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Chapter 22 (Gen.2) : Babies,Babies, Animals roaming around and more babies!

    Ugh, I hate morning sickness it is so disgusting!

                                                               4 Months Down The Line..................

I was sure this was going to be my last baby,
for one I was not getting any younger and I always wanted four children.
 I couldn’t wait for my final baby to come into the world, I was overjoyed by the feeling of its Feet kicking the inner – Layer of my uterus.

My lovely and beautiful Taylor became so vain and she wouldn’t leave the house without having at look at herself in the mirror and saying ‘’Smoking  Hot’’! 

 To my surprise my Intelligent Sophie became into games more and loved Mario kart I think it is called!
Although she liked games now she was still focused with school.

I Prepared for the birth of the baby, at this moment in time I was VERY familiar with the pregnancy book after reading it three times now!
I dropped the book and was starting to dose off in my arm chair and there was a knock at the door and Taylor shouted threw the postbox ''Mum can you open the door I left my key on the chair Oh yeah my friends here''Then I heard her Friend shout ''Hi Mrs Cronwell how are you?''
As I approached the door I saw them gossiping, I remember when I was there friend and I use too gossip with my BFF ,Taylor (She Lives down the street with a husband and child)
When I let them in they ran upstairs and had the most loud pillow fight I have ever Heard in my life!

Meanwhile Sophie was doing her homework in the kitchen with me, she was so concentrated and focused.

Taylor’s POV:
I was so excited!
Prom was in a week and I brought the most remarkable dress at the mall which coasted a fortune, but will be worth it. All I needed now was a date...
Our life in Sunset Valley has changed, For a long time people talked about pets in Sunset Valley a long time ago but most people including me thought it was a rumor that was made up. There were toy animals and those were the closest to animals we had. About A week ago a cargo ship pulled up at the Harbor, it had all kinds of animals transported from Appaloosa Plains, Horses,Cats,dogs,deers,skunks,lizards,snakes,rodent.I walked passed the harbor that day and I don't know if it was real but I saw a unicorn.Most people thought unicorns were mythical creatures but I knew I saw one and I am going to find it.
I was disgusted  when Hunter came threw the door one evening with a rat! I imedietly told him to let it go but he started to tear up and I couldn’t resist his puppy dog face so I brought him a terrarium and he placed his Rat inside.

I love having animals in Sunset Valley, They just make it nicer and more realistic life. I decided to Look for a stray cat t adopt into the family, I found one she was so beautiful and he coat was so furry and cuddly a picture of Tia:

Hunter felt his little sister (I knew it was a girl because I went to the hospital to see what the gender was)He felt her pat my belly hard aw my little Hunter is so sweet and curios he makes me smile every day I see him.

Before he went to bed he told me a story about the Grim Reaper! To my surprise it was actually scary!

 I read him a bed-Time story,for some reason he wanted to sleep in my bed tonight!
 Goodnight my precious Hunter, sweet dreams....
I took a nice hot shower and tucked up into bed.


I woke ujp first in the house and just sat on the balcony for about an hour thinking about animals and how wonderful and complex they are.Carter came up behind me and felt my whale-like Stomach and I looked up to him and smiled at him.Allot was going to happen after this birth; I was going to go back to my painting carrer,my birthday was coming up and There was going to be a family party at my house!

Look at me Aries Cronwell, Daughter of celebrity Terra Cronwell and mother to three and soon four.Because of my busy life I didn't spend enough time with my children and I sometimes wish I was not a celebrity just a normal person living as normal life in a normal town but my life would never be normal.
Just as the bus came for the children I went into a sharp and painful labour my eyes were bulging and my trousers were dry!I guess my water did not break this time.
the kids were so terrified they missed the school bus!
Carter quickly got the kids bikes out and told them to go school and he lifted me into the jeep.
He was driving so fast he parked on the pavement and Lifter me again into the Hospital.
The Birth took ages all I heard was my midwife saying ''Push honey Push just one more'' and  a loud cry from my middle.
I gave birth to a baby Girl and I named it Scarlett Cronwell.
I settled her in her new crib and she gently fell asleep.

Later that day I wrote a letter to my family asking them to come over the letter said:

Dear Family,
How are you lately and am so so sorry that i haven't visited you for a while,i have been very busy.
I am writing to ask you to come over for a visit to see the latest family member, Scarlett Cronwell.
Allot has happened lately,The twins are teenagers,Hunter is a child and is getting straight A's and Scarlett was born .Please come!

I really hop you can come and I look forward to seeing you all again
Aries xxx
I turned the livingroom into a party room thanks to interior Designing.
 Kendall Cronwell - Young adult
 Demetrius Cronwell - Teenager
 Miranda Cronwell - Young adult
 Jasmin Cronwell - Young adult

And my mother Terra Cronwell. Jayla and Thomas didn't come they were busy. And Xander , God knows where he is.I miss my dad thoe I always loved him.
General Hugs:

I love my mum she is s nice and Nurturing.

Jasmin and I talked for hours, She told me how she got married to Miraj Alvi and had a baby girl called Hannah Cronwell.
Hannah, My Niece was a beautiful and Lovely.
 Jayla also Married Malcom Landgrabb, There were rumors that she just married him for his money but I knew they were really in love, they even had a baby boy called Teddy Cronwell.

Disaster broke out and a snake got into the house, everyone screamed and jumped onto either a counter or a chair and ran out the house petrified!

Poor Tia was scared out of her fur after all of the chaos so I cuddled her assuring she was Okay.
 Taylor was bonding with her new sister,she often cuddles her allot.I think Taylor would be a good mother and if she was the heir to the legacy she would have many kids just like my mum.

I took some pictures of Tia exploring the house:

 As a child I loved to write stories and I lost touch of my hobbie when I became an adult so I decided to try and carry on with my hobbie with the little spear time I had!

As child I loved to write and I decided to start writing again!
Thanks for reading TCL (The next chapter won't be to long and it will be out soon because I have all the pics for it so thanks and please comment on my forum page here
Aries : Bye my viewers

Hunter: Bye bye

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