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Generation 5, Chapter 25 : My baby is missing.

It wasn't long before Kieran grew older and older. He can crawl so fast he get's to the other side of the room within five seconds. He seemed to be a very creative child, exploring whatever he could.

Kieran also never liked to be alone. Whenever I was working on my newest novel he would always find his way into my office. He would normally get bored so I brought his blocks down to occupy him.

''MUM!'' Cassidy bolted in throwing her bag across the floor almost hitting Kieran's head.

''Cassidy! You almost your brother.''

''Sorry mum. I just was excited to tell you about my first day at school. The teachers are really nice and the school is SO big. Also at lunch I met this awesome girl called Stacy. She has bright blue hair and matching colour clothes to match it. She is so nice and were becoming real good friends. And the best part of it is mum, we are in the same class!''

''Oh darling, I'm so happy for you. Look at you on your first day and you already have a friend!''

Kieran let out a loud giggle which brought Cassidy to his attention.

''How's my little brother today!'' Cassidy said while pulling him in for a family hug. We are so blessed with kids that actually get on with each other, even at such a young age.

''Can you say Sissy?'' I overheard Cassidy teaching Kieran words while I was typing away the the computer.

Alex took some time off work to spend quality time with us the kids and I. Cassidy was into gaming and whenever she had time to spend with her dad, it was always on games.  So far everything in our life's was going well then something sad struck us.

One day when Alex came back from work he spotted Moonbrow curled up in a ball next to the counter. Instantly he knew he had passed.

We decided to keep his ashes close to us so we could remember him. We placed them in the Living room.


''Can you say mum?'' I constantly tried to teach Kieran basic words but he just wouldn't keep his attention on me. He seemed more focused on the animals outside on the patio.

Not long after Cassidy came home from school, with her apparent best friend.

''Hi guys, this is Stacy. You know Stacy mum the girl I met at lunch?''

''Of course, hello darling how are you?''

''I'm fine thanks Mrs. Cronwell. Cassidy invited me over to play.''

''Okay guys, go upstairs and I'll bring up some snacks.''

''Thanks mum!'' Cassidy shouted out before bolting upstairs with Stacy.

~ Cassidy's point of view ~

''Remember at school when Violet threw that crayon at Josh's head!''

''Oh yes I do, it was so funny!''

Allot of funny things happened at our school everyday. The worst thing was when Apollo best accidentally kicked Jemery Hopkins

We spent hours and hours playing all around the house until Stacy's mum picked her up at 8:30pm.

''See you tomorrow, Cassidy!'' Shouted out Stacy before she got into her mum's car.

~* Jade's Point of view *~

''Goodnight Kieran.'' Alex said before putting him to sleep.

''Look what we created Alex, two wonderful, smart and intelligent children.'' I said just before Kieran slumped into his pillow in a deep sleep.

''I know honey, we sure make good babies.''

Not long after, we dozed off together. I woke up instantly hearing a sound from Kieran's room. Just as I was getting up Alex woke up and pulled me back in for a snuggle.

''Don't worry Hun, it was just Kieran's teddy fall out of his crib.''

''Yeah, it probably was.''

~ * The Next Morning. ~

The next morning I woke up to hear no sounds from Kieran's room. What?  He always cries in the morning.
Those words instantly came to head. Without any hesitation, I bolted to his room. The door flew open almost dropping off it's hinges.

His crib was empty. His teddy was gone too. My heart skipped a beat. While everyone was fast asleep, I seacrhed the house just hoping that he escaped from his crib and was just hiding.

He was no where to be seen. I searched every nock and cranny.... he still wasn't there.

''Kieran.....where are you.'' Suddenly everything clicked in my head. The garden door was unlocked, his drawers were empty and his teddy was gone.

Someone has taking him. Kidd-napped him.


I slowly walked into my room. Ales had already woken up and was probably waking Cas up. I sat, legs crossed, on the bed and wrapped my arms together. Tear drops plopped unto my pyjamas as I kept on thinking about Kieran.

What is he is crying?

What if he his hurt?

What if he is dead!?

Alex soon entered the room with a pair of socks.

''Hey Jade have you seen my -'' He paused as he saw my facial expression.

He rushed over to me and brushed his fingers against my hair. ''What's wrong honey?'' He spoke with his innocent voice. The same innocent voice Kieran has.

''Alex.... Kieran. He... has ... been.... kid-napped.'' Alex face changed at that moment I said kid-napped. He then bolted out of the door and into Kieran's room. I heard him cry out loudly then he came back in.

''WHAT! WHY!? HOW!? WHEN!?'' Those words flew out of Alex's mouth so quickly that it made him cry too.

''Remember last night, when I heard something form his room? It was probably the person who kid-napped him. We forgot to lock the garden door so the Kidd-napper probably entered the house through there. He took him, his teddy and all of his clothes.''

''Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god'' Alex freaked out in a way I had never seem him do before.

''Honey, we need to call the police now.'' Just seconds later Alex grabbed the phone and called them to report Kieran missing. She told them all the basic details and they said to would be right over.

No words could describe how I felt. My baby had been taken out of the comfort of his own home, in the middle of the night, probably somewhere in the harsh cold whether.

I cried and cried into my pillow as Alex anxiously waited for the police to arrive.

''So tell us his basic looks please?'' Said the office with the puffy afro. I couldn't say anything so Alex took over the conversation for me. My pyjamas were drenched in tears and my hair messy as ever.

''Kieran Taylor Cronwell. He has blonde/light brown hair. He has brown eyes and pale skin like mine. He is very talkative and loves his teddy, Sir. teddy-tots. He is not fussy but get's very agitative when he is in a different environment to his home. ''

After that description Alex handed the officer a picture of him.

''Mum? Is everything al right? Why is there police here?'' Cassidy's questions came out from nowhere as she peered from behind the stairs, dressed and ready for school.

''Oh it's nothing honey, it's just that your brother is not here right now and the friendly police are here to get him back.''

''Okay mum, I have to go school now the bus is here. When Kieran comes back today tell him I said 'hey', Bye!''

''Bye honey.'' She grabbed her packed lunch and raced out the door.

After hours and hours with the police they left to search every house in town. They said it could take months to find him. As Alex was pacing around the kitchen hoping the police would call to tell us that they found him, I drifted upstairs and into his room. It was almost as if it was ransacked. I turned to the right to see his photo on the wall. I looked at his innocent smile, like Alex's and began to cry.

''Don't worry Kieran, mummy will find you soon.''

~ * To be continued..... *~

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  1. *Loads shotgun* Whoever too Kieran? You're a dad man! (Or woman) lol! Grea chapter! I really hope they find K soon! :D

    1. Thanks Kuba ~ The B***** who took Kieran will get the justice he deserves. Thanks for reading !

  2. Oh no wee Kieran! I do hope they find him and soon! Great chapter!

  3. It was great, Kurtis. I hope Kieran is found soon, and there is something bad done to the derp who took him.

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