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Generation 6, Chapter 13 : Hasta la vista, Baby!

As of a blink of an eye, Harrison and I boarded a flight to Sunlit Tides. As the plane prepared to land on a very rural airport, I admired the serene view on the tropical island.

Sunlit Tides is located it the Mediterranean sea, actually just at the boarder of it.

Harrison insisted he kept where we were going to stay and what we were going to do a complete secret from me.

''Okay here it is, our temporary house!'' Harrison once again removed his sweaty hands off of my face to reveal a medium sized house. On the porch there was various types of vibrant flowers which Harrison later told me they were called 'Hibiscus'. The structure of the house was perfect for a vacation home, I had a feeling we would definitely coke back here sometime in the future.

''Like it?'' Harrison said peering over my shoulder.

''Like it.... Hmm like it. I love it! You always know what I like.'' I say.

''Of course, after all I am Mr. Cronwell.''

''You sure are Harry.''

The interior was even better.

The house had a wooden theme to it with the wooden floor, table and chairs, TV,.....

And what seemed to be a mixing station. At first we never noticed it until Harrison looked to the side to see this huge contraption next to us. It had countless books on a side table and a mixing cauldron.

The adventurous side of my personality got to me once again as I headed straight to the large book in the centre of the station.

''Carder Moi Skectare. Do you know what that means Harrison?''

''I have no idea what that means but it sounds bad, I think we should just leave that alone.''

''Oh don't be such a baby! Oh I know, it's instructions to make something.''

''By something do you mean a potion or something?''

''Exactly, and I intend to try to make it, if I can figure out what this book translates into.''

Ten minuets later I was able to work out what Carder Moi Skectare translated into, Vidal of Bliss. It supposedly make you stay awake for days, kind of what coffee does but for much longer.

''Cassidy I really have a bad feeling about this, it seems dangerous.'' I ignored his statement and carried on making the potion.

''Okay, I'm almost done. Can you please past me that bottle to your right?''

''Here.'' He gave the bottle to me and I scoped up the mixture from the cauldron. As the liquid entered the bottle it made a hissing sound.

The liquid then glowed a bright pink colour and I could feel some type of vibration going through my hands. Soon after the liquid turned red instead of bright pink.

''I don't think you should drink that.'' Harrison said to me eye-balling the interesting liquid.

''Honey I'm one step ahead of you, of course I'm not going to drink that.''

''Good because I don't want my wife to day two days after out wedding.'' Although that sentence could of been taken the wrong way, I took it as a compliant...


A few days later I decided for us to go exploring around the massive island. The first thing we took a trip to was the mountain which the sun rose and set. Surprisingly the trip up didn't take as much time as I intended it to take.

At the top the sun shone directly on Harrison's pale skin making him turn pinkish.

''I told you to wear sun cream.''

Once we reached the top we noticed a sauna lounge located on top of the mountain. Good thing I was wearing my swim suite under my t-shirt and shorts. Harrison on the other hand wrapped up his bottom half in a towel and we headed up too the sauna.

Luckily the sauna was completely empty so we could have the place to us.

''Look at that sunset over there, it is almost as beautiful as you Cassidy.'' I looked out the window to see the beautiful sun set over the mountain we were on and smiled at Harrison.

''Not as beautiful as my husband next to me.'' Harrison blushed like a little girl and took my hand.

''Let's go watch the moon rise.''

That night the full moon illuminated the purple sky as the sun was still sending a fraction of it's light on the town.

''This is town is truly beautiful.'' Harrison said while he placed his hand on my shoulder.

''If only we could move here.''

''Why don't we?'' He said which quite stunned me, I couldn't just up and go leave the town where I was born, grew up and lived my life in.

''Uh... I love this town so much but not as much as my home, sorry.''

''That's fine, it was only a suggestion.''

We watched the moon continue illuminating the sky and shooting stars crossing each others pass for hours. I fell asleep holding Harrison's hand. Just as I got to sleep it started to rain and we made our way back home.

''What the hell, why is it so dark?'' Harrison asked while searching for a light switch. Once I found the switch, I flicked it  but nothing happened.

''I guess the powers out.''

''This fits into my plan quite well then...'' He said, I'm pretty sure he grinned at me but I couldn't see in the dark.

''What plan.''

No answer.

''Harrison Cronwell, tell me.'' He grinned once more and pulled me in for a kiss.

''And that is the answer Mrs. Cronwell.''

''Why don't we solve some more question in the bedroom?'' I said in a seductive tone.


A few minuets later we were making out all around the house.. half naked. Harrison place kisses on me which led down all the way to my neck. He put his hand down my back and slid it down unto my bottom and pulled me in even more. I led him to the bedroom.

On the bed I undone his towel which revealed his naked body which made me stare at it in delight. He literately ripped off my bra and next one thing led to another and we were intimate together for the second time.


''Yes honey?'' He asked me in his sleep.

''Do you love me?''

''More than life itself.'' He said and turned to me, smiled and pulled me in for a hug.


Luckily the length of our honeymoon went by quite slowly which meant we could treasure the time we had left in Sunlit Tides. We could only stay here or two weeks since Harrison and I both had stable jobs to return to. Actually I had a job, whereas Harrison was returning back to start his new job as a politician.

Just a day before we left, my mother called me up saying that she needed to tell me something and that we needed to come home as soon as possible.

I asked her why she couldn't tell me over the phone but all she said was ''....Please come home now...''


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  1. That was such a cute honeymoon! ^_^

    Oh, I soooo ship them.

    What's up with her mom?!?!
    Great chapter!

    1. Thanks so much Hannah ^_^

      Everything will come together in the next chapter ^_^

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  2. Please Come Home Now.... That can't be good......

  3. So romantic <3

    I wanna see babies!!! :D

    :O I hope everything is ok


    1. Thanks <3

      Babies will appear soon!!

      All will be revealed next chapter...

  4. Wow, such a beautiful honeymoon!! <3

    Uh oh, I wonder what's going on back home! I hope it's not too bad!

    ~Calista Smith

    1. Thanks so much <3

      You'll see next chapter...

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