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Generation 4, Chapter 8 : 2 Girls, 2 Boys

''Riley, do NOT faint on this but .... I'm pregnant. And you may ask how this happened, well remember a month after are wedding, the day before Jade's birthday in the garden watching the sunset.'' 

 My mouth widened, my eyes suddenly popped open like a was some kind of Alien. I couldn't help but stay like that. I never thought of us having another baby any time soon. I thought it was going to just be Jade for at least until she grew into but a teenager.

''Are you sure Chelsea, did you take a test?''

''Yes last week and it tested positive but I still wasn't sure until my belly felt heavier and now I can feel a slight kick in my abdominal. Were going to have another baby Riley, we are!''

''And Chelsea I have a surprise for you too. The other day on a way to perform a Sing-a-gram I stumbled across a newly built house for sale of 400,000 simileons. So the following afternoon I visited City hall and put a deposit on the house. We are moving house. I know we have only been living in this house for not long but this new house it is AMAZING, well in my opinion it is. I has 4 bedroom, 3 bathrooms and a massive garden for Jade and that little baby in there. As soon as the baby is born we will move.''

We went to the place we met and took some Romantic pictures us of marking this upcoming month full of new beginnings.

After I took Chelsea back home I went to Town Square and performed Dynamite by Taio Cruz for some tips.


I Throw My Hands Up In The Air Sometimes

Saying AYO!
Gotta Let Go!
I Wanna Celebrate And Live My Life
Saying AYO!
Baby, Let's Go!

'Cause We Gon' Rock This Club

We Gon' Go All Night
We Gon' Light It Up 
Like It's Dynamite!
'Cause I Told You Once
Now I Told You Twice
We Gon' Light It Up
Like It's Dynamite!

Jade's Point of View

I have a new best friend.. well she's my friend but she is the closest one I have so I call her my Best Friend.

Her name is Abigail best

She lives in a massive house bigger than ours but that's fine I'm not one to be Jealous but anyway were moving so it's all good!

Abi - Hey Jade can you help me solve this equation?

Jade - Sure!

Abi - 2x + 10 = 30 what is x ?

Jade - X is 10 Duuh!

Back to me

''Hello Baby, can you hear me?''

''Riley don't be silly it can't hear you yet it hasn't developed his proper hearing senses.''

''And Riley, were having a baby boy!''

''Are you serious Chelsea?!?''

''Yes, I went for a scan today, he has developed a steady heart beat and has a fully functional brain system and he can sense movement from outside the belly!''

As I cooked dinner I overheard Chelsea talking to her room mate whom she used to live with. Everyone is this house has good friends except from me, the only person I properly know is The propetier from Karaoke Town.

''Jade, your Father and I are going to give you a Little brother!''

''Mum that's WONDERFUL! yes I'm going to have a baby bro soon YAY!''

''Hey little bro I'm Jade your big Sister!''

Later that evening Chelsea's best friend came over for Dinner and we had a real good time, once it was time for her to leave Chelsea was just talking to her when a annoying paparazzi cam up too her and started taking notes.

''What the HELL are you doing on our property, this is private residence not for you too be just prancing on our Lawn okay! I just hope this new house comes with a gate to keep you idiots out!''

4 months later...

Chelsea's Point of View

My back fells TERRIBLE. I feel like a whale. The baby is due in just about 3 days. I think this will be my last baby, I can't take the pain of pregnancy any more and I am 100% sure I am not having any more children. 

As I was walking towards the bathroom when a trickle of water ran down my pants and a sharp pain slid through my belly.
 I went into labour.

The pain is unbearable I think I'm going to die. I am serious I CANNOT take this pain again.

I couldn't help but stand there in the same place gripping my belly in deep pain. I can't move I am going to have this baby here and now.

Suddenly I gave birth to a bouncy baby boy!

''Chelsea, let's named him Evan..... Evan Mark Cronwell.

''Hello Evan, I'm your daddy and you have a big Sister called Jade and were your family!''

~ The End~

Thanks for reading chapter 8 of The Cronwell Legacy, I hoped you liked and please comment on what you thought of it !

And thanks to my Best friend, Evan who let me use his name for Riley's son.
Evan (not the Sim version) is TRULY  amazing, he set up a fan page for this legacy and reviewed it which brought me more viewers so this post is dedicated to you Evan!

You the Best !!!

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  1. Loved it! Can't wait to see what Evan looks like as a toddler! Brilliant chapter, but I hope Chelsea has a change of heart about more children...;o)

    1. Thanks LJ Well as for Chelsea something really bad is coming up for her

    2. I know do you want to know?

  2. great post! i hope riley and chelsea decide to have more kids


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