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Chapter 33 : Death on a Birthday - Part 1 of 2

Renovations came knocking at the empty room across the hallway and Jessie's room. I decorated my parents old room into a home library. we renovated Jessie's room as we felt like she needed a more mature room as Jessie was becoming a mature girl.

I glanced at Jessie who was staring vigorously at the bookshelf. 

''Hello Jess''

'' ... ''

''Jessie are you okay ''

''No mum I am not''

''Why honey ''

''Because all you care about is your precious Riley. Oh Riley this Riley hat you don't even think about about me. Either your OBSESSING over Riley or looking after Zeke and Isaac. ''

''Jessie I love you and Riley, Zeke and Isaac just the same. I was overjoyed to give birth to you. You think you are not special, Jessie you are my only girl, my little blue eyed angel and I love you so don't forget that Jessie I love you.

The twins woke up the whole house with there screams. The twins are the hardest of my children. Although I had a difficult birth with Jessie she was a very quiet baby.

After the twins were satisfied I went back downstairs where I found Riley waiting for me in the hallway. 

I snuggled Riley in my hands almost releasing tears onto his shirt. I remember when Riley was born, I was overjoyed to have my fist baby, a boy! I dreaded the day to come but tomorrow was Riley's birthday.

As a present for the whole family to enjoy I went down to the stables in the evening to look into buying an horse. I had no idea of any breeds or colour the only thing we had in our household along time ago was a unicorn that my mum had come across. As I browsed the different breeds of horses one really got me thinking, I had no idea of what the breed was but it is a cream horse with short white hair.

I came trod ding out of the large doors with a cream horse with LONG hair. It is an male and his name is Blaze Cronwell. Although I love this horse to bits I don't know what will happen when Richie see it.

I rode home on Blaze who felt very uncomfortable and and a split second threw me into the air and onto the middle of the road unconscious. My body felt like every bone in it shattered. My head felt like a dozen coconuts were thrown directly at it. and most of all I felt like I was going to die.

Me and this horse just didn't CLICK if you know what I mean!

Just as I thought everything was bad enough a photographer ran down the street and snapped a shot of me falling of Blaze. Oh how I HATE paparazzi.

''Honey I was so worried about you, you hadn't come to bed where were you all night? '' I was touched Richie was so worried but he sounded like an House - wife who literately WORSHIPS there husband. I don't mean to be rude but I felt a sence of relief as he cared for me so much.

'' I just thank the LORD you are okay because is anything, anything at all happened to you I could never forgive myself''

Blaze FINALLY took a liking to me and I rubbed his thin fur coat. After a week of building too we were finally able to add a barn to the house. It has a balcony above the stable with a lounge area on it. It is also a cosy place for Blaze to enjoy himself.

The den was ready for a party to happen. We are expecting 15 guests to attend including some of Riley's and Jessie's friends.

I spent some time before the party with Zeke and Isaac. I cherish my twins, they have such adorable looks and the most cute hair EVER!

Just as I though everything was good Jessie and Riley broke out into YET another argument.

''Ugh I HATE you! ''

''Why what have I done!''

''You are just being you UGH you make me sick!''

''Coming from the one with the biggest forehead I have ever seen!''

''Oh sh -''

I just screamed as loud as I could making them jump out of there skins and stare at me in horror. I HATED  when they fought, hopefully when they BOTH become teenagers they will end this Family feud.

Allot of people turned up, even the kids Grandparents form Richie's side. I was hesitant to invite them but they wanted to meet there four Grandchildren. I didn't really want them too because they are Vampires. Jessie seemed to be fascinated with Marty Keaton (Her granddad) and his Vampire looks. Anyway I was not going to let him near my twins.

Happy birthday my lil' Riley!

I was smitten seeing my Riley as a big Teenager although I didn't cry I really wanted too.

''Ready for your birthday present Riley''

''Yes mum can I open my eyes?''


''YAY! Mum thank you thank you thank you !''

As a surprise birthday present I converted the spare room to Riley's new room and his old room would be for the twins.

The following morning I tended my garden. They seemed to be harvesting very well and I get allow of fruits and veg from the garden every day.

I picked up my phone to hear the sound of my Grandmother's voice. She is coming around for lunch this afternoon and to meet her four great - Grandchildren.

Terra, Thomas and uncle Demetrius turned up with Terra smeeling and awful smell and Demetrius and Thomas argueing.

''Grandma!'' I was so ecstatic to see my Grandma again, and I was so lucky she is still here to see your GREAT GRANDCHILDREN.

''Sophie my Darling Grand ...''

All of a sudden she grabbed her stomach in pain and crippled to the floor. I froze in my tracks seeing her collapse. ''Grandma what's wrong Grandma ''

''Goodbye S .. ''

As she reaching up for help I was froze in my tracks coming to terms of what was happening. Granddad and Uncle Demetrius ran in after hearing Grandma collapsing to the ground.

She laid there dead at the foot of my toes. there was nothing we could. She is DEAD.

Thanks for Reading Part 1 of Chapter 33 of  The Cronwell Legacy.
A very tragic chapter with the Death of the found of TCL, Terra Cronwell.

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