Sunday, 5 June 2011

Ch.12/gen.1 (part 2-moveout) - FINAL OF GNERATION 1

Welcome back to part 2,in the previous part aries,kendall,jayla,jasmin and miranda aged up!!
By the way this chapter is very short,sorry i wanted to do a seperate chapter on aries and kendall's moveout!!
Kendall moved uot within minuets of aging up!!
with aries painting money she was able to rent a small family home!! she said her goodbyes
packed some stuff from her old room
and arranged the move!
She got out her car keys and drove to her new house
as she drove she saw miranda and waved goodbye to her,aries eyes swelled up as she drove off,she was going to miss her family alot now,she remenberd all of her memories and she swore she wouls remenber them forever:(
She took her first step the patio way to the front door,She turned her handle,her hands were sweating nervously,her head full of memories and her legs wiggling like octopus legs.....she took a deep breath and sstepped inside.She was amazed how great the designers decorated was just like her dream home she drawed when she was six on her easel!
And this is areis legacy house for now!!
thanks for reading part two of the final of gneration 1!!
By the way thanks to golden_glow for letting me using this house from her studio,so thanks alot!!
generation 2 out soon!!


  1. I liked it, I'll follow your story!

  2. I've read bits and bobs of your legacy in the past, but now I've restarted to read it all the way from the beginning! I loved Generation One - the Cronwells are so adorable!! <3


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