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Generation 5, Chapter 20 : Greeting certain people for the first time is Awkward.

Caring for Cassidy wasn't so tough any more. She slept much more and ate regular portions of food.  Five months went by and it was about time Cassidy and I met Alex's parents. She dribbled all over her baby grow and the bed sheets while Alex zipped up the final suitcase.

''Ready?'' He picked up the zipped suitcase and looked at me.

''No, I'm nervous. I never even met them before we were married let alone had a a kid. I'm just scared, what if they don't like me. What if they think I'm a bitch.''

''Oh shut up Jade, there is no way possible that you are or would be a bitch. Also, I've told them ALLOT about you so you have nothing to be afraid of. ''

Just hours later we drove into appaloosa plains, we were greeted at the border by varieties of animals which I assumed would happen because many many animals populate this town. Unlike Hidden springs, this town was quite noisy. Mostly from market stoles on every road corner and animals making all kinds of sounds.

''Ma, are you there?'' Alex shouted out in his family home. The house had a warm atmosphere but the house seemed a bit bare. Maybe a few decorations wouldn't of hurt.

Alex put Cas down. Soon after a man (which I assumed was Alex's dad) handed a colourful toy to her. Soon after three more girls entered the hallway. Soon after Alex informed me that the two girls with bright blue hair were his younger sisters and the one that and his, and Cassidy's hair colour was his mum.

''Hello Mr and Mrs Talonto, it is so nice to finally meet you.'' I said with my sweaty palms in my pockets.

''Oh darling, your part of the family now call us Bella and Matthew!'' Bella said to me making me smile to feel like part of the family.  Soon after Bella got acquainted with Cassidy and Alex introduced  me into his sisters.

''Jade, these are my sisters Alexandra and Andria.'' Alexandra was really friendly towards me. She is Alex's twin but it seemed she got her genetics from her dad and Alex from his mum.

Bella prepared dinner for us and we all ate, as a family. Meanwhile Cassidy was busy playing with her new favourite toy. She seemed to fascinated with it.

We then lounged on the back porch watching the evening sunset. Andria on the other hand was enjoying spending time with her niece. Cassidy also seemed to like her too.

''Cas, can you say Aunt Andria?''

''A-ut A-dra.'' She said her first words, they may not of made sense but they were clear enough to understand.

''Andria, are you sure Cassidy's aright in here with you?''

''Of course! I don't mind her staying in here at all!''

''Okay, now Cassidy, be a good girl for your Aunt okay?''


~Alex's ~ Point of view~

''Erm what are you too gossiping about?'' I know there talking about something that involves me and I intended to find out. 

''Umm... Nothing darling just 'Girl Stuff'.''  My mother replied to me then let a small giggle out along with Jade.


''Honey what were you guys talking about?''

''Well....Um.. Your mum asked me if were planning to have any more kids.''

''Oh.'' Shit, I shouldn't of asked what she was talking about. 

''Alex, are we planning to have more kids?''

''Well I had always wanted two or three kids but it's up to you, and we already have Cas so...'' 
Seriously I do want another kid but I just don't know what Jade thinks about it.

''I would love to have another kid, but not yet of course, when Cas is a bit older.''

''Goodnight honey.''

''Oh, why don't we stay up and have a bit of fun.''

''Well Yes ma'm.''

That night we had ALLOT of fun, I was a hundred percent sure my mum heard us though. Shit.

''Alex, just a note, please keep it down when you have your 'Fun' because you kept me up all night.'' Shit... again I couldn’t resist Jade seducing me again.

''Oh... Sorry mum.''

~ Back to Jade. ~

Later that day after the awkwardness with Alex's family cleared up, everyone except Andria because of school, went this really nice waterfall across town for the day. It was a bummer Andria didn't come because Cassidy felt quite lonely.

After allot of fun and talking between us it was time to go back home. Sadly Alex had work tomorrow so we could only stay for two days. I noticed Cassidy had her grandfather's facial structure from the close-up picture we took.

''Say bye to grandma and granddad Cas!'' I said to her trying to make her give them a cuddle.

''See you guys soon, you should come stay with us one time!'' Alex said to Andria and Alexandra before hugging both of them.

''Bye Everyone!'' We both shouted at the window as the car slowly drove off.

''I like your family Alex, there very humble.'' I said to Alex before we speeded off down the road for the long trip back.

~''.. The End ...''~

I hoped this chapter gave you a feeling of Alex's family and how they are like. Again, I'm posting so so quickly because I have allot of free time.

Any who, thanks for reading the newest chapter of The Cronwell Legacy.If you have the time please leave me a comment and I'll reply.

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  1. I love alexes family!! They are so nice! Cassidy seemed to like them alot! Hopefully all of that fun resulted in a new baby soon <3
    Great chapter! Your picture taking skills are phenomenal!!

    1. Oh yes, more babies will be heading there way.
      & Thank you, I've been trying lately to get the pictures much better.

      Thanks you again :D

  2. Cassidy is very cute. I loved Alex's family and it was nice seeing Riley and Evan again last chapter, they're both still very handsome! Loved both chapters! ;oD

    1. Aw Thanks LJ, I wanted to bring them back! :D

  3. Really good chapter! I thought, at first sight that Alex's mom was Chelsea! O.o Lolz! ;D

    1. Lolz, Thanks for commenting !! :D


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