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Chapter 19 (Gen.2) : Hunter Cronwell

Aries p.o.v.
 My belly was not that big yet but still visible,I called my mother letting her know I was pregnant she was overjoyed!
This time I was aiming to be the best parent a parent could ever be so I read my pregnancy book real hard!
I invited my brother over to meet his nieces that were the same age as him.
To my surprise Demetrius and Taylor git on really well and Taylor invited him to here sleepover!
Over the past few weeks Taylor became more nicer to others and became more like a kid than A grump old girl,Guess her mean times was just a faze.

Sophie wanted to feel the baby growing she was very happy to soon have a little brother of sister.
Sophie was very hygienic and always washed and cleaned her teeth she was so good I brought her a sticker chart for every time she cleaned her teeth she would get a star,It was childish but at least it got her to be hygienic.
Taylor was ashamed to see how filthy the toilet was!
Even if she's rebellious she is very hygienic too!

She got straight to work removing the filth!
I went down the road to visit an old friend from high school her name was Taylor shae
Taylor told me how she had married and had a baby girl two weeks ago called Kristine!
I asked her husband if I could hold Kristine she was so little and was so delicate

I cuddled her soft body feeling the rhythm of her heart and at that point made me want so have this baby even more.
I went down to the hospital for the day to get some advice from the GP about eating healthy while pregnant I wanted to get it right this time as I ate allot of junk while pregnant with Sophie and Taylor!
On the way home I stumbled across my husband lying on the floor uncouncios!
A local doctor was able to make him re-gain consciousness and carter told me how he tripped on some wire and fell down some stairs
After telling me the story of his accident he took me to the park across the road and we sat down on the steps,he wrapped his soft hairy arms around my belly feeling the baby kick and I smiled and laughed at the same time because it was tigerish!

He whispered in my ears ''I  love you and the twins and this the baby inside you and what ever it takes I will keep you safe until the day you die''
He saying that to me made me feel like a princess and he was my prince charming rescuing me form the tower!
We made our way home but first he rubbed my belly again but unfortunately the paparazzi caught us and took pics of us!
At home contractions kicked in,I felt a sharp pain going through me,my baby was coming!
I pushed and pushed,this baby was harder than the twins put together!

Carter dorve me to the hosptial where I was taken in by a doctor and a midwife called  nurse nancy
Carter decided to wait outside for me he said watching the twins give birth was hard enough!
Time ticked and ticked and ticked I told Cater to take the girls to there grandmas house while I was at the hospital.
Five hours later I gave birth to a baby boy called Hunter Tyler Cronwell
His skins was just like mine and he had his dads nose and my eyes and ears!
My first boy..and hopefully the last!

 As I held Hunter I had a flashback of the day my mother Terra brought home my younger brother Kendall and how happy I was to have a little brother to boss around!
 I placed hunter in his new crib,Carter and I decided if it was a boy he would have a jungle themed room!
 I sat down by Hunters crib for a little while proud of the little bundle of joy I made.
I heard the front door slam downstairs and heard Sophie running up the stairs almost tripping,she said to me ''mummy where the baby!'' and gave me a hug

My little boy was a quiet baby he hardly cried in the night and was very peaceful!
 The next morning I looked out my bedroom window and saw Carter paying the bills.The girls phone bill was way over the limit it was 400 simeilons!
 Once I gave birth to hunter I needed to get back to my job painting.I painted my lovely husband!
 Because of the girls good grades I let them have a slumber party this weekend ,Sophie called there uncle Demetrius and her and Sophie two bestest friends Sam and Bella.
'' Listen Taylor later on in the evening I am going to a party so your dad is going to look after you ok and oh don't make allot of noise to wake your brother OK'' I said to her

''OK mum We will!''
 Demetrius and Sam were the first guests to arrive with there clothes and sleeping bags!
 It was not long before they started socializing!
 I made some drinks for them lemonade I think!
 Sophie was waiting for Bella to come...
 Her wait paid off as she was 1 hour late!
 I guess games run through the cronwell blood!
 While the cronwells was playing video games Bella and Sam was doing there homework
 I said good bye to my baby before I went to the party!
 Wow I look hot with my white dress imported from twinbrook Taylor and my leather bag sent to me form riverview!
 ''See you guys later''
''bye mum ''from the livingroom
''bye sis'' also form the livingroom
''bye Mrs Cronwell''coming form Bella and Sam!
 Carter came down to the livingroom to tell the kids dinner was ready but he got caught in the games!
 I walked up to the clavells where the party was,I heard loud thumping music inside the house so it had to be the house!
 Men all over the place was trying to inpress UGH!
I said to the man in the blue tux ''Listen guy I know I am hot and all but I am married with three kids and the daughter of Terra Cronwell I would never date you!''
''I'm not trying to impress you your just a rich chick!''
''Rich chick listen buckoo you are messing with the wrong girl come near me and I will get you locked up in one phone call you hear me!''
''Oh whatever'' he siad to me I just felt like slapping him!
 People wanted me too sign autographs,I hated it but it was part of a celebs life!
 Carter's P.O.V.
Little hunter was missing her mummy so I tried to occupy him but he was still missing her!
 Meanwhile the kids were sleeping in the hallway!
 Aries P.O.V.
The party was really boring in the end so I left a few hours early for that reason  and I missed my kids!
 I wasn't drunk so I could drive home propely!
 When I got home all the light was off and I looked at my watch and I realized it was 2:30am!
I quickly rushed upstairs to my room...
 ..and I found my husband sleeping,the ohuse was dead quite and I was sleepy!
 I just throw my clothes on the floor and dragged myself into bed and slowly fell asleep...
 The next morning all the guests left in the morning
Looks like the girls were getting along good!
Thats it for this chapter sorry it was abit boring but I promise the next chapter is going to be one not to forget!
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