Saturday, 11 June 2011

Chapter 13 (gen.2) - my life

welcome to generation 2 of the cronwell legacy,the new heir is areis cronwell!
this chapter is quiet long and full of romance..............enjoy (:
 Hi,i am areis cronwell the daughter of xander and terra cronwell and this is my legacy.
i was very sad to leave my mum,step-dad and siblings espceilly little demetruis but i am very excited to start a new chapter of my life!
 i was really shatterd from the move,so i crawled into bed!!
 The next morning the clock struct 10'o clock so i opened the frigde to see nothing!!
i ran to the shops and brought a heep load of shopping!
I prepared a delicous breakfast for one to enjoy
I ate the pancakes in delight!!
I painted the day away,it was my job
but i needed to get out,meet people and find my true love..........

i met a nice gentlemen called thorton wolfe,he was goodlooking but hated children.......
I also met a hot guy called cristopher,but he was just not the one.....
Dissapointed i was when i got sisters and i were not good at getting boys but that was not gonna let me get down in a hump,i prepared a nice dinner to try and for get about it.

That night i had a vision in my sleep,it was like i had a magical power of seeing the futer.......
My vision was of me and my futer husband, he was palying tag with the kids in the garden and i was sitting on the patio bench 9 months preganat rubbing my belly and feeling the baby kick.
The man was a had brown hair running down to his neck,brown eyes.
He was a sensetive guy that loved me that would not betray me like my dad did to my mum.......
I was disturbed form my vision by a stupid salesman trying to make me buy a new cooker but i knew it was all a fake!
The night before i forgot to lock the door and the postman strolled in!
''What the hell are you doing in my house''i screemd at him and i pushed him out of the door in anger!
i was thinking to myself ''wow i am 21 and already stressed!
I watched some tv and saw that happy couple the look in their eyes,their love and compassion.that minuet i knew my vision last night was gonna come true!
I painted agian,but something abit nor weirder!!
I called my brother first to see how he was and told him about my promotion he was very hppy for me!
On the way home a bumped into this sweet guy called carter smith...he looked like the man in my vision.......
we got to know each other well and we soon found out alot about each other,we were just alike.i finally had the nerv to ask him on a date...he said yes!!
We went to nando's for our date,it was great!
Our date was going great,i even gave him some lovely flowers he smelt them and looked at me though he sparkly brown eyes.....
I started to flirt with him,but he did'nt rejected me though
He gently pulled me close and we hugged and then...
He kissed me in the sunset,when are lips connected it was like the whole world blocked out of my stystem the world turned into a medow full of rose pettals and carter and i were lying on them together full of love!
We said goodbye and he gave me his number! i was rally excited
Before i left i bumped into someone fimiliar,my sister marinda.we hugged and were happy to see each other
She told me abit what was happening at home,miranda took aries room and jasmin took kendalls room and demetruis drawed all over the livingroom wall!
When i got home i fell asleep, and had antoher was me and the man cradling a newborn baby with love......
I woke up happy but confused at the same time............
The next morning i made some waffles,i added some extra flavour to it!

Later that day i called carter to see if he wanted to watch the starts with me,when we met up we sat down and watched the stars together.I slowly put my hand on his hand nervously....his eyes popped open nervously,they both smiled at each other.
we searched the stars for the whole night but secretly thinking about eachother

we came closer and closer........
and then we drove back to my house!!

Carter was very alluring and flirty,just my type!!
I prepared a nice dinner for two,carter thought it was delicous what i made
The next morning i was greeted with a gentle kiss on the lips

I asked carter to be my boyfriend,he said yes and we kissed with love!
Things got better and carter and i became very close............
thanks for reading the first chapter of generation 2 i really apprieciate it!
will this be the man in aries vision her true love and will demetruis stop drawing on walls!!
wait till the next chapter! thanks agian for reading :)

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  1. Áries vive agora independentemente e conhece seu amor que com tanto sonhara. Espero que tudo dê certo com eles, fazem um lindo par.



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