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Generation 6, Chapter 9 : The proposal I've always wanted.

NOTE:- This post contains sexual content but nothing too explicit, there is no nudity too.

As bad as it was, having Nadine out of the house wasn't entirely lonely. With Nadine occupied by Austin and Tasha, Harrison and I had much more time to spend together.

The weather in Starlight Shores seemed to never changed, always sunny. Most people like sun but I prefer a cold climate, maybe on day it'll snow here.

''What shall we do today Harry?''

''You've called me Harry over a million times now that I'm really can't be bothered to correct you any more, so my name is now Harry, to you.''

''I like the sound of that, now any suggestions?''

''Yes but I've planned a surprise for you.''

''What kind of surprise?'' He had surprised me once and it was a good surprise, let's just hope this one is too.

''Well... I can't tell you hence the term surprise.''

''Don't you get all sarcastic with me mister, or I'll call up your mum.''

He stood up and grinned at me, not with just a normal grin but a cheeky grin. He backed away a bit and drew his hands threw my frizzy hair.

''Call my mother, she's organized this surprise for you so...'' For some odd reason I got more and more worried.

''Harrison who else is in on this surprise for me?''

''Only Nadine, my mother and Austin. They know every little detail about it and what is going to happen. Don't worry though, hopefully everything will go according to plan and we'll be both happy at the end of it.''

''I hope we are too because if I get hurt, boy you are in trouble.''

He chuckled and strolled through the garden gate. ''If you say so Casa Casa.'' Casa Casa is what Harry called me ever since I called him Harry, I guess we both thought of names that we knew each other would hate.

Once I changed into something more exotic as Harry said, we were set to go. He told me to bring a few thing because we would be staying the night at this mystery place.

''YES! This is going to be the best night ever.''

''Urm, Harry can you clam down a bit, the neighbours are watching us.''

He led me down a path which seemed to never end. Of course he covered my eyes, guiding my feet by brushing his sandals across my legs. I still felt unsecured about where we were going.

''Okay were almost there.''

''Are you sure because we've been walking for ages and your hands are now sweating.'' I said trying to balance on the uneven surface.

''Yeah, just a few more steps.''

''You said that ten minuets ago.''

''But I'm not lying this time.''

''And were here.'' He took his hands of off my eyes and I wiped them form his hand sweat. I looked up to see a small little cottage with wide wooden windows and from what I could see a fireplace. Next to it was a canopy with something under it but I was too far away to see what it was.

We were surrounded by nature, bushes, trees, hedges and many many more things. There was also a small bridge surrounded by a dinky little pond with lillie pads floating on top.

''Oh my god. Harry this place is amazing, How? When? Why?'' I couldn't stop asking questions without giggling and kissing him.

''How ~ I wanted to surprise you but I had no clue where to take you. So I called up my mum and she said to drive around town and look for something romantic. And then I came across this place, rented out the little cottage and the land with my savings and here we are.

When ~ I rented it a week ago after Nadine moved out and got it fixed up for us.''

''Why ~ Because I love you.'' Again the L word came into motion.

I couldn't help but explore the place like a little child running into a park. Once I got back to Harrison he stroked my check.

''There's so much to do in this place but there's one thing I really want to do.''

''Hmm, what's that?''


We were fishing for what seemed an hour and a half. I could feel fish draw my line in but they just nipped the bait of off the line and into there greedy little mouths.

''Stupid fish.'' I muttered under my breath. I didn't want to say it out loud because I could see Harrison was enjoying it and he had already caught seven fish.

He put down he fishing rod and pulled me in for a hug. My hands got closer and closer to his butt until they were firmly on it.

''If you don't enjoy fishing we could head upstairs and...''

''Hmm not so fast mister, I haven't been all around the place yet.''

The second thing I went to was the blooming apple tree. I just picked and picked until the tree was empty of all it's fruity goodness.

Once I got into the cottage I was shocked, it looked a lot smaller than it looked on the outside but it still looked beautiful.

The placed had a wooden vibe to it, with it's solid wooden table and chairs to match. It also had a small ittle brown chair and two smaller green chairs along with it.

I sat comfortably in the little green chair while Harry lit the fireplace. I couldn't help but gaze at his round butt, it's just too irresistible.

''Urm... Mister. Smith what are you doing?''

''Oh you know, just warming the old butt.''

''And could you tell me why?'' Of course he had no come-back so instead he turned around ignoring my question like he never heard it.

I left Harry at the fireplace while I continued to look around the place. The set of stairs to the right took me to our bedroom. I looked inside drawers and cupboards and to my surprise, I found a condom in the a night stand.

Harrison and I have never had sex before and I was still hesitant to do it. But I took one look at him and realised that we are in a lovely little cottage by ourselves, what better place to 'do it'.

''Hey Harrison come up.'' He replied and in a hadst I took off my clothes revealing my bra and thongs.

Harrison came up and froze at the sight of me almost naked.

''Urm Cassidy, are you hot or something?''

''No, but you are.''

''What?'' He said with a puzzled look on his face.

''I'm ready Harry, I'm finally ready to make love to you.'' He grinned at me and ran to me, pulling me in for a deep kiss, the kisses soon got down all the way to my neck.

While I opened his belt buckle his kissed me again on the neck, brushing his hands threw my hair and said ''I love you so much Casa.''

As we kissed each other deeply I pulled out bodies together and onto the bed. As I kissed his neck I could feel him and un-clipping my bra. Soon after I tugged on his pants and are bodies moved in rhythm. 

Although this wasn't my first time, it felt like it was. Harrison was a gentle lover, he didn't just go forward like a wild animal he made sure I felt comfortable and safe.

We spent hours in our bedroom making love to each other. That afternoon was one of the best afternoons I had ever experienced.

Harrison grinned at me while I pulled up my knickers from my thighs. 

''That was fun, right?'' He asked me. I searched under the cover for his hand and pulled it up out of the covers.

''Of course it as, you know your very gentle.''

''I know I am. Let's stay in bed for a little while more.''



A few hours turned into stay in bed together till it struck twelve in the morning. For some reason we couldn't sleep so instead Harry gave me massage under the canopy. 

My body felt so hard in the hands of Harrison, his soft touch did wonders for my spinal area. Also breathing in then night air and watching the fireflies in the night was a beautiful touch to this wonderful night.

An hour later I got dressed and we came back outside to enjoy more of the fresh air.

''Isn't this just amazing.'' Harrison said to me while looked up at the stars from the comfort of his shoulders.

After Harry got tired of lifting me up, I lit up the fire pit and roasted an apple which I picked earlier today.

Harrison decided yet again that he had to warm his perfect round butt.

''This is all just beautiful Harrison, thank you so much.'' I said as we watched the moon begin to set over the horizon. We lost track of time and stayed awake ALL night long.

''You don't have to be, and it's not over yet...''

''What do you mean Harry?''

He got down one and reached for his pocket. He pulled out a black box and I certainly knew what he was about to do


''Like, I LOVE!'' I literately couldn't control my excitement. The ring shimmered in the night sky and I just couldn't help but stare at it.

''This may sound corny.''

''Cassidy Rae Cronwell, will you do the honour of marrying me, Harrison Braden Smith?'' Suddenly I blocked out for a minuet. All this time I've wanted Harrison to propose to me and we'd get married and live happily ever after but the reality was, I didn't really know if I was ready.

Then I had a flash back.

The day I went to Sunset Valley and met my ancestors. As my grandfather was in tears over seeing his mothers grave he said to me, ''Cassidy, when something great is offered to you, take it. Don't be held back by fear.''

Then I came to my decision.

''Yes. I will marry you Harrison!'' I said. 

He grinned at me as he slid the ring on my index finger.  After the flashback I had things becoming clearer; I am going to be getting married to Harrison, The one.

''Oh Harrison,'' I cried out lunging myself into him.

''Let it out Casa, let it out.''

''Do you want to know something Mr. Smith?'' I said to him with a cheeky smile directed at him.


''Were getting married.'' 

''We sure are.'' He carried me upstairs while I continued to admire my ring, and we soon fell asleep.


In the morning I found myself under the covers tucked into Harrison's chest. 

I looked at him,admired his cute face while he slept and thought to myself, 

 I've found my soulmate.


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Generation 6, Chapter 8 : Meeting your boyfriend's parents isn't as bad as you think.

Although Austin is supposed to be the macho one of the house, besides Harry, he is easily frightened at the sight of petty clowns scaring innocent people in this film we watched.

It''s been three months since Nadine and Austin got  married. Not surprisingly they argued about which side of bed they had just three days after the wedding but they quickly resolved there silly argument.

''Oh my god what the fuck just came out of his head!?'' Austin said before burring his head in Nadine's armpit.

''Oi, don't be swearing like that in this house, there's a child here!''

''I don't the point of this film, it's just full of pure crap.'' Harrison said slumping into the chair like he had the whole world on his shoulders.

Just as it was about to finish Austin got way too scared and threw the remote at the TV, breaking it.

''What the hell Austin!?''

''Sorry, I'll buy you a new one.''

''Oh yes you will.''

Just as I was going to the toilet I stumbled across Tasha in the hall with three suitcases and a bucket of toys. She grinned at me, picking up one of her suitcases and saying, ''Hey Aunt Cas, is mum and dad ready to leave yet?''

''You guys going so soon?'' I said before throwing her in the air and back down and then pulling her into a hug.

''Yeah, dad said we'll be leaving this evening and it's the evening!''

An hour passed and I couldn't stop staring at the pictures of Nadine and I. I was sure going to miss her living with me, I'm going to miss seeing Tasha grow up to be a wonderful girl and most of all, I was going to miss my best friend.

''This is for you Nadz, it's just something to look at everyday when your were not out shopping together.''

''Oh Cassidy you shouldn't have. I hold up, I ain't going to forget you, I'm just moving down the road from you two!''

''Okay so you guys better go now before I start crying. Have a wonderful life together, with your family. I don't you dare forget your girl over here.''

''I won't Cas, your my best friend.'' I couldn't help but cry and hug her.

Once they were all packed, Harry helped Austin to put there bags in there car and then they were all ready to go.

Tasha was so excited to have a proper family she pulled her dad on her right; and her mum on her left and they all skipped to the car. Tasha was finally happy, and so was I for the Stone family.


''The house is pretty quiet without Nadine and them.'' Harrison said staring at the fruit bowl in the centre of out table.

''I know it is.'' To be honest it was, Nadine normally entertained me and she was the one who I talked to the most.

''I have an idea. Would you like to meet my parent's?'' The very thought of meeting Harrison's parent's made me choke on my coffee.

''Your parents, like now?''

''Sure! They've been in town for a few days and they called me yesterday to tell me that they would very much like to meet you.''

''Uh.. are you sure they'll like me?''

''Of course, I love you so they have must love you too!''

I agreed, hesitantly. He jumped out of his seat in excitement and called his mum up, I think. I sat there thinking, What is they don't like me? What if I'm too weird for them? What if they don't get along with Cronwell's? 

''Before they arrive I need to tell you one thing.''

''And that is.''

''My parent's are not together, they just worked out there differences and decided to be friends.''

Two hours later the clock struck eight in the evening and they doorbell let out it's annoying jingle.

''Ready?'' He asked me.

I took a deep breath, ''I'm ready.'' He took my hand and I opened the door.

''Mum; Dad!'' Harrison said before his father pulled him in for a hug.

''Harry, it's so nice to see you again with your gorgeous girlfriend!'' His mother said before shaking my hand.

''I know mum, she's amazing. Mum, Dad this is my girlfriend, Cassidy Cronwell.''Cassidy these are my parents, Luke Lockhart and Calista Smith.''

''Did you say Cronwell?'' Calista said with her faced fixed at the sight of myself.

I interrupted. ''Yes, I'm Cassidy Cronwell.''

''Interesting.'' She said before grinning at me. I couldn't help but feel awkward, I was standing there frozen looking at his parents.

I finally spoke. ''It's nice finally meeting you Mr. Lockhart and Ms. Smith.''

''Oh no no, your part of the family! Call me Calista!''

''Well that's certainly nice to hear, Calista.'' For parents, Calista and Luke looked very young and fresh - looking.

As hours passed I got more comfortable in front of Harry's parents.

''So how is it putting up with my crazy son?''

''Oh Calista, you don't know the half of it! Just joking, your son's a great guy.'' He laughed and smiled at me and Harrison.

Ten minuets passed and Luke decided we should eat out instead of having dinner ta my house. After searching down town for a great restaurant, we came around this wonderful place.

The night was amazing, we laughed, we ate and most of all I got to know Harrison's parents so much more.
Before we left Luke took Harrison around the corner for some odd reason leaving me and Calista to joke around together.

~^^* Harrison's point of view *^^~

''Dad I need your advice. I really love Cassidy, so much that I'm thinking of proposing to her.''

''Woah woah woah. Are you sure about this, you don't want to make the same mistake I did with your mother.''

''Dad I'm dead sure, she's the one for me.''

''Well if your a hundred percent sure, go for it.''

~^^* Back to Cassidy *^^~

''Thank you for such a great night Calista and Luke, I had so much fun and it was finally nice to meet you.''

''No problem Cassidy, your such a amazing person and you have a great sense of style. She whispered in my ear as I hugged her, 'Harrison really loves you, you know.' and I blushed.

Meeting your boyfriend's parents isn't as bad as you think.

~^^^*^^ The End ^^*^^^~

Harrsion Smith, Luke Lockhart & Calista Smith were made by awesome Sim creator and famous 100 baby challenge mother, Molly / Catlover800!

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Generation 6, Chapter 7 : It's Time.

''Morning Cas, you sleep well?''

Two years passed by and a lot happened in that short time. The most important thing was that Harrison and I became a proper couple about one and a half years ago. He eventually moved in with Nadine, Tasha and I and quickly grew fond of my home. One thing that I learnt about Harrison was that he was very disciplined person. He told me he learnt it from his Sim Fu training as a teenager.

Also, Nadine's suspicions of Austin proposing to her was right. Exactly two years ago she went on a date with him on the beach and he proposed to her there, of course she said yes. Today is her wedding day and my house became pretty chaotic. She hadn't got her make up done, her dress wasn't delivered to my house yet and Tasha was still fast asleep.

''Harrison, get your lazy ass up and get ready.''

I turned around frowning at him before he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and pulled his boxers up. My frown turned into a daze as I couldn't but stare at his muscular body that I couldn't resist. Suddenly I heard a bang from the hallway which snapped me back into reality.

''Ready for what?'' He said with a groan.

How can he forget that today is Nadine's wedding day. ''Harrison you idiot, it's August the 21st.''

''Oh my god. Nadine's wedding.''

''Yes. Now can you please get up and get ready, Austin's waiting upstairs for you.''

Austin and Nadine seemed to be perfect together. Now to think of it, if it wasn't for him meeting her that night six years ago in a bar and getting her pregnant, they wouldn't be here today about to get married. It's funny how such small details effect life decisions.

Once I forced Harrison off his lazy butt I went to see if Nadine was ready, only to find her stressed as ever.


Nadine somehow thought of the idea that Austin really didn't love her. How could he not love her, she's Nadine. Everyone loves her! She may be inappropriate and annoying at times but she is a perfect girl to live with, and too men; a perfect girl to marry.

''Cas what if he doesn't truly love me.''

''Of course he loves you Nad, why do you think he proposed to you.''

''I don't know.''

''Nadine, two years ago you were over the moon that he proposed to you and today is your wedding day and your slumped in a chair like this. Plus your ruining your hair.''

Suddenly I noticed that Tasha was eavesdropping but tripped on something and fell head first on the floor. She quickly got up and sat on the chair at the other side of the room.

She was nowhere near ready for the wedding. Her hair was a complete mess and she still had her pyjamas on.

''Mum, I kind of heard from outside saying that dad truly doesn't love you. He seriously does.'' She pushed her air backwards and carried on talking.

''Last night Dad told me something that before he tucked me into to bed, Tash, tomorrow you, your mum and I are going to be one big happy family. Were going to move into a three bedroom house with a big garden for you too play around in all day. Who know's, maybe one day you may have al little brother or sister which you can entertain and be a great big sister. From tomorrow we are all going to be one big family.''

That very little speech made Nadin so happy. 

Looks like this wedding is going according to plan after all.


Austin couldn't help but think about the fact that Nadine may not love him, and that he was just marrying him for Tasha's sake. At this moment he had mixed emotions and couldn't decided on anything.

''Seriously Harrison, what if she doesn't really love me?'' He said before sinking his head into his hands.

''Stop talking rubbish Austin, of course she loves you. Cassidy told me that she is over the moon at the fact that in five hours, she'll be Mrs. Stone.''

What Harrison said made him feel a bit better, but not enough. He stared at the four drinks on the table and mumbled, ''Maybe a drink will fix this.''


Four hours later....

''Okay Cas, I'm ready. All I need to do is my make - up.''

''I'll do that for you.''

''You know your the best friend I've ever had.''

''Yeah, I know that.''

It only took me eighteen minuets to do her make - up. Although she loved to apply foundation and blusher on her face I personally thought she didn't need it.

She took a deep breath and got out of her seat, she took Tasha and I's hands and smiled at us.

''I'm ready girls, I'm ready.''

Tasha grinned at Nadine, ''Does this mean my name is going to be Tasha Stone?''

''Yes honey, were going to be one big happy family.''


''Maybe I just need a drink or something to calm down my nerves.'' And on that note Austin gulped down all the drink within ten seconds. He let out a big slurp and took another.

''Cheers mate.'' Austin said to Harrison before handing him a drink. 

Just as they were about to leave Austin stopped Harrison to ask him something.

''Hey Harrison, are you ever going to propose to Cassidy?''

''Hmm.. maybe one day, but the thing is if she says yes.''


Half and hour later we were at an enclosed park watching Nadine & Austin become Mr. and Mrs. Stone. There was no doubt about it that I was so happy for them but I knew that Austin had plans to move out with Nadine and Tasha and I was going to miss them so much. But everyone has to carry on with there life, an that's what there doing.

''Your officially Mrs. Stone.'' Austin said with the happiest face I had ever seen in him.

''Yes, Yes I am. I just want you to know that I love you so much Austin, and I can't wait to spend the rtest of my life with you.''

Instead of Austin replying to her, he pulled her in for a kiss and we all clapped for them. My best friend is finally married with an adorable daughter. 

Harrison pulled me in and kissed my neck.

''I'd love to get married.'' I said smiling at Harrison.

''You will someday.''

''To you?''

''A certain man called Mr. Smith.''

Was that a proposal?


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