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Chapter 27 (Generation 3) : A Christmas Miracle

 The first thing I done was cuddle my darling Tinker-Bell, I think she would be excited with the new family member on the way :)

I took some pictures of how Bella (I call her for short now) Playing in the living room:

 I read the same Pregnancy book that my Mother did when she was pregnant with Taylor and I.
At the back of the book Someone engraved for 'A future Cronwell'.
Richie came in and Gently laid me on his knee and we watched a romance film together.
Carter told me how excited he was to have his first baby.
 We were both happy to have the chance of having a baby.
 About three hours after watching the film,Playing the Xbox with the family Everyone settled down to bed.
7 Long Aching Months later.....
My baby was due in Two months,I now could not wait to get the baby out of me! 
I noticed Richie's Designs in the Mini-Study,I think they are really pretty.
 I looked through Hunter's Bedroom window and Noticed how sunset valley has changed so much.
When I was growing up in Sunset Valley as a child life was so simple.
There were no Factories,Pets.Unicorns,Magic and so much more.
I remember when It was just s simple and now people come form as far as Appolossa Planes to Live here.
For example Scarlett Goths famiyl used to live in Sunset Valley a long long time ago but As it got packed up and so many people moved here they Decided to go live a better life in Hidden springs far from here.
It was just that as time progressed there Progressed family moved here only About a year ago now.
And that's how I know Scarlett.
There are actually Romours around that Scarlett is pregnant but I think they are just rumours made up by the Journalists.
 I visited the new spa on Landgrabb avenue,I seriously needed a massage,This pregnancy was really and I haven't even given birth yet!
 For a minuet or two I thought abut my Sister Taylor,she must of had her baby by now maybe I will visit her later and see if she has given birth yet.
 That thought just made me proud to be a soon-to-be Mother!
I did decided to visit her,I adored her new cottage (Thanks to Xocutiepiexo's Modern Cottage House )
It had three bedrooms and A lovely nursery.I have actually seen this house lately,It was just finished built about a month ago.
As I pulled up to the drive I noticed a tiny baby in my Sisters hand, She must of just arrived back form the hospital after giving birth.
 She didn't she me pull up so I had to ring the Doorbell,I saw little Tiddles at the door.Oh how I miss those beautiful puppies at our house!
 She answered and greeted me as if she hadn't seen me in years!
''Sophie your pregnant with how much how mum and dad and hunter and Scarlett and Tinker-bell?
''Wow so many questions'' I replied 'Well everyone's fine and I don't know how much or what Gender I am having''
Well I just had my baby about 5 hours ago, Come and meet your little Nephew'' she said and dragged me to the Nursery.
 I cuddled my little Nephew, His name is Xavier Bryce Cronwell.
He is so light and Fragile.
I fed him his first Bottle of milk
I settled down Xavier in his crib and went to talk to Taylor in the Living room.
My back was killing me so hard that I couldn't beer to drive home,I asked Sam if I could stay the night,He accepted in pleasure.
An hour later I drifted asleep on the couch...
I woke up at 2:00am to see the couch soaked with warm liquid, My water broke!
The pain felt so bad, Everyone was asleep but Taylor came rushing in and sat me down.
I never felt such bad pain in me in my life!

Taylor called Richie and he was here within minuets in his Pyjamas!
 I arrived at the hospital at 4:00am woddeling in the hospital
After hours of Birth I gave birth to a Beautiful baby boy 
(Thumbs up to everyone who choose boys on the fourms!)
I named him Riley Antonio Cronwell
Richie took the baby home and I went to the Library to get some air after the painful birth.
I saw my Beautiful cousin, Hannah Cronwell.
I noticed she got most of her looks from her father,Miraj Cronwnell.
 I also noticed my Other cousin,Teddy Cronwell.
His Genetics were form both of his parents, Jayla and Malcolm Landgrabb.
Hannah and Teddy and me sat down at a table and they told me how both there mothers had a baby a couple of months ago.

 Jasmin had a little girl Called Amelia Cronwell.
 And Jayla had a little Boy called Trevor.
 I said my goodbyes and went home to See my Baby.
On the way home I noticed Bella Bachelor at her front door.
She is such a polite and Pretty little Girl.
Hunter should go out with her!
As I got home to see how Riley was in his new Bedroom I noticed Carter clapping, He was so happy too have his second Grandson.
 I opened the door and to see Richie Gently feeding Riley
 Richie is such a good daddy to Riley all the time.
 I opened my mothers door to tell her the News but she was napping so I silently shut the door and wait for her to wake to see the news.
I peeped into my Bathroom and saw Richie bathing.
he has such a Muscular body!
As he got out I quickly ran downstairs and pretended I was sleeping which led to me actually to sleep!
 Riley awakened me with screams, I ran upstairs as fast as I can hoping nothing bad has happened.
He just needed a nappy change.
 I loved my new baby,It was such a blessing to be able to conceive this Beauty of a baby!
 I settled him in a Baby swing thanks to Debbidoo for the awesome gift!
 He Refused to go to sleep so I took him out and laid him on my knee,he then fell asleep and so did I on Scarlett's Play table.
The next morning I made Waffles and left them no the counter for anyone who wanted some.
 I walk in the living room to see Richie watching kids TV with Little Riley.
I doubt he would know what was going on he is only 7 days old!
 We took a Family picture of are family.
 As months and a year went by it was soon time for little Riley's Birthday.
I am going to miss the baby days to Riley.
My mum insisted she age him up so I agreed!
Happy Birthday My little Bundle of joy
 We were so happy for our Little Riley!

 After a Change of clothes this is Riley!
I don't have an actual clue where he got his Hair colour from but oh well!

Mum was so happy for Riley,she was almost in tears when she saw him.
I  taught Riley how to walk.
he was fast learner.
I said to him ''Come on Riley walk like mummy!''
After he finally was able to walk Richie taught him how to walk
''Say Grandma Aries'' He said to him
'Aries Grandma Aries' He replied :)
 As he said that he made the most Adorable yet weird face I ever saw!
 Riley had a strong bond with his Father.
I placed him in his Baby swing and he swung there for hours just smiling!
 Scarlett came home with her new best friend.
I felt sorry for Scarlett's IF because they were once best friends but they had a fight and now he refuses to talk to her.
 I cuddled my Richie, We were still considering having another baby.
 Richie also enjoyed playing with his Granddad allot too.
Every saturday afternoon after Carter's work they sit down and play Peek-a-boo.
 Scarlett was so Imagantive she played racing on the chairs!
Today I passed the pet shelter and saw the most Beautiful and insisent Little Dog called lucky.
I wasn't gonig to adopt him at first but then I read a note tagged to him:

To whom it may concern,
This dog is meant for the third in line of The Cronwell Legacy.


I decided to adopt this Dog, I knew it was meant for us.
 I pushed aside the swings and got another Dog bed form the cupboard.
He lept on to it and fell asleep.
 I then put Riley in his crib and Gently kissed him on the head
'Goodnight my little angel' I said to him
'Goodnight Mummy' he replied
He fell asleep instantly.

Instead of going bed I learnt all spell in the Spell book through the night.
 By time I finished I went to check Riley, somehow he was able to escape his crib and play with his toys!
 I potty trained Riley in the basement Bathroom.
 I looked out the window to see Scarlett in her pyjamas in the Tree house looking over Sunset Valley.
 I placed Riley in his Crib for an afternoon nap.
 Richie and I were getting Closer lately...
 Like every other pet in this house he seemed to damage objects in the house!
 After allot of Planning and thinking we decided to Try for another baby.
 I went to feed Hunter's pet when I saw Dad putting Scarlett to bed,he was such a god dad to all four fo his children.
Thanks For Reading Chapter 27 of TCL,The next chapter will be the Christmas special Guys so keep your eyes pilled for it!
Merry Christmas and Please Comment on my TS3 Fourms


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