Monday, 3 October 2011

Chapter 21 (Gen.2) : Moddy teens,Kean kids and Bubbling babies!

Chapter 21:
By the way I am trying to speed up my legacy to Gen.3!
Aries POV
It has been a year now since my miscarriage,That year had been depressing and dull I just felt like staying in bed all day long but I knew I had to carry on with my life and pull together..
Sophie was still sad about the loss of her baby sister/brother she really took it hard....
Today was the twins last day of school,they were really happy about there up coming birthday party!
Someone else was happy about there birthday, little Hunter was such a rapid learner!
 I did allot of work around the house, although I did have a job I was becoming a house wife!
No way I was going to become a house wife!

The girls did there homework together!

Taylor: Whats 100 divided by 5
 Sophie:20 you doofus
Taylor:Shut up twit
Sohpie: You sound british!
Birthday time!

First Sophie I love the way her face was when she made her wish!
Then Taylor hey she has the same face as Sophie maybeall kids are like that wait was I!
Carter and I both celebrated are kids birthday, My dad weren't there to witness me becoming a teenager so I think my kids farther should be there for them all the time.
My little' Sophie aged up into a beautiful teen when they both aged up my eyes started to tear allot but not sad tears, tears of joy!
I was so proud of my Taylor, although she was still ms-behaving she was still good in school and brought home good grades!
 Next it my little Hunter aging up he made cry joyful tears too my babies are not babies anymore (tears)
Hunter was a adventures child and loves to play with outfits like dinosaurs and astronauts!

Taylor loved her new bed she loved how her closet was under it!

I smooched Carter we were proud of our kids and we thought it was time to put ate past behind and look to the future...

We tried for a baby hoping we will not lose it....
That's it for this chapter,Will Aries lose another baby,will Sophie pass her tests and will Hunter find his ball!!
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Important notice:
Two week ago my game started freezing frequently and it has ruined my game.But saved files are k and so are the cronwells but now it is working!!!!


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