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Generation 5, Chapter 10 : You better not play me.

NOTE : This post may not make sense if you didn't read the previous chapter.

''Alex, do you think I'll ever be able to love someone as I did with Spencer again?''

''Jade your an amazing girl, of course you will, then you'll marry him and grow old together.''

''Thank you Alex, look there's the ice cream van, why don't we get an ice pop to share?''

''Yeah why don't we.''

''I'll have a large ice pop please?''

''That'll be a pound please?'' The deep voiced man said from his van. We then split it in half and had a race for the first one to finish.

About an hour later I was still in the park but reading. Across the park was Abi and Alex arguing over something. I couldn't hear that much but I could hear Abi saying ''What do you mean?'' she shouted at Alex  causing him to raise his hands at her telling her to back off.

''What do you mean your breaking up with me !?''

''I'm sorry Abigail, I just don't love you any more.'' She slapped him his face and ran away in tears out of the park and into her car.

''ABIGAIL! Come back!'' I shouted from my chair trying to calm her down and get her over here.

''I don't want to talk Jade, not now.'' And that's when she got into her car and drove off.

I got up out of my seat and threw the book off the floor, no ones was going to hurt my BEST friend like that.
''What the HELL have you done too her?''

''I broke up with her.''

''WHAT! WHY!''

''Because I don't love her any more.''  I was beginning to boil inside with anger, from what I have heard, he just broke up with a BEST friend for nothing.

He gulped and began talking again. ''I left her because I'm in love with you.''

My facial expression changed within a blink of an eye. I became to blush, I thought he did like me but I never wanted to say anything because he was with my best friend. Can I really be in love with my best friends Ex?

''Jade I love you, I want to be with you and no one else right now.''

Those words made me tingle inside, I think I'm in love with him too.

After allot of talking and considering we decided to try dating, but hide it from Abi. I know I was being a horrible friend but I couldn't help you I fell in love with and I'm pretty sure this would be the only person I fell in love with for a long time. I invited him over for a cuddle on the couch.

''Are you sure this is going to work, I mean what if Abi finds out.''

''Listen Jade, I know Abi's your best friend but I know how she is, she is very up - tight and will definitely be furious if she found out about us but I don't care because all I wanted since I saw you was you.''

And on that note, I kissed him. His lips were so soft and moist. We sat there kissing for at least ten minuets before we went to bed. Yes I let him sleep over.

We cuddled up together with Moonbrow, He gently set my head on his shoulder and we fell asleep together without changing into sleepwear.

''Morning Beautiful.''  He threw a bouquet of the most vibrant flowers almost up in my nose.

''Aww Alex, there beautiful.'' I then placed them next t the daises that Spencer gave to me and whispered into the picture. ''Spencer, I still will forever love you.''

Things took a bad turn when we went to the outdoor cafe the next morning. Alex and I as cuddling together when we heard the clinking of high heels walk across the floor to behind us. ''Oh so I break up with Alex and the next morning you throw yourself over him.'' Of course it was Abigail. ''Shit'' I muttered.

''I always knew you were a fucking slut Jade.'' That hurt what she called me, and the worst thing, I was believing it too.

''Abi this isn't what it looks like, were just -.''

''Just what Jade!''

Alex turned around and began to speak. ''Abigail the reason I broke up with you was because I didn't love you any more, I love Jade. I know I was a crap boyfriend to you but I'm sorry, I just love Jade.''

She slapped him right there and then. ''I HATE YOU!'' She shouted at him as Alex caught back his balance.

''And as for you, you slut.''

She began pulling my hair and slapping my face multiple times. ''This I what you get you slut!''

''It's not my fault I fell in love with your boyfriend.'' I said to her while defending myself, by putting her in a headlock. Right there and then I was a horrific best friend.

''DON'T ever talk to me again Jade, your a CRAP best friend.'' Abi said as she faded into the distance.

''What did I just do Alex?'' I said to him as he pulled me in for a kiss.

''Well I don't know but you can sure defend yourself.''

''Abigail hates me now.''

''I'm sorry Jade, it's my fault this all happened, I should of just stayed in Oppaloosa planes with my family.''

''Don't say that Alex, I love you too and I would risk something for you. All I'm saying is that you better not play me because I just abandoned my best friend fro you.''

''Jade, I will never play you.''

-- ~ The End ~ --

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  1. HOLY FUDGENUGGETS :O I cant believe Jade did that :'( Poor Abi... Well I hope her and Alex stay together :)

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