Sunday, 3 June 2012

Generation 4, Chapter 5 : Why the hell are you here?

I let go of Abi causing her to stumble a bit. My face became red with anger, after not seeing my mum since I was seven year old and now she suddenly just turns up at my door.

''What the hell are you doing here?''

''We need to talk.''

''TALK! You haven't seen me since I was seven and now you have the audacity to mysteriously show up at my door, to talk!''

''Jade I can explain.''

''Don't explain nothing mum, you cheated on dad leaving him in an absolute state, you left Evan and I motherless. I'm just happy dad found love again and left you, you slut.''

''Your calling me a slut.  You don't know this but I had a one night stand with your dad when he first moved here. The next morning I realised I was pregnant with you. I was 100% sure I was going to abort you but something told me that you were special and that you deserve a life but you know what, I should of aborted you. You and Evan and your dad were just bumps in my life.''

Those words ''I should of aborted you'' stabbed me a thousand times in my heart. I never knew I was an accident, but my mum clearly made it clear that she never wanted me - So I don't want her.

''Okay I'm was an accident but your just a POOR excuse of a mother. I hate you and I wish Dayna was my real mum, not you. I wish you were dead, that your parents NEVER had you and don't even think of showing up here again otherwise I'll call the police.  Mum you DEAD to me.

I cursed and cursed here some more until she ran into the elevator in tears.

''Jade I'm sorry about you and your mum, I never knew about any of this. I knew something was wrong that day in school and I should of comforted you, instead I ignored you. I'm a terrible friend.''

''Abi shut up, your not a terrible friend you just thought wrong, it's not your fault my mums an waste of life. From now on, Chelsea Brookes is blocked out of my life.'' Although I said that it was a lie, I couldn't block her out of my life because she is still here.

As I watched the smooth mixture juggle from side to side in the bowl those very words that my mum said to me were still in my head, revolving around.

 I should of aborted you. 
 I should of aborted you. 
 I should of aborted you. 
 I should of aborted you. 
 I should of aborted you. 
 I should of aborted you. 
 I should of aborted you. 

''Hey Spence you want to come over??''

''Sure thing Jade be there in about 5.''

''Hey babe.''

''Hi Spence.'' He could sense something was wrong with me.

''What's wrong hun?''

''Oh I had a fight with my mum and things got a bit rowdy.''

''Well then, let me cheer you up.''

Minuets later we found ourselves smooching on the soft carpet in my room.

He then lifted me up onto the wall still pressing his lips against mine, I could tell what he wanted but I didn't want it, at least yet.

I swooped him to the bed still pressing my lips against his.

''Are you ready Jade?''

''To be honest no.''

I pressed off of him and stood up giving him an awkward look.

''Listen Spencer, I really like you but I'm not ready for Sex yet, give it some time.

He got up and gently held my hands. ''When your ready, I'm will be ready too'', he whispered to me.
I then realised he's not just a guy that wants Sex - He is a genuine committed guy.

~The End ~

Thanks for reading the short and sweet Chapter 5, Sorry it was short again but I promise next chapter will have a twist.....

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  2. Nice boy Spencer! I wonder why Chelsea came back in the first place? :o/

    1. Yeah & She wants to amend things but Jade isn't having it. - Thanks for commenting :)

  3. awesome chapter kurtis! whooo! glad she told her mom off. go Jade!

    1. Yeah - And thanks for commenting :)

  4. Correction: In the sentence of "I should of aborted you.", it's "should have", not "should of". Just thought you should know. ;) Things like these will improve your writing by a whole lot.

    1. Thanks for noticing it and just out of curiosity - Who are you?

  5. :) i love it. Like i always say!!


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