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Generation 5, Chapter 15 : Talonto or Cronwell?

''G-Good Morning Alex.'' I said at the same time as yawning before I saw my friends surrounding me with there bridesmaid dresses.

''Jade were not Alex and it's the morning of your wedding day.''


''It is. You passed out for hours in the pub and we put your here to sleep.

''B-But what about my bed!?''

''We had to lug it into the bathroom to create space for the dressing station.

''You girls are so beautiful.'' I whispered to them before slipping on my own wedding dress. I brought them all identical dresses.

''Jade, before you get married at just want to tell you. Your a lucky girl. You are so lucky to be marrying such a wonderful and caring man Jade, seriously. He's prefect for you and your perfect for him. I thought I was perfect for him but I guess I wasn't. Anyway I just want to say, I don't hate you for marrying him. He's your true love you take him.''

Just a single tear came from my eye and I ran into Abigail's arms. ''I love you Abi, I don't you ever forget that. I may soon be married woman but I will be your best friend.... forever.''

As we walked out of my 'No so' bedroom I gave one glance at that same picture of Spencer and I.

''Girls I need to do something first.''

''What Jade your getting married in less than and hour!''

''I'll be quick.''

That place I went to was Spencer's grave. ''Spence I wrote a poem for you.''

When I met you...
When I met you
I never thought I would ever lose you

I love you
You love me

But I must move on
 Go and see the beyond.
But let me just say

When I met you...
When I met
I never thought I would lose you

''I love you Spencer and don't freaking' forget that.'' My tears trickled, one by one, on the poem in my hand and I slipped it next to his Grave. ''Goodbye.''

~ <3 ~

The priest le out a big cough and everyone instantly focused on the arrival of myself. My father accompanied my down the isle. ''I'm so proud of you Jade'', my dad whispered in my ear which made me blush right before I joined my soon-to-be husband at the alter.

''You look stunning Jade.'' Alex whispered in my ear causing me to blush, yet again!

''So do-.'' I was interrupted by the priest.

''We are gathered here today to witness the joining of Alex Michael Talonto and Jade Mari Cronwell in holy matrimony. The rings please?''

We first said our personal vows.

Alex's Vows :
I never believed in the meaning of, 'Love at first sight' but that very day I met you, four years ago, that meaning came true to me. But to get you, I had to break someone's heart. I never intended to for that to happen but it did and as a result I got you. I've never really had been in a secure relationship before you so this was all new to me. Let me just cut to the chase, Jade Cronwell I love you. I really got lucky this time, finding you, my bride. 

Jade's Vows :
What can I say Alex, I love you, After Spencer's death I never thought I would find love again, but I found you. It may of costed my best friend but I got her back eventually. Alex you are the one, my soul mate, the reason why I wake up with a smile on my face. You are the one. The one that I want to live with in a little cottage with two adorable kids. The one that I want to spend good days, and bad days with. The one I want to grow old together with. The one I want to marry.

Alex slid the golden ring on my finger.
'''I take you, Jade Mari Cronwell to be my lawfully wedded wife. To love and to cherish in eternal bliss till death do us part.''

Then it was my turn.
''I take you, Alex Michael Henry Talonto, to be my lawfully wedded husband. To love and to cherish  for eternal bliss until death do us part.''

''By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you, man and wife, you may now kiss bride.''On that note,    we kissed. 

My dream day finally came true. I am now married to a man who I really love.The man who I'm going to spend the rest of my life with. Alex decided to take my name by convenience.

As we walked down the isle together in the sunset everyone cheered us on, throwing delicate flower petals and other things at us. Soon we made out way to the stunning wedding cake.

The photographer took some pictures of us in the morning and we finally got them printed out. I really can't believe it, I'm married.

~*~ The End ~*~

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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Generation 5, Chapter 14 : Your getting married!

''So what is your ideal wedding Ms. Cronwell?''

''Well, there will be about 10 guests, so nothing seriously big and fancy, what do you think Alex.''

''I don't mind honey, as long as I'm married to you everything will be perfect.'' What Alex said was perfect but I thought he should of suggested something.

I have the perfect lot for you, it has a cliff side view of the horizon. Also if you decide to get married at Sunset, it looks completely tranquil. From what my wedding planner told me about this lot, it seemed ideal for Alex and I to marry here.

The place was unbelievably peaceful. All kinds of bird flew in and out of the two trees behind the archway where we would join hands.

''Janice this place is great, thank you so much and be sure to come to the wedding, the more the merrier!''

''No problem Jade, that's what wedding planner's are for. Just be sure to come to my office later on to pay the deposit for the venue.'' After a bit more chatting about the price of the lot, Janice left us here to admire the exceptional view.

''Oh Alex, this is all becoming so true to us now, in just two weeks were gonig to be married.''

''Oh we sure are.'' I couldn't control my excitement, and on that note, I flew into his arms. ''I love you.''

~ <3 ~

Two Days Later....

I haven't even told Abigail about the news. I just haven;t had time to see her with all the wedding plans. ''Abi, I have a surprise meet me at the Salon in 10 minuets.''

''So Jade, what's the big surprise?''


 ... I'm getting Married!!''

''Y-Your getting married! To who?''

''You do you think Abgail. Alex proposed a month ago and I agreed and in two weeks were going to be married.'' I wasn't sure how she thought until her eyes grew smaller and her widen mouth began smaller.

''Jade you don't know how happy I am for you! And I am a bridesmaid right ?!''

''Of course, your my best friend.''

''Okay so now that your getting married, we must find the 'Perfect' dress for you.''

After allot of trying on different dresses with different accessories and the sizes, I finally found this dress. I fitted my personality and my style. It was perfect.

''Jade come here, I really like this dress, it's perfect.''

''Abigail, thank you.'' I hugged Abi almost crying with all of my mixed emotions string around my head.

''Your Welcome.''

~ <3 ~

A week and a half later was my bachelorette party. Three of my closest friends were invited to this great place across the town.

We spent hours acting like fools in the bar/arcade. We danced, played and of course drank. While Abigail was gulping down the I was in a daze just thinking that these are the last few days I am going to be a single woman. In two days I am going to marry the man who I will be spending the rest of my life with. The man I will be having kids with. The man I will grow old together with.

Abigail drunk a bit to much and ended up vomiting just outside the arcade. I just hope it was the drink and nothing else.

Wee took multiple photos to remember this great night we had.

And an hour later, we all dropped asleep on the cold ground of the arcade.

''Abs?'' I snorted.


''Sweet dreams.''

~ The End ~

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Monday, 25 June 2012

Generation 5, Chapter 13 : Why did you come back?

The past two months have been very good for me. Alex and I have become even stronger. After a long talk with Abigail, we both decided that if Alex and I broke up, we would forget about misters for while and
stay secure sisters. 

There's this accruing feeling in my head that Alex is going to propose to me very soon. But I don't know if I'n ready, ready for the lie of a domestic wife. I don't just want to be at home all the time constantly cleaning while Alex works in the police force. I promised myself if he was too propose and I was to say yes, I would be determined of earn my own money and not by my husband giving it to me.

One random morning I came out of the bathroom adding moisturiser to my cheeks when I stopped in my tracks and dropped the cream, splashing all over the floor. Sitting causally in my couch was yet again, my poor excuse of a mother.

What the hell are you doing here, again!'' I screamed at her and then pointing my middle finger at her causing her mouth to drop open.

''Jade, I'm sorry for calling saying that I should of aborted you. I was in deep depression and my mind was going crazy. I know that is that was no excuse but-.'' I cut her off instantly.

''Oh so you come here, on a random day 4 years after saying that I was 'an accident' and that 'I should of aborted you' and then you have the audacity to come here and just apologize like that!''

Alex came rushing out of our bedroom with a tensed look on his face. ''Is everything OK honey?''

''Yes everything will be when my MUM get's the hell out of my life.''

''Oh okay... with all due respect Ms. Cronwell, could you please leave our - .'' My mum cut off Alex's words causing him to have an angry look on his face.

''Oh and who is this Jade, you horny man toy?'' On that note I had the right mind to slap her across the cheek but I held myself back.

''No mum, this is my boyfriend actually.'' Then Alex coughed up something which totally caught me off guard.

''Actually she's my fiancée is she agrees?'' That very sentence was some sort of Proposal. I kept on thinking about it until I zoned back into the real world and continued arguing with my mum.

''Oh so now your getting married to this man toy!''

''MUM! He's not my man toy, he my fiancée.'' Yes I said Fiancée, that note was a kind of answer to his weird proposal.

''You know what mum, just get the fuck out, I have had it up herewith your rude remarks. I wish your were an ant because I would step and spit on you. You are NOTHING to me. NOTHING.''

''But Ja -.''

''BUT NOTHING MUM, Get the fuck out!''

In my rage I pushed her out of my door and onto the elevator door. ''Chelsea Cronwell, I am divorcing you as my mother.''

''No Jade you can't.''

''Oh yes I can, tomorrow I am going to the court to get you removed from my legal details.''

''NOW GO!'' I said and in more rage I pushed her in the elevator.

''Jade I'm so-.''

''No Alex, I don't want to talk right now.''

I curled up into a ball and began to cry once again. ''Jade I'm so sorry. And about the proposal, if your not up too marriage, it's fine.'' I slowly got up and polled Alex of off the couch into my arms.

''Alex it's not your fault, my mum's just got issues.''

''Well on that note, I have a surprise for you.''

''How big of a surprise?''

''Really big.''

''Alex what are you doing?''

''I proposed to you earlier but now I'm giving you a proper proposal.''

''Jade there's something I want to ask you.'' I blushed.

''Oh is there Alex?''

''Jade I want to cherish you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Your the one for me Jade.
Jade Mari Cronwell, will you do the honour of marrying me?''

I tried not be surprised seeing that I expected this but I couldn't stop. Tears flowed out of my eyes and I couldn't get any word out of my mouth. All the emotions were string up in my head.

''Y-Yes Alex Yes!!'' He pushed the ring on my finger and I jumped into his hand causing my years to fly all around us.

''Alex I love you so much.''

''Jade, I love you too.''

~~~ The End ~~~

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