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Chapter 36 : - Goodbye to Generation 3

I feel old. am I ?

''Honey your not old, in my eyes you will always be beautiful from the first day I met you in Science class''.
I love my Richie

Riley isn't doing to well discovering new potions. Hopefully he will have some luck soon!

Isaac is a little ''Mad'' child. I love the way he always play racing on the Couch.

Jessie still can't get away from the mirror, she is always pampering herself!

Ezekiel is an adventurous child, striving to be an astronaut he loves to play in his Space suite!

The other day I spotted the Goth family, they seemed to have changed allot! The twins and Little Silas have grown up and they look so beautiful.

Scarlett is still pretty as usual with her new hairstyle.

Richie and I started fishing in the pond in the back garden, while Blaze was drinking up all the water!

Jessie's Point Of View

I have a Boyfriend. Leo donner, I love him, I don't care if he is a Vampire I still love him and he likes me.

I went in the garden to talk to Riley when I saw The twins playing happily on the swings.

Riley and I sat down but then he got up an pulled me up too.

''Jessie, you idiot ho can you go out with that ''Blood sucker'' of a boy''. I was surprised as he said that.

''RILEY! I love Leo, I don't give a Damn what you think I LOVE HIM!''

Sophie's Point Of View

I made dinner for the family.

''So mum your like old now''

''Sorry'' Now I feel OLD, my own Daughter called me old!

Richie now works in the shed as it is much quieter in there as the house!

There kids love there new Dinosaur outfits, they fought and ROARED!

The Garden was becoming way too overgrown for me so I abandoned it. Now I just like to write stories in the study.

These Imaganery friends are always ''Springing'' to life on our lot, I through the other kids IF's out but Scarlett's one which she lefts is KEEN on staying here.

Early the next morning

Not realising it was Isaac I woke up annoyed saying ''Ugh I'm trying to sleep talk to your father!''

With his most delicate voice he said to me ''Mummy it's me, Isaac.... I'm scared''

''Honey what's wrong, what are you scared of?''

''Ezekiel, he scares me ... a lot''

''Okay honey let me talk to Zeke in the morning, okay''

''Okay mum''

''Isaac, you know I love you okay''
''I love you to mummy''

I went up too the attic,where no one could find me and just sat and stared and thought. My generation will be over VERY soon. Riley will be taking it over but I am going to miss it.

I took away my unhappiness by going to the swimming pool across the street with Kaylo and Richie.

We had a breathing contest and obviously I WON!

''Girls RULE!'' 

After getting back and drying ourself s we went to the Garden and relaxed. ''Richie, are we old?''

''Homey I hate to say this but we are getting old!'' Our birthdays were very soon and I just hope I don't look old.

While Richie was working I was Reviewing my magic abilities since this will be the last time I use it.

It was then the twins birthday, the youngest of my kids becoming teenagers! I never thought this thought a house full of 3 Moody teenagers.

My twins are HUNKS! They are so cute!

Zeke and Isaac look much more mature but Isaac looks cute with his Glasses! 

Riley as having another panic attack over his birthday and what to do!

Today through the window I saw Richie brushing down Kaylo. I know that is a basic thing but Richie is just SO CARING!

As the day was coming to the end Riley was having his birthday party in the garden, he looked miserable to age up which is weird because he HATES being a teenager!

''Happy Birthday Riley!'' 
''Mum what happening I feel tingles!''

WOW! I have a son, a 23 Year old son! Now I feel REALLY OLD!

~ Goodbye Sophie Cronwell ~

We've known Sophie from a Toddler.

To a Child

Then to Teenager

And now she has one thing to say ''Goodbye''

Thanks for reading the last chapter of  Generation 3.
I hoped you liked it very much and even I am going to miss Sophie!
Riley WILL be moving out he is not living in this house.

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  1. Loved the last chapter of Sophie's generation. Can't wait to see what Riley will bring! XD


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