Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Generation 5, Chapter 24 : Life has to go on.

Giving birth to Kieran was a real obstacle. There was a complication that occurred when I went into labour with him and it took a tool on my health. I had to stay in intensive care for ten days because I apparently wouldn't stop bleeding from my vaginal area. My nurse said it was a true miracle I survived because the rates of survival after a placenta rupture were lower than half.

Once I was back at home I was put on bed rest for a month. I didn't even have the energy to hole my babies. As time went on I became much healthier and things got back to normal again. Although I got sick from the birth Kieran was perfectly fine.

Kieran took a strong liking to his father. He quickly adapted from being with me as I was sick in his infant days.

Cassidy is just growing faster than a cheater. She can run like the wind and speaks exceptionally clearly.

Cassidy splashed around the wide tub as I filled it with warm water. ''Bath time!!'' I giggled to her making her splash water around the bathroom.

''YAY! Bath Time!'' She shouted overjoyed by her time in the bath.

''C'mon Cas, just do one more poo for mummy then we can go to the park.'' I said trying to encourage her to grow out of nappies and use the potty.

''Mummy! I done it!'' She shouted revealing her poo to me! It wasn't a pleasant site but at least she grew out of her nappies.

Not long after we headed off to the park of relax. I slept on the cloth beneath me while Cassidy was in front of me calling me to wake up. Alex quietly entertained Kieran; Tiggling and making him release a small laugh.
I only got ten minuets of rest until Cassidy wined and said she wanted to play in the lake.

''Happy now?'' I said to Cassidy whilst holding her to support her just in case she slipped and drowned.

''Yes mummy, I am.'' She smirked at me with such satisfaction.

We practically switched children, I took care of Kieran and Alex took care of Cas. Although Kieran was hard to give birth to he was a pretty simple child. But the one thing that took a toll on my sleep was his constant crying.

''Oh Cassidy, I love you so much. Once you grow older just always remember that your mum loves you.''

''Mummy, I love you too!''

Shortly after that I brought Cassidy to her cake. She seemed hesitant to age since she really enjoyed being a toddler but I reassured her that everything would be al right.

''HAPPY BIRTHDAY My little girl!'' Alex shouted out causing Kieran to cry again. After that I moved her to the candles and she blew them out.

At that moment, she grew into a big girl, I knew she was destined to do something great.


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  1. Haha, I love Cassidy's look as she was growing up :P Classic....

  2. Wow! Cassie turned out beautiful! :D Great chapter! :D :D :D


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