Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Chapter 17 (Gen.2) : whats in the mail?

Welcome back to chapter 17 of the cronwell legacy hope you like it!:
Aries p.o.v.
 Carter and I was so ecstatic to have twins , me carter only tried once and we got twins wow!
Sophie and Taylor were a great addition to are family and they were my pride and joy.
 Carter's p.o.v.
 I was overjoyed to have two little girls full of life and love!!
Aries and I put the kids to bed , gently putting them in their new cots
It wasn't long before they were fast asleep in their cots snoring away.
Aries p.o.v.
I was so happy to see my little bro grow into a kid,he was such a happy and adventurous boy.
Carter and I went straight to bed but was Quickly disturbed by the awaking of...
Taylor who litteratly screemed the house
 down but I expected for her to wake up because i held her first and she became very attached to me.

That same morning I went outside to check the mail and to my surprise there were two little red boxes wrapped in bow and addressed ''My two little girls Taylor and Sophie''.I Thought it was from my mother Terra but i had a tiny tag at the bottom and it said ''From your beloved long lost great Granddad Alister James William cronwell.Aries was so happy to receive these presents and she opened them for her children to enjoy.
I cooked dinner for the family but Taylor and Sophie's dinner looked more like gooey porridge!
I started paying more attention to Sophie as she was my daughter to!I cuddled her little body and she laughed happily enjoying her life.

It was soon my sweethearts birthday ''wow time really fly's when your enjoying life!'' First up was Sophie
Then Taylor ...
Sophie grew into a lovely little girl but did Taylor ....
Yep she did but she grew a habit for pacifiers which worried me because she might end up sucking her funmb!
Sophie's p.o.v.
''Twweeddyy I wuv you so wuch so wuch your my best fwend!''
Aries's p.o.v.
I started straight away to teached the girls there life skills starting with teaching Sophie how to walk

When carter wasn't at work he helped me out teaching the girls starting with teaching the music skill to Sophie.
I taught Taylor how to walk unlike Sophie ,Taylor was a fast learner ...
Soon she was up and walking faster than ever which made me feel proud!

Both girls loved their dolls so much,i just wished they could of met their long-lost great granddad..
The next day I taught little Sophie how to read,surprisingly she loved reading! she said to me ''Wummy book have doggy''!
Carter helped way more and taught Taylor how to talk carter told me that Taylor said to him ''Addy i wuv bootfall''!!
I potty trained Sophie,she glanced to the right where her dad was filming her for family videos! carter said ''Smile for the camera honey!''
Sophie weren't really a camera person a jumped of the toilet when she saw her dad filming her!

Carter quickly cheered her up and gave her a tickle!

They soon settled into bed like little angles!!They were lovely girls!

And that's the end of the chapter nad i hoped you like it,please leave comments on my sims 3 page and rate my chapter!
happy simming :D

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