Sunday, 19 June 2011

Chapter 14 (Gen 2) - The wedding - part 2

Welcome to part 2 of chapter 14,last chapter aries pillow fighted with kendall,proposed to carter and had her hen night and now it is time for the wedding! enjoy

 Aries mother orginsed the wedding, it was buetifle and everything was like a dream to aries!
 It was 10 am and the ceromony was in a hour.areis carefully put on her silky wedding dress.As soon as she put it on she felt like the whole world was an cloud and aries was standing on the cloud,kissing carter passionatly like they were two doves flying across the mroning sky.
 All the guests showed up,suprisingly xander heard that aries was getting married and he wanted to attend the wedding to see his little girl get married.
 And finally the groom carter smith soon to be carter cronwell arived in a black limo.Aries could see in carters eyes that he was nervous but also ready to become a part of the family!

 Unfortuneltly some guests took long to come so the ceremony was deladed until sunset anyway the show must go one!
 Everybody was so happy to witness the wedding,especilly her mother!
 They said there vowels and carter kissed aries on the lips,and i present to you carter cronwell!

Aries cut the wedding cake and the night went on in joy and romance!
Thanks for reading part two of chapter 14 and chapter 15 wll be out soon!
BTW carter cronwell liftime wish is too become a superstar athletic!

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