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Generation 4, Chapter 12 : I think it's time.

Today is Jade's birthday and she is super excited to grow up into a teenager. She told me she doesn't want Chelsea there. Can I blame her.

Dayna came over again to help me set up for Jade's birthday party. Four of her friends are coming over to celebrate with us.

Jade - ''Eww dad can't you two kiss somewhere less public please?''

''Jade one day you will be doing this to your Husband and then you'll understand.''

Hours later Jade's friends arrived. I was surprised to see two of them aged up already.

Evan made friends with one of Jade's friends about Evan's age. Her name is Siena.

Everyone celebrated her while she blew out her cake. I felt tears coming up but I had to keep them down. I know I don't sound manly but I'm not one of those dads that don't give a Damn about their kids. Jade and Evan are the BEST things that have EVER happened to me. I would die for them and to witness them grow and grow and grow just makes me tear up.

My Babies ain't babies any more.

Goodbye my little Jade.

My little Jade isn't little any more. She grew up to love children and on Sundays she works at a part time Nursery with Toddlers.

I am happy Evan and Jade have a good relationship with each other because I didn't want them to turn out hating each other like Jessie and I did. Although we don't fight now it seriously ruined are relationship.

''Evan I can jump higher!''

''Nah ahh I can!''

They bounced and bounced and Jade took some photos of Evan's face on the trampoline.

~ Weeks later ~

Since all the kids are grown up now I am progressing well in my Career and even got promoted again. People are noticing me more and I am getting many more fans.

Both Ev and Jade don't stop going on their laptops. While Jade goes on Facebook with her friends Evan plays Need for speed undercover daily.

''Roxy! Want the chew toy! Come get it! Come get it!''

''There's a good doggy!''

I miss having little children in the house across the wide floor giggling and gurgling.

Evan and I had a very fun pillow fight for about two hours. ''Dad, I'm having so much fun!''

''Dad, I love you and I would never wish you weren't my father. Most kids in my school don't know there dads but I do and I love you, Dad.''

''Oh Evan I love you too, you and Jade are the best things that happened to me, okay.''

Even till now Jade still loves Roxy, she let's her sleep next to her and she always make time to spend with her.

That evening I walked in to the bathroom to see my son, naked, splashing in the bathtub like he has no care in the world. I was startled but happy he was having so much fun.

Next morning I woke up at 6:30 to cook breakfast for the kids. Meanwhile Jade helped around the huse and done the Laundry.

Once the kids ate and left for school I sat down took a sigh of relief for the peace and quiet and ate my breakfast.

Later I checked my Email's and I had one from Dayna, it read:

Hey babe just letting you know I have moved house again to a more upper class house across town the address is below and a picture of it is above.
Bye Hun xxx

Later that day I went over and gave her a kiss. ''Hey babe.'' I said to her. ''Why don't we go to a dance club across town, the kids are at school today then they have both got clubs after school so we have the day to ourselves.''

We danced the afternoon away then we left the club and went to this quiet park near Dayna's house.

Once we got there we sang karaoke together. We had so much fun and I had a surprise for her later on...

We sat down near the edge of the pond together watching frogs jump from lilly pad to lilly pad. We sat there for about 10 minuets spotting out each frog

''How was I so lucky to meet you Dayna.''

''It was fate for us to me each other.''

''Dayna can I ask you something really important?''

''Of course honey.''
I got down on one knew and opened a black glossy box holding a ring out to her and asking her.

''Dayna Elizabeth Tamara Thompson, will you marry me?''

''Yes! Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!''
I slipped the ring on her finger and she jumped in the air with a excitement. She grabbed me into a hug not letting go any time soon.


''Yes babe?''

''I love you.''

~ Happy endings ~

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  1. Aww sweet! Looking forward to the wedding! Jade is a very pretty teen too! XD

    1. Thanks LJ Yeah I'm going into my game now to get them married!


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