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Generation 6, Chapter 25 : Autumn Festivities.

Twinbrook took a new turn in it's weather recently which really shocked me. The trees turned a orange/red colour fairly quickly and even started to shed their leaves.

Also, the fall festival from Appaloosa Plains arrived in Twinbrook and created quite a lot of excitement for the town.

Lindsey somehow convinced me to take her to the brand new haunted house in the festival so she could see what it was like.

''Be careful honey, you don't know what the hell is in there.'' I said pulling her in for a big hug.

''Mum! I'm not scared at all...''

''She smiled at me and strolled up to the door of the house. She peaked in a bit and shivered.

''Okay, this may be a bit scary.'' I heard her murmur to herself. I knew she didn't meant to make me hear that so I didn't say nothing and instead turned to look at the other activities in the festival.

''Okay... that was kind of scary...'' She said before walking back to me.

Again, she then somehow convinced me to enter the pie-eating competition with her.

''I can't do this.'' I said getting into position, hesitantly.

''Yes you can mummy, just place your head directly above the pie and stuff yourself!'' She then says.

''Fine.'' I said frowning at her. Just as I said that the bell rang.

Chunk after Chunk became worst. More pie was on my face than in my stomach. I looked over to Lindsey who was also having a hard time digesting the pie.

''YES! I won!; I won!'' I heard her cheer out as the bell rang once again.

''Good job Lin-''

I stopped talking and bolted for the park toilet... but didn't get there in time. I vomited up my entire lunch and the pie on my plain grass. I felt so disgusting and embarrassed at the same time.

''Hi there-'' Harrison called out from behind us, we turned around and he looked at us in complete shock. ''...What the hell happened to you two?'' He asked.

''Lindsey convinced forced me to enter the pie-eating competition and let's just say... it kind of went wrong.''

''But I won daddy!'' Lindsey shouted out.

''That's my girl!!'' He said to her.

''Now, don't you think you pie faces should clean up?'' He said cheekily while laughing at us.

''Shut it Mr., or I'll get Robin and Declan to hide your favourite pants.''

''Oh you wouldn't dare.'' He said.

''Oh yes I would.''

After out mini fake argument, Lindsey asked us if we could pick her some Jack - o - Lanterns for Spooky Day.

''How many do you want Linds?'' Harrison asked her.

''Five please!''


Many hours later Robin and Declan joined us at the pier and we all watched the sun set.

''It's stunning.'' Robin said.

''It's aright.'' Declan said.

''It's pretty!'' Lindsey said.

''Speaking of pretty, don't you guys think your mother looks pretty today?''

''She certainly does.'' They all said in sync.

''Aww! Thanks you guys.'' I turned to Harrison and pulled him in an embrace. ''Your just to wonderful.'' I say to him.

''I know.'' He says with a grin.

Seconds later it began to pour heavily down with Rain, luckily we had our umbrellas so we didn't get to wet.


After we had dinner someone I hadn't of guessed it would be showed up at our door. I rubbed the steam of the glass door and looked through to see who it was at the door. I screamed in excitement and immediately opened the door.

''NADINE!'' I shouted out.

''CASSIDY!'' She replied. She pulled me in for a big hug and I could feel the water from her coat rub against me.

Once we finished greeting each other I led her inside the house where she saw Harrison and also ran to him to hug him.

''Harrison! How are you?''

''Nadine, god it's been so long. I'm great thanks, just about to cook dinner, you can stay if you like?''

''I would love to but I have to meet my father at the airport in a hour.''

''So! How are you Nadine? God it's been like three years since we've seen each other!''

''I know, oh my god it really has; we must catch up! I've been great thanks, Tasha recently moved out of the house so it's quite boring at home with Austin.''

''Oh sorry, well we've got a full house here!''

''Oh yes! How is the twins and Lindsey?'' She asked.

''Their great thanks, there in the garden playing on the trampoline.''

''Okay. Uh... Cassidy I need to tell you something really important, and exciting.''

''What is it?''

''I'm pregnant!''

''What? When? How?''

''Austin and I decided to start trying for another baby seeing as Tasha is all grown up now. At first I thought I was a bit to old but we thought it over and we decided to try. Three weeks later I took a pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant!''

''That is so great Nadine, I'm going to be an aunt again!'' I screamed in excitement.

''Congratulations Nadine!'' Harrison said in the background.

''Hold that thought...'' She said answering her phone.

I could hear her in the distance. ''....Yeah Dad I'm jut leaving now, I'll be there in twenty minuets.''

''I'm really sorry Cassidy but I have to go now, I'll come back tomorrow and we can go baby shopping!''

''Sure Nadine, I'll be here!''

We said out goodbyes and she left. It was nice to catch up with my best friend again after so many years.


A month went passed, I did meet up with Nadine again and we went shopping for clothes and such. Spooky Day approached and Lindsey just kept on getting more and more excited.

Harrison and I both took her Trick-or-treating and she got a bucket full of sweets! She was so happy and she definitely caught a sugar rush on those sweets!


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There will be about three more chapter until this Generation ends!

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  1. Cute! I love how you incorporated all of the fall festivities! ^_^ Oh my gosh, the kids are growing up! :')

    ~Calista Smith

    1. Thank you :3 I'm so glad you loved the festival! I know, my babies are growing up :'(

      Thank you so much for commenting :)

  2. The kids are growing up so fast o__o I love seasons! Whoo! ^__^ awesome chapter kurtis. I'm so happy Nadine's pregnant again!

    1. I know they are :( I do to, it is SO much fun! Thank you & yeah, I'm excited to see her baby(s)!

      Thank you so much for commenting :)

  3. Aw! I love the fall fun!
    Lindsey was so cute in the Haunted house, then winning that pie eating contest! :D
    Poor Cassidy, throwing up all that pie lol.
    Pumpkin picking!!! <3
    She had such a cute costume and looked so cute trick or treating!!!
    Congrats to Nadine! Another cute baby ftw!

    Logan XOXO

    1. Fall is really fun! I know, she's my little brave competitive girl. I know, she's not known to stuff a pie down her throat in TWO minuets xD

      I know, I actually picked her costume at random and it was just perfect <3

      Thanks, I'll tell her that! xD

      Thank you so much for commenting :)

  4. Love it and i can't wait for more soon

  5. Aww, that was great! I see you're loving Seasons just as much as me! ;o)


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