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Generation 6, Chapter 18 : Twins.

Just eight days had passed since I gave birth to the twins and I was still pretty weak. Night after night the babies were constantly up crying their small hearts out; Harrison and I got at least three hours of sleep each night which took such a tool out of us. Harrison and I decided to resign from my job to ensure our children had the best care from their parents, we then decided that once they became six years old we would go back to work.

Whether they needed to be fed, changed or tended to they continued to cry throughout the day. The only time they never cried was when they used every single piece of energy they had and fell asleep.

This time they fell asleep on my bed and I decided to leave them there instead of waking them up again. As I slowly pulled myself out of bed I felt toys at the bottom of my feet. I slipped my weak legs into my slippers and turned to the other side to wake up Harrison.

''Ssh!'' I said to Harrison as he stepped on one of Robin's squeaky toys. It wash hard to tell the difference between both boys because they have the same eye colour and they both have my tanned skin tone.

''Sorry, maybe we should start cleaning this house now.'' Harrison whispers to me.

''That can wait. Now let's get out of here before they wake up again.'' I said grabbing his hand and darting through the door.

They were awake again by noon and we took them back to their nursery. I held Declan close to me so he could hear the beating of my heart and feel comfortable whereas Harrison held Robin in the air. admiring his facial features.

What the twins loved best was when we rocked them to sleep after feeding and winding them. As we both crawled one twin in our arms I felt some sort of serenity.

By three in the afternoon I put the twins down for the afternoon nap and prepared egg salad, after all I hadn't eaten for hours because I was to busy looking after them.

Harrison looked for a part - time job so we still had some sort of income yet we could bring up the boys.

''Oh crap.'' I was to busy thinking if the boys were okay upstairs all alone that I burnt my lunch'breakfast.

''I'm guessing you burnt your lunch?'' Harrison says.

''What do you think!?'' I said in such a rude way and flung the frying pan into the sink.

''Hey calm down Cas, I don't know what women go through after having TWO babies let alone one but I know your stressed and I'm here for you. Say, why don't I give you a massage?''

''That would be great.''

After changing back into my pyjamas I climbed on top of the comfy board and Harrison lit a few lights. I slumped into the foam of the baord and Harrison placed his firm hands on my back.

Thrust after thrust felt so good; he really has a talent when it comes to massages and such.


''Yes honey?''

''Can you hear that?''

''Hear what...?''

I suddenly got up and put my dress back on.

I could hear the cries from my babies in the nursery and looked up into the window.

''There awake again...'' I said while sighing.

''I'll get the nappies.'' Harrison said.

''...And I'll get the bottles...''


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If you don't know due to the newest expansion pack coming out soon I'm moving every single Cronwell to Twnbrook!

The whole moving process will be in the next two chapters.

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  1. Lovely! :) I love the way how Harrion handles Cassidy, he is so sweet ^-^ The twins are trouble for his mother, poor Cassidy, btw she loves her little twins :D

    1. I know, he's a great daddy & husband :)

      Thanks, when they were born I done a little dance :p

      I know, although they take a toll on her she sure does love them <3

      Thanks you so much for commenting, It means a lot!!

  2. Aww the twins are so cute! :D Great chapter! ^.~

    1. Thanks, they sooo are!!

      Thanks for reading & commenting Kuba :)

  3. They're adorable! Goodness, Harrison and Cassidy sure have their hands full. I can't wait for the boys to be toddlers!

    Great post, Kurtis!

    ~Calista Smith

    1. Aww! Thanks Calista :)

      I know thy really do but once the twins are children things will slow down a bit.

      Haha, next chapter they'll be toddlers!

      Thanks for reading & Commenting :)

  4. They are so cute!! ^_^

    I can't wait to see what kind of trouble they get into as toddlers! xD

    Great chapter! :)


    1. Thanks!

      Their little trouble makers but they do get along which is great!

      Thanks for reading & commenting!

  5. Haha! Great chapter! I really loved the last two sentences, that made me laugh :P

    1. Thanks, I thought of that and it made me laugh :D

      Thanks for reading & commenting :)

  6. Aww, those boys really make their parents work hard! But how rewarding it will be when they grow up! XD

  7. I know they really do but it'll all be worth it!

    Thanks for reading & commenting!


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