Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Chapter 20/Part one (Gen.2) : Disaster strikes

Chapter 20:
                             ONE YEAR AFTER HUNTER WAS BORN...
Today was hunter's first birthday I was so excited for him and had a big surprise...
 I glanced out of the patio door and saw Sophie burying something in the sand pit..it better not be her homework!
 I planned a family only party for hunter
 A few hours later Carter seduced me too bed and then
 We woohoo'd for a little while it was very enjoyable!
 Everything was set for the party tables,chairs,cake and lots more...
 My family arrived very late at 7:00pm so there was no time to lose!
 We quickly did the cake before everybody had to go,Although everything did not go to plan my family brought lots of prezzies for hunter!
 And this is hunter he turned out to be quite the cutie of the family.I noticed he had the same hair type as me but patches of it was my childhood hair,brown, before a died my hair...It was wired because Sophie was my hair colour Taylor was her dads but Hunter's is mixed!

 That same night after the guests had gone we sat down and watched a movie,Hunter wern't really paying attention just playing with his toys!
 Iput little hunter to bed.The house was silent and dark...
 The girls were snoring..
 Hunter was asleep as us all
 But Carter was downstairs in the garage working out !
 It was 3:43 am I was fast asleep when suddenly I felt a belch in my stomach and my mouth was filling up with vomit....I throw the covers off of me and ran to the toilet
 Look like I lost my dinner!
I started thinking the obvious but did not believe it, how could I be pregnant we used protection it could not be!
I was positive....
 How could I be pregnant I know I have three kids but I am not ready I am not planned for it but No I am not having a termination...I would never
 I sat on the rug Thinking for hours about what will happen...until I heard the crying of Hunter.
 I regretted what I done I was so annoyed and confused about my baby on the way that I took my anger out on Hunter.His face drooped like a puppy and he started to tear up so I quickly picked him up and hugged him I was so sorry and I would never do that again to nay of my children...
 I was on my bedroom balcony where Carter came out and kissed me.
I said to him''Listen Carter I umm I umm Oh I'm pregnant!

 He said back in an angry voice ''Your what! how when why who!
''A week ago on Hunter's birthday remember!''
''But we used protection!''
I said to him back''Well proctection does not always work you know!''
''Oh whatever'' he said to me
 I was Distuged at Carter's behavoiur I had never seen this side of him!
Suddenly my belly felt heavier and my trouser bottom popped off I was becoming visible...

 There I found my self 6months pregnant waddling down the park my,my back aching and I needed to sit down and relax!
 Carter started to understand what was happening and now we made up he realized there was going to be someone else in the house and that we needed to plan..
 Sophie P.O.V.
Mum got me a computer for my room because of my good grades!I was talking to my friend Sam on Facebook when I heard loud thumping in the hallway,I rushed out to see....
 My mum at the bottom of the stairs unconscious!

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  1. Hunter is super cute! How sad that Ares was unconscious at the end, but what a good cliff- hanger!

  2. Oh thanks so much debbie your comments are always nice!


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