Saturday, 17 March 2012

Generation 4, Chapter 4 : Jade Cronwell

I have been very stressed lately, with the baby on it's way, My career and designing Her room. Yes Chelsea is having a baby Girl.

Chelsea can feel the baby kicking in her abdominal,she loves to feel the babies little yet gentle kicks.

The hospital each gave us booklets on preparing for a birth of a baby.

''Chelsea, do you see a future between us too?''

''Yes I do!''

''Me and you and this little one will be a  proper family ... soon''

''Hey, Baby girl, I'm your daddy!''

''Riley you know she can't hear you!''

''No, but she can sense me!''

We took some ''Before birth'' pictures of us. I think they turned out really well!

''Riley, does your mum know she is going to be a Grandmother?''

''Well, no she doesn't I'll call her after the baby is born''

Just as I said that Chelsea went into Labour!

''Chelsea, what do I do!''

''Get me in the car!'' I picked her up gently and put her into the car. We drove off.

Minuets later we arrived at the hospital.

As the sun set over Starlight Shores we returned home with a baby Girl.

''Chelsea, let's name her Jade''

''Riley, That's a perfect name!''

''Chelsea, look what we have a beautiful baby Girl to love and cherish''

''We sure do, Chelsea, we sure do!''

Chelsea changed into something that fit her now as she isn't pregnant any more and we both took time to take care of Jade.

I took Chelsea down to the beach for us to get some air before the sleepless nights .. but not only for that.

I popped the question to her that night. ''Chelsea Mari Brookes, Will you marry me?

''Well ... YES YES YES !!''

Once we got home I rushed back upstairs to Jade. ''Jadey, Mummy and Daddy are getting married and we are going to be a proper family.''

WOW! I hoped you liked this chapter!!
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  1. nice post.jade is beautiful. i cant wait to see the wedding post.

  2. I think it was a little too early for them to become to serious and get married, but hey, whatever floats their boat is okay!

    I loved the pictures of this post, it had some funny moments with emotion in them. :)

    1. Thanjks so much Des I see what you mean but I just want them to live a happy life together

  3. Aww how sweet, they make such a cute couple! Can't wait to see Jade as a toddler! ;o)

  4. where is chapter 3 of this generation. I went to that page and it said that it did not exist.


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