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Generation 4, Chapter 15, Part 1 of 2 : My life is hanging on a a piece of thread

''Hey there MJ, time for your bottle!'' I said that to her while crawdling her in my arms gently and slowly.

''Sweet dreams.'' I put her in the crib then went downstairs to check my emails and Facebook.

''*Sighs* Evan can you just shut up I'm trying to finish my coursework.''

''Silence peasant, stop your coursework at once and bow down to the great Evan!''

She then mutters under her breath ''In your dreams mate.''

I get what Jade is saying, she does need to finish her work but Evan on the other hand just wants to have fun and be a child.

''I am the great Evan!'' He says then throws his toy stick sort of thing and be accident lands on Jade's head.

''Ugh you idiot.'' She then chucked her pen at Evan and went upstairs.

''At least your not annoying me MJ, once you grow up you'll know what I mean.''

That same night I stumbled into the library to see Dayna playing the guitar and singing quietly to herself.

''Dayna... I didn't know you could sing, how come you didn't tell me?''

''Because I don't sing in public. To be honest I am petrified to sing in public.''

''Talking about singing ,my career has gone nowhere in the past year. I think I should just give up Dayna?''

''Are you crazy Riley, you are an AMAZING singer, you should never give up. You know what next morning I'm going to book you a gig at the park to show you that you WILL NOT give up, OK?''

''Okay then Dayna, Thank you.''

''Hey there MJ, Have a good rest tonight, mummy will check you later on in the night, but for now, Sweet Dreams baby.'' She set her in the crib, kissed her on the cheek and turned on her night light.''

''So how do you feel about the gig tomorrow?''

''Pretty good honey it's just I want to tell you something important, I don't how you are going to take it but hear it goes.''

''I don't want any more kids.''

''Honey it's OK, I hate the pain of birth and besides we have Mary-Jayne and Jade and Evan! Were already blessed with three kids, we don't need any more.''

''I am so glad you took that well ,I thought you would be angry. Maybe now I can get back on track of my Career and earn more money for us.''


~Jade's Point of view~

''How do I look? Will Oliver like what I am going to wear to prom?''

''Evan if he didn't don't care what he thinks sis, you are AMAZING and don't go changing the way you are for any man, ya hear me.''

''Yes Sir!''

''Oh, Evan you are the best brother any one can ask for. Please don't change. I love you the way you are.''

''I will never change Jade. Never.''

I said that because his birthday is just months away and I don't him to become I rebellious teen and just forget me like I was nothing. But I know he would never do that because he is Evan Cronwell. My Brother.''

#My Point of view#

''Morning MJ, have a good night's rest?''

''Riley, you still realise she doesn't know what you are saying, right?''

''Of course but I read a leaflet that said if you  become conversational with your children from birth they will catch on words very easily.''

Hours later as I placed MJ in her crib I felt a buzz from my phone, russlied in my pocket, took it out and answered it.


There was no reply


There was still no reply

''If this is some kind of prank, screw you basted.'' Pranksters really annoy me which cause me to sware.

All of a sudden a deep voice spoke out.

''Watch your back.''


''Let's just say wtach your back and your families.''

He then imdedietly hanged up (I knew it was a man from his deep voice).

 Someone is out to get me... and my family.

~ To be continued~


  1. Ooh, mysterious ending. Can't wait to find out what's going on!

    1. Thanks, well let's just say it ain't going to be good

  2. Okay was the stalker the guy that cheated w/ Chelsea? And umm BTW great Chapter!

    1. Maybe, Maybe not it also could be the guy that loved Chelsea first?

  3. Oh dear, just when things were looking good for them! Great chapter! XD


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