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Generation 4, Chapter 13 : A wedding + Honeymoon

When we got back we found Jade fast asleep on the couch from all of her revision as her exams are coming out. Evan, on the other hand was upstairs yet again on his laptop.
I called both of them down to tell them the big news.

''Jade and Evan, I have big news!''

''What dad?'' Said Jade with a sarcastic voice as if there were no big news.

''In a weeks time Dayna and I will be getting married!''

''YAY! Dad I'm so happy for you, and Dayna going to be my mummy! YAY!'' Evan was ecstatic about the news, he really likes Dayna and he can't wait for her to be his mum.

Evan ran to Dayna and catapulted into her arms whereas Jade and I shared a congratulations hug. Everyone seemed to be happy with the news.

This is where we are going to get married. Nothing too big, we don't want a big wedding just Jade, Evan, Dayna and I. It is based in a small park where I proposed to Dayna a week ago.

Evan cannot wait for us to get married, I am not joking he CANNOT wait. This morning he came up too me while I was fitting my suite and said ''Dad can you hurry up I want Dayna to officially be my mum!'' I haven't seen Dayna's dress but Jade tells me it's stunning.

Three hours later we found ourselves in a quite garden getting hitched by an audience of two. I told you it wasn't going to be big.

Dayna first said her traditional vows then the prepared ones:

I take, Riley Alexander Cronwell to be my lawfully wedded husband.
To love and to cherish,For better, for worse, In sickness
and in health, to death do us part.

Dayna's Vows:

Riley, when we used to joke around in 8th grade I thought of you as a "pal". I never had no clue in my head I would be here right now marrying you and having two WONDERFUL step children. As soon as I saw you that day on your porch I was surprised too see you as it has been so many years yet I had a feeling inside me something was going to happen between us. Riley Cronwell, I love you.

Then it was my turn :

I take, Riley Alexander Cronwell to be my lawfully wedded husband.
To love and to cherish,For better, for worse, In sickness
and in health, to death do us part.

My Vows:
After my divorce I thought I would never find love again. I thought it would just be Jade, Evan and I until they both grow up and move out. When I found you again I felt like there was some kind of physical connection between us. Love. I love you Dayna. And I always will, to ''Death do us part.''

Evan - ''Awww there are new mummy Jade!''

Jade - ''I know Evan, she sure is much better than our real mum who is a stinking cheater.''

I present to you, Mr and Mrs Cronwell - Thompson

We took a family photo shortly after treasuring this day as we have it right now. My second wedding.


''Yes Honey?''

''I love.''

~A week later~

As the plane reached French borders I looked out the window to see the beautiful scenery and the vibrant colour of the buildings and houses.

''Smile for the camera hun.'' Once we got to our hotel, Château le Paris we took some photos to remember our honeymoon. 

''Riley.... this room it's stunning, so highly decorated and colourful.'' 

''I know Dayna, I got it especially decorated to your standards, I want our honeymoon to be PERFECT.''

Dayna pulls me into a draining kiss, most times when we stopped for breath she and I would say, ''I love you.'' but the words will be quickly swallowed by another kiss.

As we still were still embrace each other we stop quickly only to undress each other and go back to our romantic embrace/kiss.

One thing leads to another and we end up in the bed, exploring each others bodies. I am  NOT going into any moire detail but that night was definitely a night to remember.

''You seriously don't know how much I love you Dayna.''

My french wasn't really good but I tried my best. '' Bonjour madam, J'maapple Riley, can I have two plates of  Cobbler?''

''Oh, It's fine I speak English and you may.''

''Enjoying the food Dayna?''

''Not really the pastry bit is a bit too flaky for me.''

When then walked across the square to the General store and brought some camping stuff as we planned to go exploring. We brought general stuff like a tent, food, water and other things needed.

''Ready Dayna?''

''Oh yes, I don't even need to change honey, I'm ready!''

We passed many obstacles such as hidden doors, heaps of rock needed to break and other things. Dayna did help too although she tended to just collect the loot in a rucksack we brought with us.

I almost dropped dead in my tracks as I saw a human set of bones on the floor as it had just literately droped dead and never been moved for years and the bones are slowly decomposing.

''According to the map Riley were going the write away you just have to move that big statue onto that panel over there.''

''Were almost done Riley, just down those stairs and threw the maze and that's were the hidden necter is.''

Yet again my heart skipped a beat as a whole lot of insects crawled up my arm as if I my arm was there bed. It really scared me.

''Okay Riley, just through that door now and we have it.''

''There it is, the forgotten nectar stored here for over 250 years leaving it to ripe to it's core, and we have it!''
As I grabbed it Dayna checked for any other treasures hidden.

Instead of leaving straight away we camped inside there for a night and decided we would set off back for Starlight Shores tomorrow afternoon.

When the morning came we traveld back to the square and Dayna farewelled the locals giving them a warm and sincere hug.

These were the last pictures we took. Then we left for Starlight Shore. Just me and my Wife Dayna.

~The End~

Nice and sweet ending today. Thanks for reading Chapter 13, I REALLY liked it and I hope you did too.
Now I don't know if you know but on Saturday 21st April is the one year anniversary of The start of The Cronwell Legacy. I will probably publish a thank you post tomorrow for all my readers and I will probably send you guys the link but if I don't just loo out for it tomorrow!

Anyway Thanks for reading 



  1. I love it! Whoo! So glad they got married!

  2. Aw, so sweet to see he finally married the right girl (I'm hoping!). :)

    Just a heads up, it's obvious that you just copied and pasted the part just before the vows. Edit Riley's vows to say his wife's name and not his own! Plus, remember to add "wife". ^_^

    1. Yeah I did, good that you noticed!!!

      Thanks for commenting :)

  3. What a lovely wedding, and cute honeymoon! So glad they're married finally! XD


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