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Generation 6, Chapter 11 : A different kind of Bridal Shower.

NOTE:- This post contains swearing.

My wedding is in three days. My friends decided to set up a surprise bridal shower for me and not tell me till just two hours before it. They probably did that just so I couldn't say I couldn't come.

I woke up real early, even before Harrison who is a morning person.

''Harrison I'm leaving now.''

No reply.


No reply.

''HARRISON! I'm leaving now.''

He sniffled and opened one eye to me.

''Okay... have fun.'' He said and quickly went to sleep.

Once I slid into my bathing suite I was greeted in the hall by three of my best friends. Nadine, Apollo and Stacy.

''Hey, Cassidy open up!'' Nadine shouted while banging on the door. That must of woke Harrison up because I heard a loud thud on the floor in our room.

As I went outside I noticed the girls had no shoes on.

''We may be going to the pool but you can wear sandals now.''

''I know but I think I lost them somewhere between the move.''

''Okay, anyway let's go down to the pool and have some fun!'' We all jumped in excitement and headed down to the Beach Lounge.

I rented the entire lot out only for us four girls, I wanted my whole day to be perfect with my best friends.

The best thing about the beach lounge was obviously the pool area. It was mainly beach themed but also had a retro theme to it.

As soon as I told the girls about the pool, we all darted through the doors, down the hallway and out through the back doors.

Once Apollo and I dived into the pool, Nadine got in the pool in a calm manner but Stacy and her typical clumsy self tripped on the way down the stairs and slid across the floor ending up in the pool... face first.

Nadine suggested that we should all do a breath contest, she probably suggested it because she knew we all knew she can hold her breath for at least two minuets.

First to come up was Apollo, I expected that she would be first to pop because she was never good at swimming at primary school.

Next to come up was Nadine.

As Apollo gasped for breath, I could hear her talking to Nadine while I was under the water.

''Nadine! I thought you could hold your breath for two minuets.''

'' That talent went out the window as soon as I gave birth.''

Next up was me. I was quite happy that I came second since it wasn't as bad as third and fourth!

''YES! I win.'' Stacy chanted as I flew out into the air gasping for breath.

As hours passed, we decided to give it a rest for a while and chill in the sun. We were all still tired out from swimming and multiple breath contests.

''It's getting a bit later now, why don't we do something else?''

''Yeah! Let's play domino's, there's a table over there.'' Nadine said while pushing her weave to the side.

''That's a good idea, you guys go play domino's and I'll just have a nap here.'' Stacy said lazily.

A ten minuet game a of domino's turned into an hour of it. And through all of our game, Stacy slept there snoring.

''Hey, Apollo I saw that. You cheated.'' Nadine said and gave a very dirty look at Apollo.

''No I didn't.''

''Yes you did, I'm not an idiot.''

''You may not be an idiot but your a bitch.''

''Hold up, excuse me.''

''You heard me, you bitch.''

''You have the cheek to call me a bitch.''

''Yes I do, all you do is prance around with your weave and pretend like your best friends with Cassidy. You've been sponging off of her for the last six years.''

''Oh have I now. In fact you have no right to talk you ass hole. Cassidy is my best friend and I haven't been sponging off of her for six years. I have a job and I only lived with her. I don't need to sponge off of her. At least I don't live with my mother...''

That remark pushed Apollo over the edge.

''HELL NO.'' She shouted out. She ripped the domino's off the table and tugged at Nadine's weave. Nadine stumbled across the table and tried to get Apollo's hands off of her head.

''STOP!'' I screamed with woke up Stacy, and made Apollo stop her aggressive behaviour.

''Both of you are stupid. This is my bridal shower and I'm supposed to be cherishing these great moment with my best friends, not seeing them rip out another friend's weave.

Stacy broke up the argument and considered we should go up to the terrace and calm ourselves down while the sun setted.

Of course Nadine and Apollo were on either sides. They were still angry with each other but just a little less.

Hours later the sun fully passed over the horizon and the moon came up. We cuddled up together to watch the stars illuminate the night sky.

As we were dry, we started feeling cold in the night air so we cuddled up even more.

''Although there was a rough patch today, I had so much fun. Thank you girls so much for being here for me. You guys are seriously the best.''

''Oh my god Cassidy!'' Stacy said to me.


''Your getting married tomorrow.'' They all shouted out in sync.

''Oh my god, I actually am.''


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  1. Awesome chapter Kurtis! Hehe Cassidy has some awesome friends ^__^ can't wait to see Cassidy's wedding! Whoop!

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