Monday, 14 November 2011

Chapter 24 (Gen.2 ): A magical Discovery....

Everyone's Birthday was soon except the twins, We all were excited!
 Taylor enjoyed being around Hope allot,She took good care of her.
 Carter and I hardly saw any of each other allot,He was either at work or at the Gym,I think we need to spend some time as a family and Take time off to bond with each other.

We hugged in the kitchen no-stop for about 10 minuets.

Hope became very Destructive and Chewed most objects in the house,I am reconsidering having her In the Cronwell Manor now...
Poor Tia Developed Fleas form the garden,I was quick to Bath her before she passed it on to us or Hope.
She Really Enjoyed the the toys,and was very palyful

Tia: Meow!
Hope Dug holes in the front lawn,At least she was destroying outside for once!
I was so proud of hunter,He has got striaght A's of his end of year test and made it on to the honor roll,he is the Smart one of the family and really made me proud to be his mother.
Scarlett was also I a very Bright child,she was such a developing reader and knew how to walk and talk.
Hope always has a smile on her face,even when she is hungry of tired she is still smiling!
That night I went for a walk in the mountains to do some exploring..
And there in front of me was a Unicorn!
I was astonished thinking it wasn't true but it was,In front of me was a white glowing Wild unicorn Grazing.
He has Some piece of paper Tagged to him and it read:

Dear Reader,
This unicorn is wanted dead for his rich minerals,His only hope was to send her to sunset valley thought teleportation .Her name is crystal Sky and she has the power to Ignite,Teleport,Grow plant life and extinguish.Please take good of my pride and joy,She is well trained and is easily disaplind.
Thank you so much 


I had no choice but to take it into my hands, she is so beautiful and delicate.I adopted it and Slipped the note into my pocket.

I brushed her Beautiful white fur.

All of a sudden Crystal's Horn and Eyes turned A twinkling yellow,I rose into the air and my body became pure,it was as almost as I had been blessed.I never knew there was magic in this world and how such impossible things can be possible,after this blessing I believed nothing was impossible anymore....

I felt Pure and Nice.
He then Grew A plant within seconds on the ground and in another few seconds it had flew away.
It was a struggle to get on the horse But in the end I did.
Crystal threw me into the air and we Made an heroic pose!
We then galloped back into sunset valley.What will people think seeing me riding a unicorn in the middle of town,i hope it will all work out.

We got home ar about 3:30am,Everyone was sleeping and I had no place to put Crystal.
I brought a nice spacious pen for Crystal,with hay ,water and a ball but I was not sure if Unicorns needed to eat or if they absorbed their food, I guess I need to read about them!
The next Morning I woke up thinking of  what happened the night before,I still felt funny,I was to tell none what happened...
The Pets played all day ,I was surprised they got along because people always said  
Cats Hate Dogs,It's Just How It Goes
but I knew that wasn't true.
Scarlett Played with her toys:

Scarlett:Truck truck!

 For the first Time I saw Crystal use her powers! She used the power to Ignite and Teleport
 In the kitchen Two hours later Hunter was aging up into a tennager
                                                        Happy Birthday My little Hunter

Hunter Aged up so Beautiful,I am so proud of him

I spent 0ver 2000 Simoleons on his room,He wanted a complete makeover,I need to stop spoiling the kids less!

Tia Ate her cat food Very quickly and scuffled it down.
 The pets Quickly fell asleep
Hope:Zzzzzz woof zzzzz
 I then put Scarlett asleep,Goodnight my little angel.
 And goodnight my Beautiful Husband,What will come to us tomorrow........

                                                     The Next Morning...
 The Next Morning we all went into the garden to lounge and enjoy our-self.
Taylor stuck up her toes and Hunter said Put them down stinky!
 We then enjoyed the sprinkler for an hour,It is so nice to be finally spending time together as a family.
 I am going to miss this,Soon my Story will be over and it will be Taylor's or Sophie's,I love doing this story and I will very well miss it.
 Before my birthday I read a book to Scarlett, it was called Finger painting 101,she loved it so much.
                                                                         An hour later.....
 I was so nervous of my birthday,I am going to be middle aged!
 Happy Birthday Me (Aries Cronwell)
 I am a adult,A matured adult,Wat will lie ahead for me...
 It was then Carter's birthday!
 Happy birthday my Sexy Husband!
 Carter didn't look really different,though he just look more mature.
 A finally my last baby Scarlett!
 Happy Birthday My little Angel!
 Thanks to Debbidoo For the clothes and Hair she aged up Beautifully.
The next morning we went outside and took a family photo,the first one we ever took,I will always treasure this photo
We played all day in the garden,we had so much fun on the slip em slide,Sophie slip passed the slide and onto the grass!

We then played in the sprinkler,It was so fun playing together in the garden.
 after are fuun in the garden I cooked my family a lovely dinner.
While everyone was in the livingroom having fun.
It's that time agian,When my tale comes a end,You will carry the cronwell tale on,Taylor
 Or Sophie
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