Sunday, 26 February 2012

Generation 4 Heir Vote

This is a special post ONLY for the Heir vote :

I decided to do the heir vote just a bit earlier than I planned so I can already plan out the last chapter of Generation 3 and plan for Generation 4 knowing the Heir. So .... all kids will be in the vote and each child will have a short biography about them and there life, so I give you the heir vote :

Riley is a VERY bright child with an ambitious dream of becoming a Brain surgeon. He is a neurotic boy and hated to be in big crowds and often as a result of that has Panic attacks. He is a very nice boy with many friends and has a very HUGE crush on Hailey Davidson who lives down the street! There are also two negative things about him. He HATES his sister, Jessie and she hates him. They are always argues and pulling stupid pranks on each other. Another things is that Riley hates being a teenager. He is often moody and mostly isolates himself from his family inside his room.

Jessie is what you call a ''Fashionista'' or a ''Trendsetter''. Her closet is full of Designer clothes and she is always the first one in her year to get the new Ted Baker bag. She is VERY popular and even has a boyfriend .... which is a vampire. Riley really does not want her to date what he calls ''The blood sucking Leo Donner'' but Jessie truly loves him. She is also Smart and athletic too which makes her the perfect teen.

Zeke is basically what you call a ''Bully''. He is always getting detentions and is hurting other teens at school. He also mentally and physicality hurts His twin brother Isaac. He is popular at school and has friends but the people who you call ''Nerds'' are wildly scared of him. He hasn't got a girlfriend but is soon to get one. He is also captain of the football team.

Isaac is NOTHING like his brother. Isaac has a little amount of friends and is what you call a ''Geeky guy''.
He is a VERY smart child and his very ambitious like his oldest brother and also dreams to become a doctor.
He is intelligent and has a scholarship. He prefers to stay in the study all day and read books. Isaac HATES his brother, he has always hated him ever since they were toddler and Zeke was horrible to him. Will they ever agree to love each other as brothers in the future ?

And those are the Four kids of Sophie and Richard Cronwell-Keaton.

So now it's your turn to decide who will take over the legacy and become Generation 4's heir

The poll is above this exact post so Please vote which child you want to become the heir

Please Vote

That's all

See ya :D


  1. Riley, Riley, Riley! Yes, him! Catch ya' later, I am going to take a visit to a Bayou and take some pictures. :0)

  2. riley or jessie still dont know one of those too is fine with me


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