Friday, 16 March 2012

Generation 4, Chapter 3 : Your What!

I don't understand, why did she just walk out on me like that ? Maybe she thinks I am too hot for her! Anyway I didn't come to Starlight Shores for girls I came for a Carrer, and that is what I am going to get.

Two hours before my Performance set up by the park's proprietor I practised and strengthened my Vocal chords by singing Jasen Derulo, ''It Girl''.

The time came! The show started off really boring but as I sang people were attracted by my voice and eventually got a Standing ovation!

''Thank you, Thanks you very much!'' I was really impressed with the turn out of the concert!

Once I got home I showered all the sweat off of me, put some clothes on and went n Facebook. I noticed I had a Friend request and it read ''Chelsea Sexy Brooks!''. Like I am going to accept her after she left me hanging.

Suddenly the phone rang and for some reason I dashed to it. ''Hello'' I said to the person on the phone.

''Hi, This is Sophie Cronwell, can I speak to Riley -''

''Mum! It's me, Riley!''

''Riley, How are you, your dad and I miss you very much and so does your Siblings. Jessie has moved out and is Engaged to Leo.'' The minuet I she said that my face grew with anger, I just hope and pray she doesn't have a baby with him.''

''She's what! Tell her I better not receive and Invite threw my door because I am not flying all the way back to Flipppin' Sunset Valley just to see my Idiotic sister marry a BLOOD-SUCKER!''

''Riley watch you language mister, you may be 22 but your still my Baby Boy!''

'Sorry, Mum can we talk properly Tomorrow, I have so much to tell you!''

''Okay, Talk to you Tomorrow''

Later tthat evening I ate dinner and sat the on Couch, almost falling asleep the Doorbell rang. ''Who the HELL is at my door at this time!''

It was Chelsea. ''What the Hell are you doing on my Property!''

''I need to tell you something ... Important!''

''Oh Chelsea stop this Crap, what are you married, Bigamist, a Virgin?''

No, I'm Pregnant ... and your the Father.

''What, your a liar I am not the dad of THAT baby''

''Yes you are and yes before we ''Made Love'' I was a Virgin so you are the only person which could be the Father''

What am I going to do, I am not ready for a child, I just got a singing Carrer and an agent signed me up for a label, I am NOT ready for a child!''

''Well you better be, Riley cause were having a baby Together''

''I don't know what I am going to do, Riley, I an't look after a kid on my own I don't even have a stable Carrer!''

''This is the Plan:
You move in with me, I have two spear rooms in this house so the baby can have one, and us we need to work out us''

''Thank you Riley, and I am sorry I ran out on you, I didn't know how to tell you about the baby, I'm so sorry''

''Don't be, we are going to make this work, me and you and are Baby, Together''

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  1. loved it dondon doooonnnnn what will happen next huuh holding my breath eeeep cant breath help post another chapter

    1. Thanks the next chapter will be out Tomorrow

  2. O.M.G. THIS was something I was definitely NOT expecting! I'm really excited for the turn out, and can't wait for what comes next. :D

  3. I wan't to know what comes next SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Through his childhood,he was so mean. Now he's so sweet.. WHAT HAPPENED??


    1. Who, Riley? Riley was the good child! :O You might be mistaking him by his younger twin brother, Ezekiel.


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