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Generation 6, Chapter 19 : Changes.

Two thing had change in the last three years.

One, the twins were now three; talking and walking. They also are potty trained which is such a relief because the amount of money we used to spend on nappies was horrific.

Two... now two is quite a massive change. After three months of consideration and planning my mother and I decided that we should all move the a new town for a new start. Once we ran it by all the family left in Starlight Shores everyone was optimistic about the idea. The hardest part came when we had to find everyone a suitable house to live in and move all furniture safely to the new town.

My mother suggested Sunset Valley but that just brought back sad memories so we made a compromise; Twinbrook.

The day before the move came and it was time for us to leave Starlight Shores but we weren't just ready yet.

Luckily the twins were at a perfect age for them to experience a new environment. As the twins were now three and a half they have really developed their personalities.

Both boys had quite similar personalities, seeing at their identical twins, but Declan seemed to be more open to live and experienced new things however Robin is quite shy and sticks to the things he knows.

However what I noticed about Robin is that he has a creative side to him.

''How's my two favourite boys today?''

''What about daddy, mummy?'' Declan interrupts.

''Plus your daddy, darling! Now are you guys ready to move to the new town daddy, grandma and I was talking about?'' I say ruffling both of their heads.

Suddenly Declan swings his little arms into the air and screams out, ''Mummy I want to go to the new town NOW!''

''Calm down honey, we'll be leaving soon.'' I walk into the hallway and call Harrison down to bath and dress the toddlers while I clean the house up.

A few hours later we caught the twins up to their usual mischievousness. Declan hoisted Robin up to the table and he landed on a pile of clothes, not reaching his target; a plate a cookies.

''Ah we were so close!'' Declan shouted out while he let go of Robin making him drop onto the floor.

Harrison glared at the boys and grunted. ''You two are in so much trouble!''

As soon as the boys hear their dad shout they bolted down the hallway and into the living room.

''Catch us if you can daddy!'' They both said in sync.

Harrison sighed and casually walked into the living room.

Once they saw their dad coming in Robin pulled Declan unto the couch with him and they hid behind the couch.

''Guys I know where you are.''

No answer.

''Come out, come out wherever you are!''

Still no answer.

Before Harrison said anything else the doorbell rang; it was my mother.

''The boys playing up again Harrison?'' My mother asked once Harrison let's her in.

''As always....'' He said sighing while trying to keep them from scratching his face. ''....But I love them!''

''I betcha' do because is you don't I swear I-'' I interrupt my mum by coughing loudly.

''Uh mum... calm down.'' I say rolling my eyes at her.

She grinned and rushed over to hug me.

''How is my favourite daughter!?''

''Uh mum, I'm your only daughter...''

''Oh, yeah.. right. Anyway how are you?''

''I'm fine thanks, we're almost ready for the move, we just need to pack a few more clothes.''

After eating lunch we gathered in the living room for a chat.

''So mum, where's dad?'' I ask curiously smirking at the sight of Harrison and the boys.

''Oh he just went to sign a few papers at City Hall, he should be here in the next ten minuets. And um Cassidy?''

''Yes mum?'' She paused and pointed at Harrison.

''Your husband needs a little help there!''

''Your certainly right Mrs. Cronwell.'' Harrison says literately holding both boys up by his bare hands. Declan constantly aimed for Harrison's right eyes whereas Robin simply grinned at him and lay on Harrison chest.

My mother and I took the boys out of Harrison's hands and he took himself straight to the armchair.

Not so long later my dad popped into the room.

''DAD! God you scared us! How did you even get in here?''

''You left the door open Cas, be more careful next time.'' He said in a grumpy tone. He had been very tensed lately with the whole move and work transfer for him.

''Yes dad.''

''So, is everyone all ready for the big move tomorrow?'' He said in a less grumpy tone.

''Yes.'' Mum said.

''Almost.'' I said

''I'm ready granddad!'' Robin said, trying to grab my dad's glasses.

''Well since everyone's ready, let's all meet tomorrow at the airport at about ten in the morning.''

It was all becoming true, we were actually going to move, away.

Once my parents left the twins fell asleep almost instantly, on the floor.

Harrison and I looked down at them and then looked back at each other.

''We sure created some good looking children Cas.'' Harrison said to me. He kissed me on the lips and we continued to watch the twins.


Your probably wondering why I'm moving all the Cronwell's to Twinbrook, well here's the reason:

After looking around Starlight Shores I noticed that most weathers wouldn't look great in such a developed town so the only way to fix that was moving them to a new town.

Plus moving the Cronwell's to a new town will delete some error and glitches :)

Anywaaaaaaaaaaay, thank you for reading Chapter 19 of The Cronwell Legacy!

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  1. Another great chapter kurtis ^__^ the twins are so freaking cute DX

    1. I know :D
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  2. SLFJSKLSDJK ;__; *sobs* It's such a perfect age from them to move. They'll not remember it, but the fact home much they're gonna love their new home! Can you give me some picture-taking tips? Thankies!

    1. I know, and it was good that they were toddlers when I made the decision to move them!

      I messaged you on Facebook.

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  3. Those little boys are sooooo cute!! ^_^

  4. those boys *_*
    I wonder who'll become the heir between the two of them...

    they are just so nbvvcfbgnhmjnyhgtfr cute!!!!!!!!

    GREAT chapter, i can't wait to see how life in Twinbrook ends up...


    1. Hmmmm, you'll find out in due time :)

      Thanks so much, they REALLY are!!

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