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Chapter 32 : Sibling Rivalry takes it's course

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Just to tell you that I do have Sims 3 master suite stuff, some of these pictures are from when I did not have it yet so just to give you the heads up I DO have the game !!

Zeke was the kind of baby that needed his parents 24-7 whereas Isaac was quiet and not so demanding as his brother.

It wasn't hard to take care of the twins, they were normally either asleep or needed to be fed but Richie took some time off of his carrer to take care of them. Richie was not like those kind of dad's who just don't give a damn about there children, he is always there to take care of our children.

Riley played as a adorable little Prince, he made me laugh how he made his Victory wave !

He then dressed as a dinosaur terrorising the house and his sister !

The next morning I tended my mini garden, I abandoned it since I gave birth to the twins.

Minuets later Jessie came waddling in excited. You see today is her Birthday, into a child. I am very excited for Jessie's birthday, I was sure I was going to tear up!

I guess Jessie wanted to hold on to her Childhood and became a bit stubborn if you know what I mean!

Happy birthday my little Blue Eyed Angel !

Jessie blew me away as she aged up! She is such a Cute child ! Just like her Father, she developed a passion for painting and architecture related hobbies. I am proud of my daughter becoming a Child, a adventurous and happy child.

I tried my absolute best to make the twins get the same amount of time with both there parents. Although it wad hard I know one day it will all pull off one day.

Meanwhile Riley was doing some Maths homework, he struggled allot with maths, I am starting to consider hiring a maths Tutor for him.

As there was an up side to Jessie's Birthday there was also a down side , she had a highly developed phobia of water toughing her body. I felt sorry for her, it was a tough time for her Bathing and wiping her face .

To our surprise Jessie's IF came to life ! Riley was really jealous of her because her IF came to life and his did not.

As time passed the twin's birthday came along, Happy birthday my little Boys !!

Aw !
My little twins are A-dorable !
We took a picture of them next to Jessie's IF in what I call ''Shut down mode''

Ezekiel was a Carbon - Copy of me. He had my Eyes, hair colour and nose and mouth.

Isaac also looked like me too, He had my eyes, nose and mouth but I had no idea in the world where he received his Hair colour!

Minuets later the kids arrived from school. Jessie told me how she met a new friend at school, Coralline Goth.

Feeding time for the twins was a manic !
There was food either on there face or the floor!

After putting the kids to bed, they woke up Jessie and Riley. Riley as the most annoyed, he was the kind of person that needed his sleep!

Richie and I actually got some sleep!

The next morning I woke up at 5:00am, made Breakfast, took a shower and got dressed.

I quickly tended my garden before I heard the demanding screams of the twins.

The screams were from Isaac, his brother wouldn't share the blocks with him. Ezekiel was known to be harsh to his younger brother, he seemed to bully him around and annoy him on many occasions.

I knew he felt sad so I spent some time with him and Teach him how to say words Properly.

We also taught them how to balance and walk

We then left them in the Nursery playing with musical instruments and Blocks, I felt a strong fear that Ezekiel would one day Hate his Twin brother, I pray to god this never happens though.

                                                                       ~  .... ~

The following evening I searched for a quiet place in town to buy and name after our family, The cronwell's
where I came across the most peaceful and clean park I ever saw. It was named Fountain Falls and costed over 40,000 simeloneans.

After the credit card payments and final papers were signed we brought it and the deed was in my name. I was really happy to buy this park, it seemed to be so nice and peaceful.

It contained 7 tresses and a fairly wide fountain and also had a beautiful view of the beach landscape. It looked best a Dawn were the sun was just rising and just shining on the park.

I forgot to mention the other day Jessie literately begged me to buy her a squirrel! I was surprised out of all the animal's in the world she choose a squirrel! I told her small animal's in this house were doomed to death as all of the minor pets we had died within months but she still demanded for one.

Poor Riley has been having these kind of ''Episodes'' lately. I am really worried about him and considered taking him to a preradiation for some, I really don't want to say but help. It wasn't serious it was just occasionally he would make an outburst or panic attack. He was always fine afterwards because Richie or I calm him down.

                                                                          ~ ... ~

The next morning I woke up feeling dizzy, My head was in a different place all muddled up.

Suddenly I lost my balance and my head landed in a clean (Thank god ) pile of clothes which must of fell out the Basket as I was washing them last night.

After bringing my self together after the fall I got ready and left my home to visit Hunter, I haven't seen him in so long and I wanted to catch up with him.

As I drove up to the house I was blown away how steep it was and how elegant it was ! I was nervous as this was the first ever apartment I had gone in since I have been born.

As I entered to listened to the elevator music and peered out of the window I was amazed to see such as beautiful view!

As I walked through the door startled to see my brother, Hunter Alexander Cronwell kissing a girl!!!
My brother had a girlfriend, it wasn't just a girlfriend they are married !!!

I almost fainted as we talked and as he told me how he got married to weeks ago and literately just got back from there honeymoon. I was totally 100% happy for him but I was surprised !

His wife's name was Lindsay James
She is a very beautiful Sim with the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen.
After a long chat with Lindsay and Hunter I said my goodbyes and left, I couldn't stay long as Richie and I planned to take the kids out to the park.
[ linndsay is made by xocutiepiexo but not available for download ]

                                                                          ~ ... ~

We brought Lucky along with us too, he seemed lonely lately so we took him with us. I am considering getting another dog to keep him happy and not lonely.

We almost spent the whole day at the park having fun. The toddlers mostly enjoyed the spring riders and the kids were OBSESSED with the swing set.

Just like us, Lucky rumeged through a hole within the sand hoping to find a juicy bone to chew on !

As night fell Richie supervised the children while they were in the sand while I took a trip to the Bathroom.

10 Minuets later we crossed the road and ate dinner in the local diner. I think Riley especially loved there pork sausages as he went back to retrieve seconds!

Bacl at home we lounged on the living room sofas. As we watched Monster inc, I noticed the ''Dirty Look'' Jessie gave Riley. Sometimes I just wish they could just get along for once

~ ... ~

The next morning I woke up and sat with the kids at Breakfast. It seemed the kids had yet another fight and was ignoring each other. I could see form the facial expressions they were really angry with each other.

''Riley, What are you guys fighting about again? ''

''Mum she said I am going to die alone! ''. I was disturbed of what Jessie said, if it was true of not it still was a vial thing to say.

The kids made me laugh as they raced upstairs to get dressed and to race back down to the bus who was anxious to leave and pick up the other children.

I walked down to my mums house, later that day to see how Scarlett and the twins were doing. I was excited to visit them because I heard the twins are now toddlers and I couldn't wait to see how beautiful there little faces were !

Scarlett opened the door and I greeted her with a big hug !

''Hey Scarlett where's mum and the twins?''

''Oh they went to see Grandma Terra for the day''. I was surprised as she said that because I hadn't seen my Grandma since my wedding day and she hadn't of met Riley, Jessie or the twins ! One day I will pay her a visit for the day and she how she and Thomas and uncle Demetrius is.

Back at home I planted and tomato seed. Talking about gardening I took it up as a part time job since I had nothing to do at home and I stayed home to look after the twins. I harvest the fruits and vegetable and took them to the market to sell. I enjoyed it because it gave us more spear cash to use.

''Mum I'm home ... with Leo ''. I heard of Jessie's new friend. He is called Leo Donner and is a Vampire. His parents are divorced and he lives with his mother in a little cottage across town. To me he has this weird feeling of cold darkness inside him.

Hopefully he isn't a fired of Jessie's to stay.

All of a sudden I felt a pain in my head and I desperatly needed to have a long nap.

 ''Just one more plant to water then I will go to bed''...

I woke up next morning sitting up in the soil of my plants. Umm I guess I KINDA feel asleep. What can you say a Woman loves her plants!

I wondered upstairs to see the twins you were dressed and bathed and playing Happily with their toys.

''Hmm Sophie I wondered why yo were sleeping in soil!'' I felt so embarrassed but all of a sudden Richie let  out a burst of laughter and I knew he was just joking.

''Oh Richie you big fat piece of loveliness!''

I loved my Richie, my high school sweetheart turned into my husband and father of my FOUR kids. I never thought of having so much children but I have a feeling Richie wants ANOTHER baby.I don't really want another baby.

One thing led to another and we ended up on a love seat in our room kissing ....

I then fell asleep in Richie gentle arms.

''Goodnight Honey''

I mumbled back ''Goodnight''

~ Jessie's Story ~

''It was a dark night, every ounce of nature was motionless. And you ask why ?''

Telling my scary story to Patches was hil-ar-i-ous! It made me laugh the way he jumped as I got to a scary part. My oh my I just love scaring Patches!!

My dad had this smug look on his face .... Wait a minuet I know what mum and him done last night, UGH!

~ Back to Sophie ~

Poor Riley had Yet another panic attack which woke me up from my peaceful sleep, I calmed him down and went back downstairs to get dressed. This is why I don't want another baby, people may think ''Oh having a baby is easy'' but it is not. Look what happened to Jessie she almost chocked to death when I was giving birth to her. I am just scared if something would happen to the next baby if I had one.

I phoned up Destiny Rose, Scarlett Goth and Calista Smith to go out for a meal but all of them had careers ans were at work.

As I put down the phone I noticed Riley trodding down the stairs. I was so proud of my Riley, my first born and my pride and joy. His birthday is tomorrow and Richie and I are dredding it so much. We want our kids to stay little and never move out.

As another hobby I tried fitness. Well it didn't turn out good for me as I slipped and went flying of the Treadmill! I will not be doing this again!

Cardio exercise worked better with me.

My darling Jessie helped me prepare dinner. Jessie is such a great helper around the house with only two girls and FOUR boys in the house we were outnumbered by two!

''Stir the mixture faster Jes ''

''Okay mummy ''

Isaac became more like Ezekiel and needed attention twenty four hours, seven days a week !

Poor Richie had the flu for a while now and it took a real bad turn when he ran to the toilet and throw up his lunch. I just hope he isn't sick for Riley birthday party in a day.

Dinner was very excitable last night, we all ate at the same time and had fun talking and socializing together.
But in the end the talking effected Riley because he chocked on his Mac and cheese.

Jessie and Riley found homework stressful, although they both were doing GREAT in school they found homework hard, especially Riley who almost cried when he couldn't figure out a maths equation.

As I walked into my room I glanced at Richie and I's prom picture. I am so grateful to have such a great husband like Richie, although we may fight sometimes we are always loving each other.

~ ... ~

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