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Generation 6, Chapter 22 : Aftermath.


Pain was just one feeling I was experiencing, there was also regret, worry and sickened. Just hours after the accident across town Declan and I was rushed to Intensive Car. I could the doctor talking to my mother about me but I only heard muffles since they were on the other side of the room. I slowly looked up in agony, seeing Harrison comfort Robin and my mother bent down beside me sobbing.

I then looked over to my right to see my little boy in a coma. He didn't have any exterior injuries because the accident knocked him clean out and into a coma. Other than him being in a coma I never knew what else was wrong with him.

The doctor came to my bedside where my mother was still shedding tears. Harrison came over to, to comfort my mother who was distraught. I blinked a few times before looking up again at the doctor and he began talking.

''It's great to see that your awake Mrs. Cronwell but I have quite a few thing to tell you.''

I tried to reply back but he took my hand and smiled at me.

''Please don't talk Mrs. Cronwell, we gave you some drugs to kill the pain and a side effect is the swelling of the gums.''

I nodded and he carried on talking.

''First of all, I am so sorry but your son, Declan Cronwell, has entered a short - term coma. Short - term coma's normally last for three to four hours but I'm positive he will wake up any minuet now. On the other hand, the crash somehow managed to puncture his lung. The punctured lung has been repair to some extent in an operation but there is a high chance he will develop asthma in the future years.''

I looked over to Declan once again and began crying. During my pregnancy with the twins I tried my absolute best to keep my body healthy so they will be healthy and to think that he will have breathing problems in the future makes me feel so guilty.

''Then there is you Mrs. Cronwell. Luckily most of your injuries are exterior and the only interior damages which has been made is to your Liver. Livers can repair themselves to with a high dosage of Antibiotics, you'll be healthy in six months or so.''

''But... the most damage has been done to your unborn baby. The crash has sent you into early labour and it is possible that...''

Somehow I managed to talk with all the energy I had left.


'' Your baby could be stillborn. The crash caused a rupture in the womb which diverted the baby's main nutrient supply. It is a 1 in 10 chance that your baby can be born still.''

My mother dropped to her knees and started to cry like never before. I on the other hand couldn't do nothing, say nothing... but inside I deteriorated. The thought of giving birth to a dead child literately made me shiver and cry.

''I am really sorry Mrs. Cronwell, the hospital is doing everything we can to keep you, your son and your unborn child healthy and alive.'' 

The doctor moved to the machine beside Declan. I turned onto my side and rubbed my baby bump. Thanks to me my unborn baby and my youngest son's life in hanging on by a thread.

''Grandma, Grandma! Declan's waking up!'' I heard Robin shout out in happiness. Harrison told me that since Robin had been really worried about his brother.

''I know darling, why don't you get your father and bring him in here.''

Robin ran out the room with a bright smile on his face. Just seconds later he returned with Harrison.

Everyone gathered around Declan's as his eyes slowly opened up. He slowly realized where he was and he probably didn't remember what happened.

Surprisingly he got straight up from bed and walked right up to his twin brother and hugged him. It just made me smile to know that my boys got along so well unlike other twins in my family.

''Dec, I'm so happy your finally awake!''

''I know mate, I've missed you big bro!'' Declan grinned at Robin and they done their twin secret handshake which really wasn't a secret because everyone knew what it was.

The doctor was interrupted by Harrison who was starting to worry about me.

''Doctor Moore, when do you think my wife will begin direct labour?''

''Well with the state she is in it can happen any time but with her consent we can induce her labour.''

''Which is the better option?''

''Well, the are exactly the same but induce labour just let's her deal with the pain of labour earlier than usual. Plus because of her baby being a month early the baby will be much smaller making it earlier for her to have a natural birth. But there is one more option...''

''And what is that doc?''

''A C-Section. The chances of stillbirth are very high with a C-Section but having one will reduce the amount of pain which is best in your state.''

My mother came to my side again and comforted me.

''Jade, having a C-Section is really risky and the recovery period takes up to two months. I'm not telling you what to choose but I'm just telling you the risks.''

''I know mum...'' I choked on most of my words when I spoke. ''...If I naturally gave birth to two twin boys eight years ago I can naturally give birth to another baby. I'm a Cronwell mum, and Cronwell's are strong.''

''They sure are honey, they sure are.''


Hours later I was induced into labour and surprisingly the contractions came really fast. Harrison and my mother stood behind the curtain as they wasn't allowed to watch me give birth.

With every single inch of energy I had left was used to push out my baby. The screams I made could of been heard from every room in the hospital. There was a lot of blood and for a few minuets I blacked out because of the amount of pain which was shooting through my body.

Soon after that a miracle occurred.

My baby wasn't born stillborn, in fact other than it being born a month early, it was perfectly healthy.

I sunk into the bed after hearing the screeching crying of my baby. Harrison, Jade and the twins ran back in and my mother began to shed tears of happiness. I slowly looked up to see my beautiful baby in Harrison's arms.

''Congratulations Mrs. Cronwell, you've given birth to a baby girl.''

Two months later my baby girl was able to be taken home. After a lot of consideration, we named her Lindsey Maria Cronwell.

''Welcome home Lindsey.'' I whispered in her tiny ear.


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  1. I was so worried in the beginning but the ending was so happy! And I love the name Lindsey! ^_^

    Awesome post, Kurtis, and Happy Halloween!

    ~Calista Smith

    1. I know, I could never kill of such little children! And thank you, I thought of it at the last minuet!!

      Thank you so much & Happy Halloween to you to (Although I don't celebrate it)

  2. Awe!!! Lindsey is such a cute little baby. ^_^
    I'm glad she wasn't born a stillborn. I hope the Cronwells recover soon. Great Chapter Kurtis. :) I can't wait to read more real soon. :D


    1. Thank you :)

      I know, I couldn't kill such a little baby like that & they'll recover but it won't be shown, instead they'll be a time skip.

      Thanks, the new chapter should be out on Saturday since I have all the pictures for it!

  3. Aww ^__^ so happy that baby Lindsey's ok. Whoo!

  4. Awww! What a lovely post!!! ^_^

    Cant wait for the next one (post. Not baby)

    1. Thank you!

      Lool the next one should be out tomorrow!

  5. Phew, baby is okay yay! Can't wait to see her as a toddler! ;o)

  6. Yepp! And thanks, you definitely will next chapter LJ, just you wait :D



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