Saturday, 25 June 2011

Chapter 15 (Gen 2) - I'm pregnant

Welcome back to the cronwell legacy
Aries and Carter were such happy to be a newly-wedded.As Aries was a five-star celebrity the wedding was all over the newspapers and the TV.
 Carter told Aries to put a blindfold on as they drived to a place.To surprise Aries arrived in a massive house ''C..C...C...Carter is this are new house? said Aries surprisingly
''Yes baby this is it our new house are new home!''  replied carter
''But how and with what?'' said Aries
''well i had some money in my bank account and then i was exploring round sunset valley and i stumbled across something shiny,i picked it up and it was a watch with 5 gold diamonds encrusted in it! the next day i took it to a jeweler and they told me it was worth over 200,000 similieons! So i sold it and then i met you'' said carter
''Oh carter you spent all that money for me!'' said Aries
''No honey i spent it for us and our future!'' said carter nervously after he said ''future''
''Yes honey OUR future'' said Aries
let me give you a grand tour:

 Aries and carter decided it was time to have a baby of their own to love and care for.
Carter wrapped his warm hands around Aries butt and his hairy chest leaned on Aries belly.Aries
moved her hand up and down carter's back.
 Aries pulled carter to herself and they kissed intensely for 10 minuets!Aries was leaned over the bed making out with carter and then....
 They conceived for a very long time,they wanted to have twin girls first then see what happens next in life. when they conceived Aries had another vision but it was the same as her first vison,of her sitting on the bench heavily pregnant but the vison was more clear,she could see the man playing with the kids was carter and that there were two kids,twins like they hope for...
 After there love carter deiced it was time for a change and got a whole new look!
 Also Aries took out her buns and unraveled her long and soft hair!
''Looking sexy babe'' carter shouted from the living room!
 She prepared a lovely dinner for two,spaghetti and meatballs!
Aries took a shower apparently wearing shoes!
 Carter was still finishing his dinner,he was a very slow eater!
 Carter was relaxing on the bed while Aries was sitting down on the chair,she got up and started felling tired and sick
 Se lost her dinner down the toilet............again!
 Aries then went to bed with carter,they were both dreaming about painting and kids
'' Ha ha,that idiot probably didn't turn on the alarm!'' said the burglar she creeped to the door and picked the lock with a pair a tweezers
 Aries weren't such an idiot as she did put on the alarm and the burglar got caught red-handed!
Aries and carter got up and ran down the stairs but before carter ran down he grabbed the ornament in the corner of the room!
 The police arrived straight away and he thought the burglar
Aries went to the shops and brought a few watermelons
She took a big bite out of it!
aries: heyy!
Xander became very passionate about exercise and sports although it was his job!
Carter went for a morning jog
When he got back he wrote thank you notes to the people you gifted him at the wedding!
Aries did some more painting but stopped..
  To find out she was pegnant 
thats the end of chapter 15,sorry it was so long i just took alot of pictures and i am trying to get more chapters out in the week but i have alot of school work to think about!
anyway thanks for reading chapter 15 and hopefully chapter 16 will be out soon,happy simming!

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