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Generation 5, Chapter 21 : Pregnant. With the wrong man.

The keys made a loud sound as Alex turned it in the door. Just as we stepped through the door, Moonbrow darted acorss the kitchen from her food and almost pounced on us. She sure missed us.

She let out a loud ''Meow'' sound and as I placed Cassidy on the floor, Moonbrow greeted her with a soft purr on her leg.

''WoonBrew!'' Cassidy screamed out which made us chuckle so much at the way she pronounced his name.

Since Cassidy aged up she never really played in her room, she was usually in the garden or in the Living room on the couch throwing blocks at the Television. So instead we brought her up to her room to play with the new toys her grandparents (From Alex's side) brought her.

It made me smile when Cassidy grabbed her two feet and swung back and forth grinning at Alex and I like she had not a single care in the world.

''Reading time Cassidy!'' I said to her before grabbing a book. She went crazy when I said reading time to her because she was just so interested in books.

''Once upon a time in a far far away kingdom, there was a beautiful young Princess called Cassidy Rae. Cassidy was the first child of King and Queen Cronwell and she was incredibly spoilt. She had dolls, she had books.''

BWOOKS!'' Cassidy shouted out.

''Yes Cas, book!''

''But one day Queen Cronwell had another baby, Prince Kieran and Cassidy was angry. She never wanted a bay brother. But then she warmed up to young Prince Kieran and they became best of friends. And from that day Princess Cassidy and Prince Kieran were great brother and sisters. The end!''

Jut as I finished Cassidy spoke a very clear sentence which stunned me greatly.

''Is Prince Kieran my brother?'' Those words were so clear yet came out so fast. That story just came out from the top of my head yet is said something.That name. Kieran. Cassidy's baby brother.

As soon as I got the name Kieran out of my head, I took Cassidy down to the park.

She clearly enjoyed her time on that spaceship ride thing. She grinned and laughed as music and bright lights came out of the ride.

''Mummy! Take a picture of me!'' She said while gripping tight on the ride. The more words she said the clearer they were.

''Mummy doesn't have her camera today, Cas.''

As the ride began to slow down she grew tired and started to yawn.

''Oh, is someone tired!''

''Yes mummy.''

In less than five minuets she fell asleep in my arms just as the sun was beginning to set. ''Sleep tight my baby.''

Her sleep didn't last too long because just an hour once we were home she was screaming down the house for her dinner. And then just minuets after she was chumping on the baby food that I gave her.

Alex returned from home just as I put Cassidy in the living room to let her to continue to throw blocks at the Television as I changed into something more comfortable.
Just as I was settling her into bed Alex creeps up the stairs and wraps his arms around Cas and I.

''How's my two favourite girls.''


''Well then let's put our baby to sleep then I can put you to sleep.''

''Alex Cronwell, are you trying to seduce me!?''


It seemed his seduction skills worked like a charm on me. Between kisses he pushed his hand under my bum making me jump, but in a good way.

''How about another kid?'' I gulped out just before he kissed me again.

''I would love another kid, hopefully this time we'll have twins.''

''Yeah.'' then we kissed some more. That night we did actually try for another baby. The idea of having twins didn't scare me any more because I knew I had the strength to take care of them. But by having twins I would turn into a house wife. And I did not want for that to happen.

Two weeks flew passed and Alex finally got some time off of work. But on a sad note our try for another baby was negative. We said we would try two more times and if they both were negative we would seek medical help with conceiving.

Alex and I took Cassidy to the park again. She enjoyed playing in the sand pit with her new best friend, her toy.  ''How did we get lucky to have such a wonderful child?''

''Well, it must be out genetics.'' I replied before kissing Alex on the cheek.

Soon after Alex started to teach her how to walk. then my phone buzzed, it was Abi.


''Hey, Jade it's Abi. Listen I have some important news I've been wanting to tell you for months now. Can I meet you somewhere to tell you?''

'''Urm.. Yes, I'm at Clifford park.''

''Okay, be there in five.'' Then she hung up. I wondered what she had to tell me.

Not long after she showed up.

''Hey Abz.'' And I looked down and saw her baby bump. Instantly I knew what she was going to say.

''Your pregnant!''

''Yeah, 5 months now.''

''This is what I wanted to tell you. I would of told you earlier but we were both busy with family.''

''No problem, I am just happy. My best friend is going to have a baby!'' I couldn't contain my excitement. Instantly I felt her growing baby.

''It sure is big Abi!'' I said because I could easily point out where it's head was.

''I know, the doctor said she's growing faster than usual. It look like Cassidy is going to have a little friend!''

''She sure is.''

As we both watched Cas being taught to walk by her daddy that question was revolving in my head and I needed to get it out, Who’s the daddy Abi.

I said it.  ‘’Abigail Best, I need to know... who is the father?’’ She peered up at me, her face began to sweat and she bit her lip slowly and came out with it.

‘’It’s Oliver Saint, your Ex.’’
‘’How the hell?’’ I couldn’t understand what she just said; the father of her unborn child was my Gay ex-boyfriend.

‘’But how Abi , how?’’

‘’Well one long night ago when you were heavily pregnant with Cassidy, I got insanely drunk at the bar and I stumbled into Oliver.’’

‘’But he told me he was moving to Twinbrook.’’

‘’I know he told me he ended it with Jason and he came back to his family. So then he took me home and I kissed him... and the rest is History.’’

‘’So are you too together?’’

‘’NO! He is still gay, we were just drunk, I’m not proud of it but oh well, it’s life.’’ I was shocked not angry I just couldn’t get my head around that Abigail is going to have a baby with My Ex.

~ The End ~

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  1. Aww, Abi! I hope that Jade and Alex get the twins they want! :D Great chapter! :D

    1. I hope too :D & Thanks for commenting Kuba!

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    3. Thanks and yes I am ENTELLIGENT. I accepted :)

  2. Great chapter! MORE TCL! *Chant's* dies*

    1. :D Thanks, A new chapter will be out either tomorrow or Friday!

  3. Aww! Cassidy is so cute!! And I'm happy for Abi having a kid as well, it's just a shame who the father was :S
    And congrats on getting 1500 views!!


    1. Thanks Jojo. Abi's kids is an EXACT replica of her. And by the way; I have 15000 views!

  4. Hey it is all fair. Jade had a baby with Abi's ex. so now they should be even. LOL


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