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Generation 6, Chapter 17 : Our lives have now been forever changed.

''Cassidy, that was the doctor right? What did he say, is our baby healthy and happy?''

''Define the word baby please?'' I said to him clearly in a daze, shocked at the fact of what the doctor told me.

''Cassidy, what the hell are you talking about!?''

''I think instead of the word 'baby' we should say 'babies'.'' I could clearly see he completely had no iea what I was hinting about.

''Oh my god Harrison think, babiES!'' I couldn't stress the word babies any more and stood there for a minuet waiting fro his head to click.

''Oh my god, were having multiples.'' He said opening his mouth exactly on the word multiples.

''Two to be exact Harrison, were having twins!'' I squealed out in excitement.

''I can't believe were having twins Cassidy!'' He said directly at me but then he turned his head to the side and started to think thoughts I couldn't predict. ''...Wait, how the hell did you conceive twins?''

''Well the doctor said that either I coincidently released two eggs that months or one of my eggs spilt into two.''

''Well I honestly don't care how it happened, what is great is that were going to have double trouble in the house in just a few more months!'' He clapped like al little girl and hugged me, almost choking me.

~^ Nine months down the line...^~

Since my due date was in just four days I spent most of the hours of the rushed days slumped on my swollen but watching the cooking channel.

Years ago, I imagined I would be such a fit pregnant mum forever on her feet, preparing for the baby. But that completely changed because my doctor placed me on bed rest to keep the boys comfy. Surprisingly I was okay sat on the couch watching shows all day because it was funny seeing Harrison scramble around the house doing everything.

Harrison entered the room and stood in front of TV grinning as usual.

''Yes?'' I say, breathing in heavily to give the babies all oxygen needed.

''I'm done with the room!'' Harrison had spent two weeks designing and building the twins room and he finally finished it.

''Yes!'' I squeal pushing my whale - like off the couch. I turned around to see a large dent in the couch where I had been positioned all day long.

Surprisingly I got out of the room before Harrison.

''God you waddle along fast for a pregnant woman with twins!'' He said catching up to me in the hallway.

''If you ever say I waddle I will smack that little grin off of your face Mr. Cronwell.''

''Yes Ma'am.'' He says giggling at himself.

''Oh so now I'm Ma'am!'' I said while clinging to the banister of the stairwell.


Once we finished our awkward argument Harrison lead me up to the biggest spare room in the house and opened the door.

The room was amazing. The room was mostly blue with hints of other colours and had a massive window at the other end of the room where the two cribs were.

''Oh Harrison it's beautiful!'' I stroked his thick red hair and kissed him. ''...Just think Harrison, in less than a week they'll be two small adorable little boys in here crying there fragile hearts out begging for there parents and we'll be there to love and care for them.''

''We sure will, now let's get's some rest because you never know, these two babies in there could come at any moment now!'' He said to me while rubbing my belly.

An hour later I was comfortably positioned in my bed next to Harrison who was skimming across my pregnancy book I brought the other day.

''Harrison! The babies are moving, a lot!'' I say while feeling the hard thuds on my belly.

''Well this book says that they are kicking hard like that because they are fully developed and are ready to be born.''

''Well there no due-'' I suddenly paused sharply in the middle of my sentence after feeling a sharp pain shoot through my back. Crap.

I got up and rubbed my side in almighty pain.

''Harrison, it's time... there coming.'' As soon as I said that he flung the pregnancy book across the room and picked me up.

Before I knew it I was soaked in warm liquid and couldn't feel my arms and legs. Harrison soon lugged me into the car and we drove off to the hospital. He told me to take constant deep breaths and stay in a comfortable position but all I could do it cry and scream in pain.


The doctors gave me morphine to ease the pain of labour. It was way to late to have a caesarean so in the next five hours I have to push out two babies. How can I do this all on my own?

Harrison turned around to see my waddling around the room.

''Cassidy what the hell, get back into bed!''

An hours later the contractions really started to kick in and I became so weak. The doctor came in and told me that Harrison couldn't be in the room with me while giving birth due to health issues so he had to leave.

''Cassidy I know I need to leave but I need to tell you something. We've come so far together and you cant give up now. I really do not know you feel but I know that in just a few hours we'll have two adorable baby boys to love and to cherish. I really can't put this in any other way so I'll just say it, push out those babies!''


Every push felt like hell.
The one thing which motivated me throughout giving birth to both babies was that end result: Having two adorable babies on our house.

Scream after scream, push after push got harder and harder.



Harrsion could hear the constant screams from Cassidy's hospital room and all he could do was watch and feel sorry for her. 

Once they said he could come back in he took no time to enter the room and sit by Cassidy's weak body.

He took her hand and grinned at her, ''Cassidy you done it, you gave birth successfully.''

Tears started rolling down his pale cheek as he took a first glance at the newborn boys whom were still being tended to by the nurses. 

Hours later they both gathered together next to each cot on wither side of the room. Cassidy looked up at Harrsion from her wheelchair and smiled at him.

''We've done it, we've got our boys.''

There life was now truly complete.


I would like to welcome in the newest member of The Cronwell's:

Robin Alistair Cronwell & Declan Jackson Cronwell.

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  1. I love the nursery!!! :D It's so cute ^_^

    Those babies are going to be so adorable <3 I really love their names :)

    Great post!


    1. Thanks, I done some re -decorating in it today so it looks even better ^_^

      I know, they are and thanks, I choose them ta the last minuet!

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  2. Loved all the chapters! Can't wait to see the babies! I sometimes forget to comment but I do read all the chapters and love them all! ;o)

    1. No problem, what is good is that you read them :)

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  3. Love the nursery. And I congrats to Cassidy and Harry! Whoop! Awesome chapter kurtis ^_^

    1. Thanks!!

      I know, there already great parents!

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  4. Yay, that babies have been born! They're so cute!

    ~Calista Smith

    1. Thanks Calista!!

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  5. Hey Kurtis! sorry I havent commented in FOREVER but Ive been busy, but I have been keeping up :P I cnat wait to see the boys grow up and see where their looks come from. I love both of their names by the way! Okay well bye (:

    1. It's okay, I'm just glad you caught up!!

      Thanks, there going to have a great childhood :D

      Thanks about the names, I picked them last minuet!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. AWE, little baby boys! I can't wait to find out their names and what they look like. Great chapter! :D

    (aka Dawn)

  7. Haha, their names are Robin and Declan :)

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