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Chapter 18 (Gen.2) : The twins birthday!

It has been a long time since i have been writing so this chapter is quite long:
A year had passed since the twins arrival and it was soon there birthday so aries wanted to have a big party but they decided to have a little private birthday...
Aries p.o.v.
 I needed to finish teaching my babies there life skills so I quickly taught them
 Sophie became more confident on the potty she just sat on it and did her business with no fuss or help!
 ''Who good girls you and Taylor yes you are''
''Yay me and Taylor good gwils!''
 Taylor was very inpatience and wanted things when she said as soon as she said it!
I remember her screaming to me ''mummy i want my carrot sticks now!''
Sophie said to her softly ''mummy busy wight now you wait''
'' No carrot!''
 I worried sometimes about Sophie she always bit off the heads off of her dolls and then spitting them out hopefully she will not do that as a child!
To my surprise my mother age up to a elder!!
She loved her grandchildren,she loved kids that's why she had six!
My step-dad aged up too
I was nervous about my children's birthday,hoping they will grow into lovely and respectful children..

The birthday was soon set up and time to see my toddlers become children!
I was really excited to see my babies become children,i remember the day when they were born holding there little lightweight bodies and exhausted form 6 hours of labour of two kids!!
First Sophie...
Then Taylor ..
Sophie aged up into a lovely child but had a little bad eyesight so i brought her glasses just to be safe!
Taylor Also grew into a lovely child just like her sister but without glasses!!
I was abit worried about Taylor because she developed a rebellious trait i hoped it did not come into place...
                                                         About five years later....
Taylor's p.o.v.
After Sophie and I's birthday Sophie AKA ''The little devil'' became the most annoying sister ever!

I said to Sophie ''Sophie did you touch my hairbrush
She replied ''no!''
I replied  ''yes you did!!..fight!

I remember her screaming to me ''Hurt me but not my beautiful hair!''
Just as she said my dad swung the door open..
''Taylor Louise cronwell you are grounded for a week no TV,no games!
''I hate you!''
I stormed off,I was not going to sleep in the same room as the little devil so i slept the living-room
Aries p.o.v.
''Sophie Miranda Cronwell I ma sick to death with you and your sisters fighting you are grounded!''
''But dad it wasn't me'''
''I don't care your grounded''
 'I hate you''

I was talking to my wife telling her that i was to hard on the twins and that they said they hated me but she said it was just a phase and once you buy them something they like they will be happy!
We decided it was time to introduce another family member and we planned to have are third child!
We got down to business straight away!
Aries looked into my eyes and at that moment i noticed her brown shiny eyes staring into mine like she loved my allot!
Areis p.o.v.
The newspaper had some coupons in it and i found one for the salon so i went for a makeover,i would of took the girls to but they were grounded...

I waited in the lobby for my turn but then ..
My phone rang, it was Leighton  inviting me to his house party
I t was finally my turn for a makeover the stylist,Leighton mother said this is the new look of sunset-vally so I deiced to wear it!
I forgot I had been publicly dicrased by the paparazzi and the public weren't so happy with me
I weren't feeling so good and throw up in the salon's barthroom...
I knew something was wrong with me so for the first time I took a pregnancy test.....
I stared at the test and ten stared at the mirror I was pregnant again...
By the time I took the test it was time to go to Leighton's party so I got into my car and drove there hoping carter was there so I could tell him the news!
To my surprise my farther was there ,he pulled to him hugging me I felt awked...
I told him that we needed to talk about things happening at the cronwell house..he had a right to know
First I told him about the triplets he hardly knew about Kendall,Demetrius and even Thomas which he was unhappy about because he still loved my mother I could see it in his face he loved her and regretted what he done...
I felt weird when I could see in his eyes that he still loved my mother because I knew my mother moved on,She did not love him anymore she loved Thomas and my brother and sisters not my farther...
To another surprise it was my dads birthday too!
Carter and I joined the celebration

M y dad weren't really stylish anymore !
I was now visibly pregnant so it was time too tell carter...
Aries: Listen carter i'm pregnant
Carter:Are you serious?
Areis:Yes I took a test and said positive!
Carter:Were going to have another baby!
The next morning I woke up too see the twins being good and were doing there homework
Carter let the twins off the hook because they were doing there homework
 When the twins got on the school bus I lounged on the armchair just feeling the warmth of the fire while carter was preparing for the birth by reading my old pregnancy book
Carter being a darling took some days off work to spend time with me and the soon to be newborn...
And that's the end of chapter 18 and sorry it took so long to come out I have been busy lately and i have also been sick so sorry.Please leave comments telling me what you think of the chapter and by the way I will be using the Sims 3 pose player more in the legacy just to let you know!
Thanks for reading the chapter :)


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