Saturday, 10 March 2012

Generation 4, Chapter 1 : New Beginnings

I give up .

I CANNOT become a surgeon. You may ask me why?

Well because I have had no success beating simple chess players, creating potions and I got a C in my triple science studies. I have another dream but I think it is  RIDICULOUS. I dream is too become a singer ..... Yes a singer. It seems the only place for me to do that is too move to Starlight shores. I am almost sure I will FAIL at hat too but I am going to give it a try. I have my bags packed and my air plane ticket purchased. Now I am off to Starlight Shores.

As I say my goodbyes I see my mum tearing up, when I move to Starlight shores, my mum will be deeply sad but I made her a promise, I will always come to visit when I can. My dad told me:
 ''Son, don't hold back in life, you choose your future ... you''. 
I said my goodbyes to my siblings everyone was sad to see me go, even Jessie but Ezekiel simply said ''Yeh bye''.

Before I leave I have to graduate. And in fact I did. I couldn't help but throw my diploma in the air happy that I fulfilled my studies and have become an Young Adult. My parents are really proud of me and as a present they transferred 50,00 simoleons to my bank account that I recently opened. What can I say I love my Parents!

Now it's time to go, from my family and friends, from my birth home, from my EVERYTHING.

Thanks  for reading chapter one, sorry it was very short but I really wanted to give you guys some information on what is happening so far.

Also I have SHOWTIME!! 

Thanks for reading and Please comment Below 



  1. WOOP WOOP! Go Riley! Who cares for all those needles and cutting people open in the Medical career? Sing your heart out. <3

  2. Lucky you having Showtime! I'm still waiting for mine to come, which will be Monday now *sad face* but hey at least it's coming! Can't wait to see Riley's life in Starlight Shores! XD

    1. good chapter i want to see starlight shores im not getting showtime until i get money from selling stuff on ebay

    2. Thanks Gmile hope you get it soon as!


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