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Chapter 34 (Generation 3) : Birthday's,Birthday's and more Birthday's

Many months have passed since Grandma's death. We all still missed her but as time passed on we got over it slowly. Many things have changed, for one we now have an security gate to keep the paparazzi of my property. Also my garden has grown rapidly and I know garden for a living.

Another exciting thing is that Jessie and the twins' birthday is just in two days time. Richie and I are excited to see our three youngest children grow up.

Another thing is that Richie and I our CONSIDERING having another child. I really do not know, pregnancy is really hard and I am just a bit scared complications could happen. On the other hand Richie WANTS yet another child.

And for Riley, his school dance was coming up but he had no one to go with. I do hope he does go with someone.

As my garden expanded I needed to harvest more fruits to sell.

Before I went inside I noticed Jessie brushing Blaze's dirty fur. She REALLY likes that horse, maybe I should keep it permanently.

''God you scared me Richie!''

''Sorry babe, come over here let's cuddle''

The cuddling led to more as Richie picked me up and pinned me gently on the wall and passionately kissed me.I felt his breath from his nose on my face as he couldn't breath from his mouth.

''Sophie, I love you ''

''I love you too Richie, and you know what ''

''What ? ''

''Let's have another baby, right here right now ''


Richie picked me up and put me on the bed, carefully undressing me and kissing me at the same time.

That night was the best night of my life! I could have never asked for better.

~ : ) ~

The following morning I was awoken by the galloping of Blaze across the lawn. Blaze is a very agile horse with restrictions.

Making breakfast for 5 people was very simple for me, I had really risen in cooking skills so cooking for me is a breeze.

The men in this house are CRAZY eaters. They seem to finish there meals within 5 minuets of me making them!

Waiting for Jessie to come home from her last day of Elementary school, I gardened for most of the day.

Blaze came strolling in almost hitting my plants. ''Hello Blazey, my favourite horse''. I knew he couldn't hear me but oh well, I still talk to him and he comforts me when I feel down.

When Jessie arrived home I greeted her with a hug, lifted her up on my shoulders and ran to the garden. I was really going to miss Jessie's childhood days.

Happy Birthday my ''Blue Eyed Angel''

Then came my little boys birthday, Happy birthday Z and E ! That's my new nickname for them!

I teared up as Jessie became a Teenager, I just realised my little girl isn't so little any more.

My little twins are ADORABLE! As children I just hope they begin to get along. They both had matching hairstyles and clothes which made them even cuter.

We then took some Family pictures. They turned out really well and I just loved the way we were all posing in a different way.

~ Family Update ~

My mother and father were really stressed as the twins, when they were toddlers were very demanding.

The twins aged up into Children! They are CARBON COPIES of Taylor and I, just with shorter hair and bolder cheeks. I just love them, I can see my twins and my mother second set of twins playing together!

Another thing was that my Little sister Scarlett is now an young adult. I was so proud of Scarlett, she was always left out of things because she was ''Too young'' but I just look at her now and I am SO PROUD of her.

Another thing was that Tinker bell, is suspected to be pregnant with a litter of Kittens! If she is I will be adopting one as soon they are born!

And that's was all form my mum's house.

Across town my Aunties families have also changed. My oldest Aunt, Jayla, is married to Malcolm landgrabb and they have two children which are both boys, My cousins.
Trevor Cronwell (The child) has his father's hair. Teddy Cronwell (The teenager) has his Granfather's hair (Xander Cronwell)

My second oldest Aunt, Jasmin is married to Miraj alvi and has two children children. My cousin, Hannah (The teenager) is a carbon copy of her dad whereas Amelia (The child) takes on her looks form her mother.

My eldest uncle, Kendall is FINALLY married to Zelda Mae. I am so happy for him because he had been lonely for a while and he finally found love ...

..And even just two days ago Zelda gave birth to there first baby girl, Izzie. I am really happy for him because he always longed for a child and now he has one.

There was also an arrival a while ago but I never knew it. My youngest Aunt Miranda, had a baby girl called Dayna Cronwell. No one know's who the father is but rumour has it it is an Bachelor ....

~ :) ~

I drove to the hospital to pick up a pregnancy test. I braced myself, walked to the toilet and tested my self.

The test came out NEGATIVE
I am NOT pregnant

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