room because demetruis always felt lonely,this way terra and thomas would have less sleepless night(they hopes...)
sadly that day was'nt and terra was awoken by the screems of demetruis....
he just needed a mignight feed!
thomas hated sleepless nights,although he loved demetruis with all his heart he just needed sleep!
by the time terra had finished feeding demetruis there was no point to go back to sleep so prepared pancakes for the kids
the triplets woke up at 6:30am and took turns to use thier barthroom,
''i'm going first ''said jasmin
''fine....i will use mummies barthroom'' replied miranda in a confident way.
you see in the house there are three barthrooms,one is for the triplets and aries,the second barhtroom was kendalls and soon to be demetrui's too and finally the thrid barthroom was terra and thomas's barthroom
jayla went downstairs anf fed her golfishes,she lovedthe outdoors and fishes!
it was soon demetruis's birthday!the octopus was from the tripltes money,the massive bear was from the money of aries job(writer) ,the trian was a present from kendall and the rest was from terra and thomas!tera also orders six ballons for him!
she held him tightly away from the flame......
and this is demetruis cronwell!
thansk for reading this chapter,just to let you know the next chapter is going to be the final of generation one!
anywhere there is no point hiding it so i i will tell you.............areis is the heir to generation two!
her legacy will start as soon as i get sims 3 generations! i can't wait for it!!!!!!!!!!
anyway hope you like this chapter,please comment on my page thanks:)

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