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Generation 4 , Chapter 17 : Everyone's growing so fast

This post is a bit longer than usual.

I feel so old. I am 43, pushing 44, I haven't got any grey hairs or age marks but I still feel so old. Dayna and I's birthday is coming up very soon and we are both dreading it. Recently she brought some moisturising products to hide her frown lines but I doubt it will hide them. Also in just a weeks time Jade will be turning 19 and will be graduating from high school.

I am also dreading tat day too.... the day she moves out. I remember the day she was born, at that time I was only 23 and I never thought of having children, at least not then. I was just thinking about becoming a singing sensation but look how that turned out. Oh well I still have a wonderful family to love.

As for Evan, he has become very athletic, he even told me he has a girlfriend!! I just hope she doesn't play him.

And finally Mary J, her birthday is also fastly approaching, we still need to potty train her but other than that she all set for childhood.

''Riley are you sure MJ's okay there.''

''It's fine Dayna she's won't fall in!!''

We have allot of good times in the garden, from hot tubs to sprinklers then to dancing in the night sky.

I gave one big sigh and said ''I wish I could stay forever young, if only there was a way?''

With Evan's new room design it came we brought him some exercise equipment to get him into shape.

''Honey, can you say Mummy?''


''Aw cute but try and say it correct , mummy?''




''There's a good girl''

The rest of my time was aimed at MJ getting her set for childhood by teaching her to read and potty train. I was a VERY messy activity but we got through it !

She is such a little cute my MJ is. I hope one day when Jade has children they will be adorable!

Jade's Point of view

''Jade, why are you using my PRIVATE computer?''

''Cause mine won't start, thanks to MJ dropping it down the stairs!''

''Oh, Sorry... you can use it but just don't log onto my Facebook, K?''


Of course I did the opposite and logged onto his Facebook searching for his supposed girlfriends's profile in his friends list.

I found her

''So, this must be your girlfriend, Lilly May Wells?''

''Ugh Jade I said don't log onto my Facebook and that's exactly what you flipping did!''

''Sorry bro, I couldn't resist! - So what do we have here,

~Lilly May Wells
~Born 11th may 1996

''Huh, so you weren't lying, miss Lilly is real!''

''Told you, we've been going out now for a week and I really like her.''

''I'm chuffed for you bro, It's good that your in love like Oliver and I.''


I found some more of there pictures on Facebook, they seem so in love!

''Guys! - Can you be lovie dovy some where else please and not in the front gate!''

Evan - ''For you my love, happy one-week-anniversary!''

''I can't handle this. I'm graduating in a weeks time and I have to finish 5 pieces of course work to hand in.I seriously need some help because everything is just stressing my mind, there the SA on Human rights and thePaper on the Cival War and so much other stuff. You know what, I NEED to finish this. Let me just do this now then I can prepare for my Graduation and then after that, well I guess I'm moving out.''

''So Jade how's the course work going?''

''Umm... good dad I just need to hand them in and I'm done.'' It's not the complete truth, but oh well.

My Point of View

Later in the evening it was time for MJ's birthday, we all cheered her on with lot's of noise and celebration.

My beautiful little girl one step closer to becoming an Young - adult. She dreams of having an ambitious career and to travel the world.

We re - decorated her room with a light shade of green and I hint of pink with a wooden theme.

Evan just became happier and happier going out with Lilly.

Then the time came... Dayna and I's age up.

''Your ready hun?''


''Brace yourself.''

As we felt tingles within us are bodies became more mature.

As we turned to be in our late forties it was finally time to pass on the Tale to Jade. I've told you my tale, and now it's Jade's turn.

~The end of Generation 4~

Thanks for reading the FINAL of Generation 4, well this isn't really the final because there will be one more chapter, Jade's graduation.

Anyway thanks for reading Chapter 17 and please please comment on what you think




  1. Oooh can't wait to see Jade all growed up! MJ is so cute, looks just like her mummy! ;o)

  2. aww MJ's all grown up!! :'))
    great chapter kurtis!!


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