Thursday, 5 January 2012

Chapter 30 - Part 1 of 2 (Generation 3) : Visits, Exits and Arrivals

Welcome Back!
This Chapter will be in two parts as I wanted to create Suspense....
And a big sorry to Xocutiepiexo, I did tell her I was going to use her Sims, Lindsay in my story but I had to postpone her to Either Chapter 31 or 32, sorry (:
Chapter 30 part 1:

I heard around town that three Young adults (House mates) moved into this house.
I quickly went over to Meet them.

The first of the three to Greet me was a interesting Sim called Destiny Hailey Rose .
Word around town was that she just completed her 100 Baby Challenge ans now she was looking to settle down with a feller.

The next person to meet me was a Handsome man called Luke Lockhart who was the Partner of Calista Smith. He seemed like a Funny and charming man.

The Final person I met was Calista Smith who is in the middle of her 100 Baby Challenge . 
She seemed to be very motherly and Funny too.

 Both girls are really nice
 I had a theory that Calista loved her colour Blue!

Luke tried to make a move on me but I told him I was married and reminded him Calista was his Girlfriend!

Later that Evening I went to visit The Goths briefly and too my surprise Scarlett had another baby!
It was a beautiful baby boy called Silas !
I didn't really stop for long as it was getting VERY late.

At home tragedy struck, Whity died....

Scarlett seemed to take the Death the worse, she really developed a bond with the pets in this house.

''Sophie I need to tell you something that has happened to me''....

''What mum are you okay? Is dad okay? Are you sick?''

No honey well....ummm'''

''I'm Pregnant''

Thanks for Reading Part 1 of Chapter 30, Part 2 will be hopefully out Saturday.

-Thanks to Dessiesims for letting me use Destiny Rose
-Thanks to Catlover800 for letting me use Calista Smith and Luke Lockhart
-Thanks To Debbidoo for letting use Silas Goth
-Sorry Xocutiepiexo about your Sim :)
-And before you ask me that house is a Base Game house and can be found in the House library in Edit Town.

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Bye Guys :)

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