Friday, 3 June 2011

Ch.12/gen.1(part 1) - FINAL OF GNERATION 1

Welcome back to chapter 12 the final of chapter generation one! i have fianlly got sims 3 generations so i can carry on the legacy(you see after chapter 11 i promised to myself i would'nt do any more chapter to i get the new game!)anyway here is chapter 12:
aries knew it was soon to be her birthday and she also knew she would take over her mothers legacy into gnertion 2!jasmin always wanted to be the heir but she was to young too :( kendall was going to age up too and moveout and start his own family,his dream was to be an musican and have three kids ! 

 Today it was kendall and aries the ned of the cerimony areis was sad,she exspected her dad to show up but he was nowhere to be seen...........
 when the family got home terra teached her little boy how to walk,although he was dependant he learned very easily!
 And thomas teached him how to talk
''say mummy'' said thomas
''tummy'' replied demetruis
''haha'' said thomas happily!
 Thomas loved his only real son,although he love all of his step-kids!
 The maid became very rude and did not do all of her job most of the time...............
 So thomas had to fire her! she had a very angry look in her face,almost like she wanted to punch thomas!
"punch me and i will get you locked up"!! said thomas confidently
" just f**k off" replied the maid in such anger
Thomas was shocked because she swore right in front of miranda!
 It was soon areis birthday,she wished for a great life with a husband,job and kids!!
 then kendall,he wished for a giant hot dog car!!
 Jayla wished a whole new set of clothes,she was stylish!!
 As always the cronwells were hounded by paparazzi,especially it was everybodys birthday!!
 And finally it was jasmin and miranda's birthday,jasmin wished for her own room and miranda wished for a car!!
 terra was exscatic,she completed her lifetime wish to raise 5 children from babies to teenagers! right in tine for the end of her legacy!terra wnet though alot of stuff though her legacy,having six children ,divorcing xander,marring thomas,the trial and tribulations and much more.She got though it and now it is time for her first daughter to take over her legacy into something new and exciting!! now for the children:
 miranda became stylish,the dress was a present form her big sister areis!!!
 Terra was so relived jasmin ended her emo style and went for a rock-chick look!
 Jayla went blue-tastic with her clothes!!
 kendall became a hunk,he was sure to get the ladies!!(sorry he is in his pyjamas!)
demetruis was sad to see his half-sister and half-brother go into the outer world all by there selfs!!
And finally the heir to generation 2 areis maria cronwell!!
thanks for reading part one of the final
part two out soon!!

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  1. :) I would love to use one of the sisters in my legacy... let me know if that would be cool.


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