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Generation 6, Chapter 10 : The perfect wedding dress.

Organizing a wedding is seriously hard.

Once I told the news to my mother and Nadine, they both reacted in the same way. Well, my mother was a bit different.. she screamed down the phone.

Harrison told me not to get stressed over all the wedding plans circling us, instead just to take things one at a time.

''How's my Harry doing today?'' I said to Harrison with a smile while poking at his perfect shaped nose.

''I'm doing fine, and how is my soon-to-be wife?''

''Well, she is doing just great but if she got a little sugar she would feel so much better.'' As I said that he got of a bench and swooped me into the air.

He slightly lifted me off my feet and made me drop, only for him to catch me and it then turned into a deep kiss.

''Oh Harrison, you don't how good you kiss.''

''I've been told I'm good.'' He grinned at me and kissed me again.

I didn't notice Nadine stroll in until I heard her drop something. She quickly picked it up and looked down in awkwardness.

''Scuse me, don't you guys come up for air...?'' Typical Nadine, she was always sickened by the sight of other people making out yet when she does it she has no problem with it. That girl is seriously something else, but I love her!

''Uh..... we were just-.'' Harrison coughed to cut me off.

''We were making out.''

''I could see.'' Nadine said and winked at us.'' So Cas, are you ready to find the perfect dress?'' She said to me.

''I didn't know you were getting your dress today!'' Harrison said while rubbing a bit of my lipstick off of his neck.

''It was supposed to be a surprise but oh well.''

''Sorry.'' Nadine said.

''So ready to go!?'' Nadine asked me while giggling for a reason I do not know.

''Yeah! Now let's go and find me a perfect dress for my perfect day.''

''We sure will.'' She took my hand and we strolled through the garden doors like two little teenagers, or curse we weren't, we are twenty eight year old women.

''Cassidy, I forgot to tell... I hired my brother to be your personal stylist for the day.''

''Thanks so much! Which brother though, you do have three.''

''Collin, the gay one.''

''Great, he's my favourite out of all your brothers!''

Nadine has three brothers, Arthur, Isaac and Collin. Arthur is in them military, Isaac is in... prison and Collin the most successful, he runs a wedding shop with his boyfriend, Omar.


Ten minuets later we arrived at her brother's salon. 

''So are you ready for me to find you the perfect dress?'' Nadine said to me at we strolled up the stairs towards the door.

We were greeted at the door by no one. Nadine went round the counter to check if all them money was there just incase there was a break in but just then we heard a heavy object from around the corner.

''Shit.'' Said someone. I peered round the corner to see Nadine's younger brother Collin trying to catch a hair dryer.

Nadine rolled her eyes at her brother, ''Mum was right, your just like dad.'' He frowned at her and picked up the hair-dryer.

''Shut it Nadine. Anyway who is your gorgeous friend?''

''Oh this is the my friend I was talking about who is getting married, Cassidy.''

''Nice to meet you Cassidy.''

''So, Cassidy your getting married. How adorable! I wish Omar would propose to me, I've been dropping hints to him for a year now.''

''Collin enough about your love life, this is about Cassidy and her big day.''

''Speaking of your big day, who's the special man in your life.'' I pushed my long hair behind my ears and blushed.

''Harrison Smith.''

Collin led Nadine and I to a huge room full of wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. 

''So what are you looking for Cassidy : Elegant, Puffy or Classy.''

''Collin just ask me, she is a definitely a classy girl. She's a doctor an all so she is real classy.''

He rubbed his chin and thought to himself. ''I have the perfect dress for you!'' He rushed over to a row of wedding dressed and pulled out quite a puffy one.

Five minuets later I came out of thee dressing room and walked back to the mirror.

''I like but it's a bit tight on my hips and I don't like all the patterns spread over it.'' 

''That's totally okay, I'll find another one.''

''What about this one?'' I said while holding the bottom of the dress to make sure I didn't rip the fabric.

There was a moment of silence then I looked over at Nadine and her brother.

''Honey, that's just nasty.''' They both said at the exact same time. They also made the same faces of disgust.

''Wow you guys seriously are related.''

''Girl, you don't know the half of it.'' Nadine replied to me with a click of her finger.

''Well let's look for another then.''

''Okay what about this one?'' Nadine smiled with pure joy and ran up too me.

''This is the one Cassidy, it is perfect on you.''

''My sister right, it compliments your completion!'' Collin got all feminine on me and said I should definitely but this one.''

I stared at me in the mirror for am minuet then realised that this was the perfect dress for me and perfect for my kind of taste.

''I'll take it.''


An hour later after I changed back and brought the dress, we went back into the dressing room to chat.

''Thanks guys so much for helping me find the perfect dress for my perfect day coming up.''

''No problem, anything for a friend of my sisters!''

A perfect dress, perfect friends, a perfect fiancĂ©e and my perfect day coming up. What more can I ask for?


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