Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Generation 4, Chapter 15, Part 2 of 2 : My life is hanging on a a piece of thread

I don't get it, who is out to get me, I have no enemies... at least I don't think so. I sat near the fountain for 10 minuets trying and trying to figure out who wants me dead.

The thing I thought of next was the kids and Dayna, what if this "mystery" person hurt my little kids, especially Mary-Jayne as she's so little. I totally forgot it was time for Mary J's birthday so I was a bit nervous but we got over it and took her to her cake.

 (: Happy Birthday my little girl  :)

Aww she looks so cute with her few strands of hair (from Dayna) and her Dark - brown eyes (from me).

''Hey Mary J, how's my little girl doing today.'' I also going to start teaching her to talk very soon because I would really like to have a genuine conversation with her!

I have a gig today, although I am so scared to step out the house I have to earn some more money.

Maybe that call was just a prank. Maybe I'm just being to paranoid. Or maybe I'm going to die this evening.

~Jade's Point of view~

I don't want to go prom tonight. Oliver and I had a fight yesterday at school and he hasn't rang or messaged me since. I don't know if he is going to show up and if he doesn't, I WILL be a social wreck.

Turns out he did show up, and he and I were crowned ''Prom King and Queen.'' This is so going to make me BEYOND popular. My life couldn't get any better, or worse in fact.

~My point of view~

I knew it was just a prank, I'm so foolish thinking someone's going to kill me!

Suddenly I felt a presence behind me then I see a hand come over my shoulder and pull me back trying to get me off my feet onto the ground.

The guy pulled me back but stupidly he wasn't wearing a mask and I suddenly put the pieces together and  knew who it was, I should of thought of this....

The guy who made love to my ex - wife

I tried to block the punches and kicks from him but he just kept coming back, punch after punch, kick after kick.

My face was drenched with blood and my right eyes swollen beyond repair.

It wasn't until the final punch in the head I fell to the ground,

~The End~

Thanks for reading Chapter 15, part 2 of The Cronwell Legacy.
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  1. OMG really good! WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN TO HIM D-:

    Great chapter though :-)

  2. Eeeeeek! Noooooo! Please let him be okay! :o( Great chapter by the way! ;o)

  3. how did u get the mouth and eyes and blood like that?


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