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Generation 6, Chapter 15 : It's time to move on.

A long, stressful and depressed year passed by and I still missed my grandfather so much. The great thing was that I had Harrison to comfort me. Nadine also came over a lot to cheer me up with her crazy stories about her workplace; she updated me with the latest gossip. Harrison and I finally had saved enough money to buy the house we noticed being built when we came back from our honeymoon. It was a perfect home for us and to start a family.

''Cassidy, you ready to go?'' Harrison asked me while his eyes were fixed onto something else. He has been very busy sorting out the move and all the payments for the last month.

''Yeah, in a minuet.''

I heard him pick up a box and wedge the door open with his foot.

''Okay, take your time honey.''

I suddenly jumped off the bed and bolted to Harrison making him drop the box he was lugging across the room.

''Harrison?'' I asked.


''Thanks you... Thank you so much for helping and understanding what I'm going through.''

''Cassidy, you are my wife. The one person in this world which I can connect to in a whole new way, of course I may not have been though what your going through but I can try my best to understand.''

''Harrison I'm so happy I married you a year ago. Happy Anniversary.''

''Happy Anniversary love.''

''Now, let's get moving!'' I said trying my best not to think about my grandfather.

''Now, we have a lot of boxes and suitcases to move.'' I said while wiping sweat off of my forehead.

''I know, plus there's the piano and all those chairs over there.'' Harrison said sighing.

''I know but the faster we pack all of this is the moving van the faster we can be in our new home, together.''

After hours of lugging boxes we arrived at our new house just as it turned six O'clock. Luckily we didn't need to bring most furniture because most rooms in the house were fully furnished. The house is fairly large with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a basement (which we turned into a study). It also had a massive garden with a pool. We are thinking though too get rid of the pool because we both knew we'll never use it.

''What the! The hallway is completely different to how it was when we came here! How? When?''

''You said you never really liked the light green colour of the hallway so I got it re-done by a team of designers. We had some money left over from the old house sale.''

''And you never thought to tell me this.'' I said still startled by the new hallway.


''Damn right it's a surprise.''

''Well... I love it!'' I said jumping into his arms. He almost dropped me.

''You know Cassidy there is one thing we need to do.''

''And what is that?''

''Wedding photos, we never put them up in the old house so we might as well put them up now; right here in the hallway!''



''OH CRAP!'' Harrison yelled causing me to almost drop the pot full of spaghetti right on my toes.

''What the hell happened Harrison!''

''I just freaking hit my toe on the dishwasher! Why does it have to be there!''

''Because it's a dishwasher Harrison, it's supposed to be there. If you looked instead of darting out the bathroom you wouldn't of bucked your toe.''

Once I bandaged Harrison's toe we ate dinner.

''Like?'' I asked Harrison while admiring the flowers in front of us.

''I love it! But it would be so much better if I hadn't of bucked my toe on that damn dishwasher.''

''Maybe sleep will heal your toe.''


''Morning Harry.'' I yawned using all of my lung capacity making Harrison jump in fright. He turned around rubbing the sleep out of his eye. It seemed he was watching the sun rise or he had something on his mind.

''Cas, can we talk..?''

''What about?'' I asked.

''Can we just talk please.''

I slumped on the chair in my night gown. Harrison turned to me with a weird look on his face.

''So Harry, what do you want to talk about?''

''Okay... I was thinking about something..''

''Something such as?'' I said while brushing dust off of my neck trying to calm down my nervousness.

''Children.'' Just by him saying that very word I knew exactly what he was talking about, he wanted for us to start a family together. I played along making him think that I never knew what he was talking about.

''What do you mean by Children?''

''I mean, I think we should try and start a family now.''

I stood up in complete shock.

''You mean, like now? Are you sure it's time?'' I said quietly, still caught off guard.

''Listen Cassidy...'' He stood up and ruffled his hair ''....If it's not the right time we can wait a bit more...'' He said. I could clearly see the true disappointment in his eyes. Just as he was about to leave the room I grabbed him back by his dressing gown.

''Harrison it's not that I don't want children, I really do it's just... I don't know if I'll be a good mum...''

He grinned and took my hand. ''Cassidy you'll make a great mother. You practically raised Tasha to be the adventurous 13 year old she is. Just look how great she turned out, all thanks to you! Don't get me wrong if we ever have kids it'll be a struggle at first but we'll make it through because we love each other, and our love will raise those children to be great little Cronwell's.''

That very day Harrison made me ready to have children.

''Harrison I'm ready, let's have children.''


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Just for you guys information, Cassidy will be having children soon!

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  1. Aww ^__^ I can't wait to see little Cronwells running around the house :D awesome chapter kurtis. Can't wait to see the next one!

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